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Yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, olives, kimchi – these things have a very deep connection with each other and it isn’t just that they’ve been gaining popularity in the last few years. Probiotics are beneficial gut bacteria that can be found naturally in fermented foods or taken as a supplement found in most drug stores. The two most common types of healthy bacteria are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria.
When a food naturally ferments, the different species of Lactobacillus bacteria that live on the surface of the food (like cabbage in sauerkraut and kimchee) multiply. Historically, people fermented foods as a preservation method due to the lactic and acetic acids and antimicrobials present. It can also help people who are lactose intolerant with digesting lactose, the sugar found in milk products. Do keep in mind that just because a food is fermented does not mean it contains probiotics. Barbara Lee is a traveling blogger who loves healthy food, conservation work, and the environment.
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While many fermented foods have incredible benefits, from increasing digestion, nutrient assimilation, and gut rebuilding, not all fermented foods improve your health.
That said, I want to make sure people are aware that just because something’s fermented, doesn’t mean it has beneficial probiotics.
Here is a rundown of some common ferments that don’t have probiotics and their pros and cons.
Fermentation is the conversion of sugars to ethanol and carbon dioxide, with the implementation of bacteria—in the case of alcohol, yeast.
I call cheese a ‘questionable-probiotic ferment’ because there at least a thousand different kinds of cheese and depending on whether it is pasteurized, raw, or aged will determine how many kinds of probiotics are in it (or not).
However, even without probiotics, the protein in cheese (if you can digest it) naturally helps to curb hunger.

Other nutrients in cheese includ zinc and biotin, both helping aid tissue repair, protecting skin, and strengthening nails and hair. We are sometimes in denial of the health concerns related to coffee, but in the back of our minds, I think even regular drinkers are aware that coffee isn’t always the most health-promoting beverage.
That said, while coffee can lead to cardiovascular issues and a myriad of anxiety-related problems, this non-probiotic ferment does have its benefits.
Even healthy ferments can have negative side effects if consumed too often in too great of quantity. The important thing to remember for these non-probiotic containing ferments is that they can still bolster the bioterrain, making the gut a happy place for probiotics to live, but they aren’t adding bacteria into the digestive system. The main thing to keep in mind, even with fermented foods that do have probiotics, is that they work best when implemented into your diet, not when they become your diet.
If you are looking for more information about healing IBS, allergies, autoimmune issues and more with fermented Gut Rebuilding Programs. If you want to learn how to make your own probiotics at home learn how to make my award-winning sauerkraut. This leads to a tangy taste (due to acid production by the bacteria) and millions of beneficial bacteria for your gut.
Fermentation also helped to bring a diversity of flavors, aromas, and textures to food, and increase the nutritive value with proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids. Studies have shown that a healthy variety of good bacteria in your gut can help with digestion, intestinal inflammation, weight loss, mood, immune system functioning, and more. Probiotics are also doctor recommended for travelers who may be going to areas with different bacteria as a way to prevent diarrhea. There are different gut bacteria for digesting different types of foods, but complex foods, like an apple, require more variety in gut digestion than a simple food, like a piece of candy. For example, foods that are pasteurized lack the healthy bacteria that aid in digestion, like pickles or other picked vegetables. With a BS in Psychology and previous work experiences in the legal field and food industry, Barbara enjoys pursuing new experiences and living a simple life on the road. The truth is that being successful is not far-fetched if you can learn what other successful people do. According to Rameet Chawla, founder of Fueled, having a consistent schedule aids prioritization and allows you to keep the important tasks at the top of your list.
Successful people are clear about their goals and having a list to propel them to meeting these goals sets them apart. Oprah Winfrey speaks about the great benefits of meditation and how the results have included better relationships and being more creative. Success doesn’t happen by accident, but because you have committed yourself to certain activities, that will help you reach your goals.
Incorporating certain kinds of fermented foods is a big part of what I recommend as one small, yet important step for people looking to rebuild their gut. But before you beer fanatics throw up a middle finger, know that even some alcoholic beverages can have health advantages! Those who had at least one drink per week had a more diverse microbiome than those who abstained”.
Perhaps the foods and drinks that are generally considered “bad” can in some ways be “good.” This is why I hesitate to call foods “good” or “bad” and instead look at food on a person by person basis.

These proteins help break down absorption of carbohydrates, therefore helping balance blood-sugar levels and boost your mood! While all of these non-probiotic ferments have pros and cons, so do the “good”, probiotic rich foods. For example, kombucha—though it possesses a myriad of benefits and is high in vitamins and enzymes that help detoxify the body—can also contribute to Candida issues, dysbiosis, heartburn, and inflammation if drank too much too frequently.
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It’s just to point out that not all ferments provide probiotic advantages and that all ferments—yes, even the super healthy ones—should be consumed in the appropriate amounts. We all know that too much alcohol can severely harm the liver, not to mention cause intense remorse and embarrassment if you get drunk….
In a normal fermentation cycle, yeasts use oxygen at the beginning and then continue to thrive once the oxygen no longer remains.
High in fat and difficult-to-digest proteins, too much cheese (or other dairy products) can result in chronic inflammation, digestive issues, and a wide array of other undesirable side effects including weight gain.
At this time, the bacteria grows and fermentation begins, lowering pH levels and developing the mature cheese flavor.
A common method of processing raw coffee involves washing and separating the skin from beans before fermenting the beans in cement tanks. It also helps mental focus and productivity, which is the main reason most people drink it.
Such physical activity doesn’t only keep the body physically healthy; it also improves one’s mental state. In fact, when I was studying herbal medicine in school, my mentor told me that most alcoholics are actually consumed by a yeast overgrowth and can make major strides in their alcohol consumption by addressing the Candida first. You certainly don’t want to (ok, I do) eat an entire block of cheese, but these dairy products do indeed possess miscellaneous nutrients, mainly proteins and calcium. Fermentation is what causes this outer layer to break down and disappear, essentially de-pulping the seed and leaving behind the coffee bean.
Whether it be a non-probiotic ferment, such as wine, or a probiotic-rich food like yogurt or sauerkraut, listen to your body first. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it; they just saw something. After fermentation takes place, the beans are then rinsed with water and the remaining mucilage is then dried.
Make sure you’re eating what your body is asking for and not overriding your physical needs with your mental knowledge of the health benefits of the foods. I teach more about how to listen to your gut in Gut Rebuilding where you clean it up and rebuild it from scratch.

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