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Now comes new research by scientist Kriston Ganguli and her colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children and Harvard Medical School showing that natural chemicals secreted by good bacteria that typically live in the intestines of babies could reduce the frequency and severity of a common and often deadly disease that can strike premature infants, necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).
Although clinical trials of probiotics have shown promise in reducing both the incidence and severity of NEC, the U.S.
That’s important because NEC affects between eight and 13 percent of very low birth weight infants (those under three pounds, four ounces), and up to half of these babies will die. For their study, the researchers used intestinal tissue from infants with NEC as well as fetal intestinal tissues. Next, the scientists exposed human immature and mature intestinal tissues to either PCM or to a control (material usually used to grow bacteria that had never contained microbes).
The results showed that treatment with just the PCM significantly reduced inflammation in both immature intestinal tissue and tissue from infants with NEC. Bottom line: if purified secretions from probiotic bacteria can reduce the severity and incidence of NEC in very low birth weight infants, it could eventually help thousands of tiny babies and save countless lives. We are a natural healing and health freedom newsletter sponsored by Utopia Silver Supplements. Relaxin, a hormone produced during childbirth, is anti-fibrotic—a characteristic that could help treat lungs damaged by asthma. AsianScientist (May 10, 2016) - A group of scientists from Monash University in Australia may have found a compound that can reverse the damage caused by asthma, which afflicts an estimated 334 million people around the world. Fibrosis-related diseases account for up to 45 percent of deaths globally, with fibrotic scaring present in everything from thickened arteries in heart disease to damaged lung walls in asthma. Scientists have long believed Relaxin could be a way to reverse those diseases that are caused by the build-up of collagen—acting on, say, scarred heart tissue in the same way it does in the pelvic muscle of women about to give birth. While clinical trials into using a recombinant drug-based form of the Relaxin hormone to treat acute heart failure patients are currently underway, there are concerns over the synthetic hormone being used.

In the present study, researchers developed and evaluated a single-chain form of Relaxin that eliminates all these concerns, being cheap to produce and safe. According to co-lead author Associate Professor Chrishan Samuel, the discovery of this “new type” of Relaxin is significant to the devleopment of potential treatment of fibrosis (scar tissue) -related diseases.
The scientists tested the modified Relaxin hormone in animal models of heart failure and asthma.
In addition, the scientists showed that unlike “normal” Relaxin, the new version was easier to modify to improve its drug-inducing effects. Disclaimer: This article does not necessarily reflect the views of AsianScientist or its staff. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) won’t approve the use of whole bacteria on premature infants. As gut bacteria colonizes babies with NEC, those with the disease have an extreme inflammatory reaction causing damage and death of tissues that often requires surgery to correct.
As part of their experiment, they also exposed some tissues to a compound derived from bacteria that’s known to cause inflammation. The PCM-exposed tissue also showed reduced activity of several genes linked with inflammation. In fact, the researchers noted, this line of probiotic research may ultimately change the standard of care for these infants. We believe in the natural healing of both mind and body through proper nutrition and lifestyle rather than simply managing disease symptoms after you become sick. Produced by the ovaries during pregnancy, it ensures that the pelvic ligaments soften for a brief time—long enough to push the baby out. While there are some therapies available that counter the build-up of fibrosis, they only delay disease progression.

The single-chain Relaxin, currently under a provisional patent application, was produced by Dr. To their surprise, they found that administering the new hormone intranasally to animals with chronic allergic airways disease (equivalent to asthma in humans) completely reversed established disease after nine weeks of onset. So, in order to figure out a way to get the benefits without using the bacteria themselves, Ganguli and her research team of scientists zeroed in on secretions from probiotic bacteria to see if they could prevent NEC. Steroids are one of the only ways to try and prevent NEC in these tiny infants, but the use of these powerful drugs can cause severe complications, too. Then they analyzed the tissues for expression of genes known to respond to inflammation and checked to see the separate effects of secretions from the two different probiotic strains.
Key to this process is Relaxin’s ability to break down collagen, which is also the main characteristic of scar tissue or fibrosis.
What is needed is a drug that can safely and cheaply reverse the scar tissue build-up in these diseases.
The results of their investigation, just published in the American Journal of Physiology — Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology show this probiotic-derived approach could be extremely effective.
The material in which these bacteria were grown, called probiotic conditioned medium (PCM), contained secretions from the bacteria. It is only in fasting state that your body goes into repair mode and is protected against disease.

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