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Candida yeast species such as Candida albicans can easily infect an oral cavity whose defenses have been weakened. Candida species of yeasts have also become stronger over the years, especially with our increasing use of antiseptics. Hospitals and other primary care facilities have become increasingly concerned with Candida.
That is, to use friendly microorganisms to fight the unfriendly pathogens such as candida for territory.
This strategy was tested by researchers from Denmark’s University of Copenhagen, along with doctors from Sweden’s Halland Hospital. After the twelve weeks, the oral candida counts in the probiotic group were significantly lower in the oral probiotic group. While elderly nursing home residents were the focus of this research, the application should also apply to practically anyone with oral candida.

Oral infections of candida often indicate intestinal and genital infections of candida species. Brushing with a strong toothpaste or gargling with an antiseptic mouthwash might help, but only a little. Not only are most antiseptics geared towards bacteria (“septic” or “sepsis” typically refers to bacterial infection), but yeast microorganisms eventually learn to counteract antiseptic mouthwashes and dentifrices. But when other microorganism species are weakened, these yeast species can grow out of control.
Doctors have found these species can become not just disease-causing when they infect patients.
The test consisted of Candida counts along with dental plaque and inflammation of the gums – the presence of gingivitis. Candida species can infect virtually anyone at any time, especially when intakes of refined sugar are high.

This can include fruits as well, because candida species feed on fructose along with sucrose. One was given one lozenge twice a day that had two species of oral probiotic bacteria in it. Thus, the probiotic group had significantly lower candida counts compared to the placebo group.

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