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A daily dose of probiotics may prevent weight gain and insulin resistance in mice, says a new study from scientists at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) with implications for obesity and diabetes. Additional study showed that GLP-1 levels significantly increased, with butyrate found to stimulate its release.
Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Conducting a clinical trial in the health nutrition industry can be an intimidating process. For everything from sports & exercise to relaxation, Millennials are looking for help managing their busy lives. A 6 month double-blind, placebo-controlled study on 50 subjects revealed that L-92™, a heat-killed strain of L.
No matter how protein-packed your product may be, if it doesn’t taste good, it’s not likely to gain much of a fan base.
From botanicals to omega 3s, Millennials want products that include particular ingredients or meet specific requirements.
I’m pleased to introduce Probiotic Ultra, our new probiotic that offers several probiotic advantages. If bad bacteria digest more calories for us, we will absorb more calories and gain more weight! Fun Fact: When intestinal bacteria from obese patients were transplanted in to mice, the mice became obese. If you are pursuing optimum health, I assure you, do not overlook these powerful neighbors within us as a factor.
We already know much about the benefits of probiotics, such as Probiotic Ultra, to support weight loss. Increasing our good bacteria (through probiotics) by 20% can reduce calorie absorption by 150 calories per day, supporting up to 15 lbs of weight loss over the course of a year.
Metabolic Syndrome and Fatty Liver (both from abdominal weight gain) improve with probiotics. Modern high calorie foods (sugars and fats), stress, antibiotics, medications (like NSAIDS), excess weight gain, and chronic constipation all have a negative impact on gut health. Having a constant, daily supply of health-promoting, friendly bacteria flooding your intestines will be doing yourself a favor. Two capsules daily is recommended for those dealing with excess weight, diabetes type 2, metabolic syndrome, recent antibiotic use, or any of the medical conditions noted above. Summary: The bacteria in our intestines have a powerful influence on our ability to lose weight and enjoy health. Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. Join the thousands already getting the latest tips, insights, and updates on Optimum Health, Weight Control, and Excellent Nutrition straight from Dr. Probiotics are bacteria that help keep the natural balance of organisms (microflora) in the intestines. The normal human digestive tract contains about 400 types of probiotic bacteria that reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and promote a healthy digestive system. Probiotics are also one of the few methods of promoting your body’s natural ability to absorb nutrients. Author & Researcher Julia Roe has been with us for over six years, contributing more to CHR than any other individual researcher. This is the latest in a series of studies looking into the health properties of bacteria found in traditional fermented foods. By no means should anyone run out and waste their money on a probiotic hoping for a weight loss miracle. Yet this study’s publication marks one small step toward translating microbiome research into a useful treatment option. Click here to read more in the National Post, click here to read more about the role of the gut microbiome in obesity, and click here to read the study in the British Journal of Nutrition. Supplements containing Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 may reduce body weight and cholesterol levels in people with metabolic syndrome, says a new study from Brazil.
When the researchers looked at markers of inflammation, they found that the probiotic group was associated with significant reductions in both TNF-a and IL-6.“In this study, we observed the reduction on levels of TNF-a and IL-6, cytokines that have been widely studied and related to obesity. Roundtable discussion: A lighter world: whose fault is globesity and what is being done to combat it? Lactobacillus gasseri could prevent low-grade inflammation associated with obesity and glucose metabolism disorders, according to research in rats. Probiotic strain Lactobacillus gasseri activates ‘multiple actions’ that may work in synergy to prevent obesity, Japanese research in rats has suggested.
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Horphag Research launches Robuvit®, a French oak extract that is a caffeine-free natural energizer and supports sports performance. Do subscribe to my RSS feed (see column on the left) to be notified of all new updates from Probiotics for Health Blog, including posts about new resources, reporting of new findings, additional useful information and newly published medical papers, updates on latest news, important postings on probiotics and much more!New to RSS Feeds?

Jun 02, 2013Probiotic ProductsProbiotic Products are plenty, you will be spoiled for choice. Children with more of the healthy Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli tend to remain normal weight.
These negative forces essentially declare war on our good bacteria, giving the bad bacteria a chance to thrive. Remember, your daily routine is what will give long-term benefits, so keep the good bacteria coming in to your system daily and then take good care of them! 15,000,000,000 bacteria per capsule (30 billion in a daily dose of two capsules) assure a clinically relevant dose. We’ve included multiple strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which are among the most researched probiotics.
We’ve also added “food” for the bacteria (FOS – fructooligosaccharides) to increase survival of the bacteria as they travel from your mouth to your lower intestine. One capsule daily is recommended for those in excellent health who are consuming a healthy diet.
Tague is an Alpha Omega Alpha honors graduate of Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Dr. Tague founded the Center for Nutrition and Preventive Medicine in 1996 and has now served 10,000+ patients as they have lost more than 200,000 lbs.! The largest group of probiotic bacteria in the intestine is lactic acid bacteria, of which Lactobacillus acidophilus, found in yogurt with live cultures, is the best known. This was due to the incredible versatility of the supplement as well as its remarkable overall effects on quality of life reported by those who maintained a daily regimen of probiotics.
Julia has dedicated the past 17 years of her life to professional coverage of the constantly evolving modern medical and health world. A placebo-controlled study recently published in the British Journal of Nutrition found a formulation of Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LPR) could help women with obesity achieve sustainable weight loss.
The intent-to-treat analysis for men and women combined did not achieve statistical significance. The syndrome has been linked to increased risks of both type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.“Although the fecal microbiota was not characterized in the present study, the high daily intake of B. Fat accumulation caused by obesity provokes increased production of these adipokines, which stimulate the generation of hepatic acute-phase proteins, leading to a pro-inflammatory condition associated with the development of obesity comorbidities as insulin resistance,” wrote the researchers.“Although the relationships between microbiota, obesity, diabetes, and MetS are increasingly evident, there remain many mechanisms that need to be explored,” they concluded.
Morgan Enterococcus faecalis by Janice Haney of CDCIn this installment, an Enterococcus works to prevent allergy, Bifidobacteria interact with the immune system and Lactobacilli take a bite out of obesity.Allergy Allergic rhinitis is a growing problem for residents of the developed world. You should not post comments that are abusive, threatening, defamatory, misleading or invasive of privacy. My own research and application of the Probiotics Supplement, Fermented Food Diet and Vitamins Protocol is specific to my own health condition.
Good bacteria like Bifidobacteria and certain Lactobacillus, however, are highly concentrated in thin people and support weight loss by limiting calorie absorption. Modern science is now indicating that probiotic supplements cause your body to absorb more nutrients from your diet, which results in you feeling fuller faster and ultimately storing many less calories as fat!
The investigators found a significant (p=0.02) weight loss benefit in women receiving LPR, but not in men.
The authors speculate that the difference might be  that the men in the placebo group had a greater response to caloric restriction than the women. The LPR formulation used in this study is found in some kinds of yoghurt in Europe, but not in the U.S.
Researchers from China wondered if heat-killed Enterococcus faecalis FK-23 (LFK) might help prevent the problem.
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Taking probiotics helps to replace the lost beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are also being studied for benefits in colon cancer, skin infections, and inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS). In the first 12 weeks, the difference versus placebo for women amounted to about four extra pounds lost.
To test their idea, the dead bacteria were given orally to mice for six weeks before and during the induction of allergy.
These terms may be updated from time to time, so please read them before posting a comment. Tague is board certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine and the American Board of Family Practice. Tague encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. Tague is board certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine and the American Board of Family Medicine. During that time, all participants were on a diet of moderate caloric restriction for weight loss. Participants were randomly assigned to a control group or placebo milk group providing 27.2 billion colony-forming units (CFU) of B.

The dead probiotics helped reduce the severity of the allergy and there were hints that it was due to the development of an anti-inflammatory immune response.Immune System Regulation Probiotics are known to influence the immune system through the direct interaction with immune cells.
1022-1023, 1027-1031) that microbial populations in the gut are different between obese and lean people, and that when the obese people lost weight their microflora reverted back to that observed in a lean person, suggesting that obesity may have a microbial component.Dr Gordon and his group recently pushed back the scientific boundaries even further in this area. His medical practice has focused on nutrition, weight loss, and bariatric medicine since 1996. To learn more about how probiotics affect the immune system during food poisoning, a group of Spanish researchers decided to look at how Bifidobacterium breve CNCM I-4035 and its secreted products would affect immune cell behavior when introduced together with Salmonella. In an ‘elegant’ study, the St Louis-based scientists reported that probiotics in a yogurt did not colonize the gut microflora when studied in identical twins, but an additional study in mice revealed that ingestion of probiotic bacteria produced a change in many metabolic pathways, particularly those related to carbohydrate metabolism (Science Translational Medicine, Vol. PRODUCT(S) REFERENCED, DISPLAYED, OR OFFERED FOR SALE ARE NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE.
The researchers chose to look at the specific effects of these bacteria on dendritic cells, a type of cell that is particularly important in initiating immune responses. Matthias Rath seeks to provide an alternative treatment route for those who have sought everything else but failed!Continue reading "Cure Protocols of Dr. Until more conclusive research is available, the information shown here should be considered tentative and a work in progress. At the end of the 24 weeks, women in the LPR group had lost 6 pounds more than women in the placebo group. Salmonella normally causes dendritic cells to react in a way that enhances the immune response. As more research information becomes available, we will update our literature and recommendations.
They found that when the Bifidobacteria was added to the mix, the response of the dendritic cell was more pronounced.
What do probiotics do for my health and immune systemKnowing what is probiotic may save lives. Please continue to visit our website for more information on a comprehensive nutrition plan as you pursue optimum health. Yet, the secreted products of the probiotic had a different effect; causing a reduction in the response and an initiation of an anti-inflammatory one. Total cholesterol levels increased in the control group, while LDL levels remained unchanged. Direct interaction between a dendritic cell and probiotic bacteria is still something that shouldn’t occur under normal circumstances, while exposure to bacterial products may be typical under healthy conditions.Obesity Researchers in Korea speculate that probiotics might influence weight.
What do probiotics do for my health and immune system"May 27, 2013Using Probiotics correctly and appropriatelyUsing Probiotics is simple and easy.
One group, working for Yakult, looked at the ability of Lactobacillus curvatus HY7601 and Lactobacillus plantarum KY1032 to influence obesity in mice. Firstly know what do probiotics do, learn how to take probiotics and when to take probiotics. The results were encouraging, the mice gained less weight than their untreated counterparts. The other group was busy with a clinical trial in obese humans using Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17.
Probiotics are women friendly.Continue reading "Probiotics for women get more significant to meet needs of modernity n sexuality"May 27, 2013Probiotics for pets versus Bill from Vet, your Choice!Probiotics for pets is love you shower to them. Cell-Free Culture Supernatant of Bifidobacterium breve CNCM I-4035 Decreases Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines in Human Dendritic Cells Challenged with Salmonella typhi through TLR Activation. The probiotic capsule is for the travellerContinue reading "Probiotic supplements are for fussy and choosy eaters, especially children"May 27, 2013Probiotic Diet? Believe and Live it!Probiotic Diet and Why is about Me, my story, and how I overcame a long historical battle against Diabetes and deteriorating health!Continue reading "Probiotic Diet? Effect of Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17 on Overweight and Obese Adults: A Randomized, Double-Blind Clinical Trial. Believe and Live it!"May 27, 2013Probiotic advantage is most effective in Diarrhea ReliefThe probiotic advantage is most noticeable in providing relief from diarrhea.
Epub 2013 Mar 20.Park DY, Ahn YT, Park SH, Huh CS, Yoo SR, Yu R, Sung MK, McGregor RA, Choi MS. Supplementation of Lactobacillus curvatus HY7601 and Lactobacillus plantarum KY1032 in Diet-Induced Obese Mice Is Associated with Gut Microbial Changes and Reduction in Obesity.
Those foods include yogurt, kefir, lacto-fermented sauerkraut, miso, Tempeh, kombucha, natto, kimchi, and microalgae. Researchers are uncovering how gut microbes may be important to brain function.Continue reading "Can Probiotics Help Your Brain?"Feb 10, 2013Good News For Chocolate Lovers!By Dr. Shannon SarrasinJust in time for Valentinea€™s Day, a promising 2012 study of cocoa on our cardiovascular health.
The study is a meta-analysis, meaning that it combines the results of several independent trials.

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