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Bifina la men vi sinh cao c?p c?a Nh?t B?n h? tr? cho ngu?i b? viem d?i trang va r?i lo?n du?ng ru?t.
Bifina du?c s?n xu?t nh? cong ngh? d?c dao duy nh?t tren th? gi?i, do Cong ty Du?c ph?m Morishita Jintan, Nh?t b?n co b? day kinh nghi?m 124 nam sang ch? – Cong ngh? vien nang co mang kep, li?n m?ch khong v?t n?i, giup b?c cac l?i khu?n b?ng m?t l?p sieu b?o v? va m?t l?p mang khang axit d? day giup dua du?c hon 90% l?i khu?n di qua moi tru?ng axit kh?c nghi?t ? d? day vao d?n ru?t non va d?i trang an toan.
Giup gi?m cac r?i lo?n du?ng ru?t do b?nh ly, dung khang sinh keo dai ho?c nhi?m nhi?u lo?i khu?n gay h?i, hoa ch?t tr? li?u gay nen cac bi?u hi?n nhu: tieu ch?y, viem ru?t, chu?ng b?ng, d?y hoi, kho tieu, di phan s?ng, r?i lo?n tieu hoa, tao bon. Giup can b?ng h? vi sinh v?t du?ng ru?t, kich thich s? phat tri?n c?a cac l?i khu?n giup du?ng ru?t kh?e m?nh, d?c bi?t la h? vi khu?n ? d?i trang (ru?t gia). Tang cu?ng ch?c nang tieu hoa trong cac tru?ng h?p: tao bon, viem d?i trang, ch?c nang tieu hoa kem, an khong tieu. Tr? em, ngu?i l?n d?c bi?t la ngu?i gia b? r?i lo?n tieu hoa (tieu ch?y, tao bon, chu?ng b?ng d?y hoi, s?ng phan, nhi?m l? amip) do lo?n khu?n ru?t, nhi?m khu?n ru?t, do dung khang sinh ho?c do cac nguyen nhan khac. H? tr? qua trinh tieu hoa th?c an, tang cu?ng h?p thu du?ng ch?t, tang cu?ng h? mi?n d?ch dung cho tr? em va ngu?i l?n bi?ng an, sau ?m ho?c suy dinh du?ng, tieu hoa ho?c h?p thu kem. Dung cho ngu?i co ch? d? an it ch?t xo, vitamin, an u?ng th?t thu?ng, ngu?i b? stress, cang th?ng. A high-potency, hypoallergenic blend of five probiotic strains, Pro-5a„? is designed for individuals who need a high degree of support to build and balance beneficial intestinal flora.

Suggested Adult Use: As a dietary supplement take one capsule daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Las vitaminas para el sistema inmunolA?gico, o vitaminas para las defensas, protegen nuestro organismo de algunos factores externos que pueden afectar a nuestra salud, como los virus o bacterias, que debilitan nuestro organismo, bajando las defensas y empeorando nuestro estado de salud, pudiendo causar algunas enfermedades leves como el resfriados o la gripe.
The five strains in this formulationa€”Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Streptococcus thermophilus, and Lactobacillus bulgaricusa€”work together to effectively increase colonization of the microorganisms in both the small intestine and the colon. Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, water) and L-leucine.
Naturally-derived, inert excipient materials, including cellulose-based excipients, vegetable-derived magnesium stearate, L-leucine, and silicon dioxide are used in very small amounts as tableting and encapsulation aids. Las vitaminas para subir las defensas, aportan a nuestro organismo minerales y micronutrientes necesarios para la formaciA?n de las defensas y su correcto funcionamiento.
The transient and colonizing strains in this combination have high tolerance to stomach acid and bile, which is important for maintaining viability in the intestinal environment.
Tableted products are protected with an inert, water-soluble cellulose coating that dissolves readily upon ingestion, thus facilitating tablet disintegration time. Las vitaminas para subir las defensas son muy beneficiosas para el organismo, principalmente las de los grupos A, E y C, al igual que los minerales como el hierro y el zinc.

Pro-5a„? is an excellent, cost-effective option for supplementation with potent amounts of primary, broad-acting resident probiotic strains complemented by two non-resident strains that compete against less desirable bacteria and yeast.
Vegetarian capsules made of plant cellulose are used exclusively for two-piece encapsulated products. Common allergens such as wheat, corn, soy, yeast, and dairy are avoided unless otherwise specified on the label. Los componentes del extracto de semillas de Pomelo pueden contribuir a mantener el equilibrio microbiano del organismo. Los complementos alimenticios no deben utilizarse como sustitutos de una dieta equilibrada y de un estilo de vida saludable. Escribe tu opinion GSE CYSTITIS RAPID 30 COMPRIMIDOSComplemento alimenticio a base de extractos naturales utiles en las infecciones urinarias o cistitis, a base de Extracto de semillas de Pomelo, Gayuba, Brecina, Pilosella y Gatuna contribuyen al bienestar del sistema urinario.

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