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For women with blond hair, some makeup colors can be too harsh or make the skin look washed out. Honey or caramel blondes with golden skin should grab a cherry red lipstick or a shade with flecks of gold.
Golden or reddish blondes can play up their eyes with warm shade of purple, while peachy lipstick is always a safe bet. For eye makeup, blondes with blue eyes look best in cool shades such as gray, silver and steel blue, Nina advises.
Also try these makeup tips for blue, brown and green eyes to find the right colors for you.
Then, when you put your chicken (breaded or not) onto the pan, you’ll have the direct heat benefits of saute, along with the roasting benefits of the high oven.
Craig- Yes, you could add those ingredients to the breading mixture, I think it would be delicious!

Compared with the iPod touch 1st Gen, the screen of the iPhone is about .1 inches bigger on screen. On my 23" Apple LCD, the screen image is just a millimeter too small in height, and barely detectably too narrow.
Apply a sweep of light gray eyeshadow over the entire lid and add darker gray in the crease.
Fairer honey blondes have a lot of versatility and can wear almost any color, though orange- and blue-reds may look better than true reds. One piece at a time, roll chicken pieces in the flour mixture and drop into the deep fryer.
I feel as though the skin is very important in fried chicken and I would not recommend removing it.
Line your lower lashes with metallic silver liner and a more muted silver for the upper lashes.
When choosing your makeup, you should also take into account your eye color and complexion.

For red lipstick, blondes can wear a blue-red or even an orange-based red (best for warmer skin tones). Fry chicken until brown and crisp (dark meat will take about 14 minutes, white meat about 10 minutes). I just wanted to ask, in this Southern Chicken Recipe, I noticed you left the chicken skin on when coating it. A good way to tell if it’s done is to pierce the deepest part of the bone with a fork, if the juices run clear, it’s done.
If you don’t want to use whole cut up chickens, this would also be perfect for chicken strips!

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