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Discover the forces of nature at work in Iceland with this guided group tour that focuses on glaciers, hot springs and volcanoes in South Iceland. Our popular Volcanoes and Glaciers tour gives you the perfect opportunity to discover the magic of these wonders, and the magnificent natural landscape that surrounds them. If your flight lands early in the day we recommend taking the time to explore Reykjavik, the largest municipality in Iceland.Ingolfur Arnarson, the first settler of Iceland built his farm on the peninsula where Reykjavik stands today.
We take the ferry back from the Westman Islands and travel further on along the south shore noting the numerous glacial rivers on route to Skogar and Skogafoss waterfall. We cross Eldhraun, the largest mass of lava ever to flow on the face of the Earth before reaching the small town Kirkjub?jarklaustur, a former site of a 12th-century Catholic convent. We head for the Geysir hot spring area to see the famous great Geysir as well as Strokkur, a hot spring that spouts every few minutes. If you did not visit the Blue Lagoon on your arrival day, you might use the opportunity to stop there now on your way to the airport. In this section, players make a sentence that matches the picture they see and the audio they hear. The game in this section is putting together a puzzle of a family, un puzzle de la familia.

The tour covers the major attractions of the south including the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano, glaciers, geysers and waterfalls as well as the beautiful Westman Islands.
After arriving at the pier at Bakkafjara we take a 30 minute ferry ride to the Westman Islands.
We visit with the farmers of ?orvaldseyri Farm located at the foot of the world famous Eyjafjallajokull volcano that last erupted in the spring of 2010. Onward to Skaftafell National Park, one of Iceland's most outstanding areas of natural beauty.
It is excellent for beginners learning family and house vocabulary or as a review for kids who are already familiar with the words. It certainly sounds more natural to me with the personal a, but since it is a direct reference to menu I didn’t think I should make the change. Once there, we will explore Heimaey, the largest island in the Westman Islands archipelago.
We continue to the stunning Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon to see floating icebergs and possibly curious seals. Our next stop is ?ingvellir National Park, where the ancient parliament met for centuries on the shores of Iceland’s largest lake, before heading back to Reykjavik.

In several of the activities, though, they are matching audio to a picture, so the written word does not matter. Other adventures of the day include: a visit to the puffins in Storhof?i, a walk up to the crater of a volcano that erupted only three decades ago, visiting Eldheimar Museum and exploring flora of the new lava field. Our next stop will be at the Skogar Folk Museum before continuing on, passing Solheimajokull Glacier to the black Reynisfjara beach.
Players hear Coloca cada palabra en su sitio, and they put the words into the picture in the correct place.
In the last activity, they are matching the two written words and the words are also pronounced.

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