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We noticed that you're using an outdated browser, the ProductReview website may not display properly. I started this formula for my baby from the very first day after doing lot of research online. My son use non pro 1 ,is good on his health,cause I didn't give him breastmilk since birth, couse i have breastfeeding problem,since i use this my son had excellent bone development, he is more active on 1 and half month his able to stand straight his head, and also had good brain development, his five months now his advance in normal baby milesotne. Have been mix feeding mostly Breast but also S26, could only get Nan out here this last week, after 24 hours he becam restless, windy with a very foul Odur and when he finally pooped it was dark green, fairly solid and so offensive I actually thought I needed to call someone!
Switched from novalac colic to nan pro and baby started to get cramps and stopped pooing, eventually went explosive green runny poo when was previously mustard colour and regular.

This is the best formula I found for my girl with severe colic & reflux (with the added karicare thickner) it never caused constipation and she was able to have her feeding tube come out as she would actually drink this formula as opposed to 4 others we tried. My baby is now one month old and likes this formula, he has not been constipated, poos regularly, burps well.
I researched the best kind of formula due to him having horrible reflux and didn't want to usea thicken formula because i was sceared of him chocking. Small scoop but i like the way where you can keep the scoop at higher level, looks hygiene. However, i think i should look for something else which is a bit more helpful in constipation.

I called nestle consumer line and they said they are only made for commercial use like hospitals not for the public. Nan pro gold was amazing he adapted so well didnt gwt constipation or anything from the change easy.
While at the chemist i did a quick google search for reviews on all the different brands and types, this product had the best reviews so i decided to try this Nan Pro Gold 1.

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