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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilise the functionality of this website. The many defence mechanisms adopted by Optibac Probiotics For Women promote a healthy balance and prevent odour and pH imbalance which leads to infections! Home About Live Cultures Live Cultures About Live Cultures Live Cultures What are Probiotics? Thank you for leaving your feedback; we always appreciate it when our customers take the time to share their experiences with ourselves and others. It's a shame that you did not see the results you were looking for, but it may just be that this product combination is not the right one for you at this time.
This is why we try to provide as much information as possible on our website to ensure that our customers are able to make a more informed decision about the product that they choose, and if they're still unsure, then we also offer a free advice service where our customers can call or email us for more personalised product advice.
Ultimately, however, it may take a little trial and error before you find the product that's right for you, and you may need to experiment a little more with the range.
I felt very low after a heavy duty bout of friend who is a nurse recommended these and they helped me with bowel movement and eased bloating.
Very pleased with optibac products, I've tried extra strength but discover the everyday with a monthly flat tummy 1 week boost works really well for me and has helped keep my tummy less bloated more of the time making me feel much more comfortable and having been on holiday where an upset tummy for a few days is the norm I'm pleasantly surprised to be fine with no issues for 2 weeks. I am very pleased with my purchase from Optibac, fantastic product and prompt hassle free service. Below you'll find the reviews we collected on our website before we started using TrustPilot.
Having suffered with IBS since I was a teenager (approx 30 years) I have tried everything to try and get it under control. After a course of tablets from my doctor I began suffering from diahorrea to the extent i was worried i had IBS. I also wish these products were available in Australia, but I am happy to order on line to receive them from you.
Your website is an inspiration, easy to navigate and love the 'latest news' giving up-to-date findings on trials and research. You can start off by taking two soothing mints a day to provide the optimum level of fructo – oligosaccharides to feed these friendly bacteria, and then after a month of taking two a day, you can drop down to one a day to maintain this level and help the bifidobacteria work more efficiently.

Probiotic & prebiotic supplements optibac probiotics uk, At optibac we use specific probiotic strains such as acidophilus to target specific health conditions. Best probiotic - probiotic supplements reviewed , Looking for the best probiotic supplements for healthy digestion on the market?
What probiotic ensure receive benefits probiotic supplementation, high-quality supplement prepared . Copyright © 2012 Rachael Edwards, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Soaps and douching can affect the balance of the vaginal pH causing these irritations and disturbing the body’s natural balance of intimate vaginal flora. Optibac Probiotics boast over 30 years of scientific evidence and has been clinically trialled by over 2,500 women who have proven its safety, naturalness and effectiveness. We have many, many customers who swear by these products and see amazing results, but we are all individuals, and therefore each of us may respond in a different way when we try new foods, medications and food supplements. If you would like to contact me on [email protected], I'd be happy to discuss your health priorities and help you choose the best product for your individual needs.
Over the last seven months it has worsened, possibly due to stress of two house moves, a relocation and a new job. We can recommend Bowel Calm and Well being in particular for helping to keep your digestive system on the right track. I have always had a 'nervous' stomach to go along with asthma and later in life horrible eczema. Such upsets bring about a quantitative loss of bifidobacteria – beneficial bacterias.
The antibiotics and antifungals that are prescribed as the usual treatments for these conditions fail to address the imbalance of intimate flora (or natural bacteria) which means that recurrence is more than likely to happen. As the composition of the intestinal flora will vary from person to person - it's said to be as unique as your fingerprint - then our reactions to different formulations of live cultures may also vary in this way. My digestive system was a bit of a mess in the past but things have turned around completely.
On the worst days I have been unable to leave the house for fear of not being near a toilet.

Considering the severity of her eczema (two GPs saying it was the worst case they'd seen) this is amazing. I've also taken the Extra Strength versions from time to time when a harder hit of probiotics is needed. As no refrigeration is required and the tablets are in a discreet and portable package, they really are the perfect digestive aid for travellers and people on the move! I read up on probiotics again (I had tried them before but with not much success) and discovered your website. She is now 1 and still taking daily sachets of Optibac, her eczema is clear (also thanks to the right steroid cream I should add) and I cannot thank them enough. This unique formulation is the only probiotic which has been proven in clinical trials to survive to reach the vagina. So I thought I'd give them another go and ordered the Bowel Calm and the Daily Wellbeing Extra. She is also never ill (touch wood) despite her 4 year old big sister bringing home various preschool bugs. Furthermore these strains colonise the intimate area; in doing so they inhibit pathogens and create a favourable environment for resident friendly bacteria to flourish. Her immune system has been given the boost it needed and then some - I recommend Optibac to everyone, they think I must be on commission!
Thank you once again, and especially thank you to Steve Payne who recommended them in the first place and even purchased our first sachets for us. They arrived on Friday, on Sunday my husband and I went for a 6 mile walk, something that hasn't been possible for months. I am so glad I have found these products, they really are starting to put an end to years of misery!

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