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With our long Memorial Day weekend behind us, unfortunately today is the day the majority of us are back at work.
Eat Clean – Besides calming cravings, you should make an effort to eat cleaner this week. Watercress – Think beyond delicate tea sandwiches and throw some peppery watercress into your next salad. Artichokes – Numerous studies show that atrichokes promote healthy liver and gallbladder function. By TAP Integrative It’s no secret that long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFAs) are essential for pregnant women. Culturelle contains Lactobacillus GG, an extensively studied strain of friendly intestinal bacteria, naturally occurring in the digestive tract.
Naturopathic Medicine is a blends the latest advancements in science with principles taught centuries ago. Get a Consultation If you're looking for alternative options for health problems, then why not book a consultation with Sally! Get Natural Get Herbal provides a simple way for you to get a health check and get high quality herbal medicines, following new EU legislation.
Morning sickness is a pregnancy related issue which almost all the women face during their pregnancy phase.
Morning sickness, which is also known as nausea occurs due to hormonal change that occur in a woman after conception. Before proceeding to discuss about morning sickness remedies, let us first discuss about a few factors causing morning sickness. During pregnancy phase, there is a drain of energy by the placenta, which may result in reduced level of blood sugar, subsequently resulting in nausea. Nausea during pregnancy can occur due to an increased level of circulation of estrogen hormone, which is expected to increase by around hundred times after conception.There is a rise in stomach acids during pregnancy which induces the feeling of nausea.
A rise in liver enzymes results in raised bilirubin levels, hence resulting in feelings of vomiting and dizziness. During the pregnancy period, women are highly sensitive to odors, which trigger nausea. There are a number of natural remedies and medicines to deal with the problem of morning sickness during pregnancy.
Also, the development of the baby would be carried out in a healthy manner, if the baby gets all the vital minerals from juicy and healthy foods such as watermelon, tomatoes, lettuce, grapefruit, grapes, spinach, cantaloupe and strawberries.
The information, tips and suggestions given above with respect to morning sickness symptoms, causes and remedies would be of tremendous support in enabling a pregnant woman to live her pregnancy phase in a healthy and comfortable manner.Almost all the remedies suggested above are quite effective and do not have any side effect, and hence are considered to be safer alternatives as compared to pills and drugs with regard to morning sickness treatment. Complete Natural Nutrition Cheese Please Dog Treats Ingredient: Pure Wisconsin White Cheddar. Our mission at All Is Well is to create wellness in dogs and cats by providing the highest quality nutrition and holistic alternatives to naturally enhance their minds, bodies, and spirits, while empowering pet owners to make informed decisions regarding their pets' unique requirements for optimum health and well-being. Reduced activity of lactase or lower levels of lactase in the body, an enzyme that splits milk sugar-lactose into glucose and galactose, leads to an incapability of the digestive system for digesting and absorbing lactose. Depending on the amount of lactose consumed, the size and fat content of the meal and the extent to which an individual’s body can tolerate lactose, symptoms associated with lactose intolerance may range from being mild to severe.
These symptoms manifest at different ages and also vary with different ethnic groups.The discomfort and uneasiness associated with lactose intolerance lasts for about 30 minutes to two hours after consuming milk and food products containing milk, during which the following gastro-intestinal symptoms can be observed in most lactose-intolerant people. Lactose in the food passes through the intestine without being broken down due to the lack of enough lactase on the intestinal lining.
The rest of the gas is absorbed by the colon and is expelled via the lungs as a part of your breath.
When consumed in excess amounts, the existing bacteria in the colon cannot metabolize all the lactose present in the food, leading to the accumulation of excess, undigested lactose in the colon.
Intolerance for dairy products containing lactose can lead to severe pains or cramps in the lower belly. This in turn, over burdens the colon with extra lactose, which exerts pressure on the abdomen, thus leading to abdominal cramps. The feeling of fullness in your stomach or bloating results from the accumulation of lactose, which is not readily broken down due to the deficiency of lactase enzyme. The excruciating pain in the abdomen can lead to nausea, a sensation of uneasiness and discomfort in the upper abdominal region that is accompanied by an involuntary urge to vomit. Besides the aforementioned symptoms, other minor symptoms associated with lactose intolerance include a rumbling stomach or borborygmi, vomiting in adolescents, etc. Now that you are well aware of the symptoms associated with lactose intolerance, gradually introduce small amounts of milk and milk products in your diet to check the levels of lactose that your body can tolerate without showing any of the aforementioned symptoms. However, consuming milk and milk products during meal times can help your body absorb lactose at a quicker rate thereby, allowing your body to adapt to higher levels of lactose and showing fewer symptoms on the consumption of lactose.

Salt therapy works well as a preventative, we are constantly breathing in pollutants and allergens which can irritate the lungs with Cystic Fibrosis. The best salt therapy results for CF is to include as part of your lung maintenance program. Check out our prices   If you’re new to salt therapy and just want to try it out our introductory offer is a great way to experience the wonderful world of salt therapy. Salt therapy is a non medical, complementary treatment which has no side effects when used with your normal medication. We’ve got you covered with our salt therapy at home salt therapy products and salt lamps that bring salt therapy to you. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most common, genetically acquired chronic disease that predominately affects the lungs and digestive system.   Babies are born with CF and complications increase with age.
Cystic fibrosis affects tissues that produce mucus secretions including the airway, gastrointestinal tract, ducts of the pancreas, bile ducts of the liver and the male urogenital tract.
I look forward to my visits, as I always feel like I have been on a holiday or to the beach. I was under a lot of stress in my life and my time at the salt spot has reduced my anxiety greatly.
I was suffering with chronic sinusitis I went to the Salt Spot and within a couple of days could feel the improvement in my breathing and clearing of my head. I was having sleepless nights, breathing difficulties and generally a feeling of unwell I had been feeling like this for about 8 weeks. Within a couple of visits to the Salt Spot my head and sinuses had cleared and I now have a feeling of well being and calmness. I would like to say that since I have been going to Salt Therapy (about 7 months) my health issues have done a 180 degree turn-around.
A Flue-free Winter By nature I am a sceptic and am very careful what I do, I have found the Salt Spot, energising and uplifting and without hesitation if I was unwell with the flu or a virus I would do another 12 weeks course at the Salt Spot. I have for the first time I can remember had a flu free winter, and I attribute this to the Salt Spot. These important natural chemicals are produced mainly in your pancreas and small intestine.
If you are anything like the average person you probably splurged over the weekend and over-indulged in some..
Start your day with a green smoothie and take care to add lots of whole foods to your meals. It keeps free radicals away from your cells, helps energize cleansing enzymes in the liver, and is a natural diuretic. Frank Lipman recommends drinking water with lemon every morning as a way to alkalize the body  and help with digestion. They’re also loaded with cynarin, which helps increase bile production, prevents indigestion, and stimulates healthy digestion. In the new week, assess your goals and get back to work without letting any choices you made turn into nagging disappointment. While nothing beats a good night’s rest for feeling your best, sometimes circumstances force you to deal with the foggy-headed, droopy-eyed aftermath. Lactobacillus GG is a specific strain of the species Lactobacillus rhamnosus, discovered and patented by researchers Drs. In case of morning sickness, a woman feels dizzy not only in the morning as the name implies, but throughout the day. So, the symptoms of nausea might also differ accordingly. Vomiting is one of key symptoms, where the frequency of vomiting sensation may differ.
A pregnant woman may often face problem of upset stomach, which may signify nausea problem. Apart from all these food items, eating cabbage during pregnancy phase is also advised to reduce the feeling of nausea during pregnancy.Pregnant women should make it certain to keep crackers in their purse all the time and eat them when they feel like vomiting. Water should be the most preferred drink of the day, which should be drunk in ample amount every day.
So, before going to the doctor and seeking advice to cure nausea, implement a few remedies given above.
This lactose reaches the colon, an area predominantly inhabited by bacteria, which via their capability of breaking down lactose, utilize the glucose and galactose as a source of energy. Through osmosis, the colon draws water from the surrounding areas resulting in the passing of bulky and watery or loose stools that leads to diarrhea. The abdominal pain sets in, when a person suffering from lactose intolerance loses track of their diet intake and ends  up loading their stomach with lactose.

This dramatically slows down the rate of absorption of lactose in the intestine, leading to the fermentation of lactose that produces excess amount of gas in the abdomen.
The remaining amount of gas gradually starts stretching the abdominal layers in order to accommodate the gas. This serves as a body’s defense mechanism to get rid of the excess lactose in the abdomen that is primarily responsible for causing all the symptoms associated with lactose intolerance. Also, bear in mind that these symptoms can be caused by other medical illnesses and conditions thus, making it mandatory for you to get your condition diagnosed by a doctor before starting an appropriate treatment. The natural anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties  help remove any pollutants or allergens that we are constantly breathing in from our environment, which can cause irritation in the lungs and a persistent cough. It impacts the body’s epithelial cells lining the lungs, pancreas, liver, digestive tract and reproductive system. While mucus usually protects tissues from harm, this abnormally thick mucus obstructs the ducts and airways causing damage to the tissues. After our 3rd visit, we stopped using the ventolin as his breathing improved dramatically (very noticeable at night when he is sleeping). When you have enough of these vital enzymes in your system, your stomach and digestion work so much better and more easily.HELPS FIGHT ACID REFLUX, GAS, BLOATING, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Diarrhea, and Constipation. Cleanse the temptation by simply bringing any leftover treats to work or giving them away to friends, and reward yourself with a healthy trip to the supermarket to stock up on healthier alternatives.
A few women may face vomiting sensation all over the day, while a few may face only in the morning. Constipation is the major concern area here. Most of the women also face the problem of backache during pregnancy which is a severe issue. With the help of consuming small portions of meals frequently throughout the entire day, the risk of being affected by nausea would be prevented to a massive extent.Juicy vegetables and fruits are essentially recommended to deal with the issue of morning sickness.
Intake of abundant water daily would maintain the hydration level and would guard against nausea attack.
However, they also release hydrogen gas as a by-product, a certain portion of which is used up by the bacteria.
Also, certain other bacteria in the colon are capable of producing methane and hydrogen gas during the breakdown of lactose thereby, enabling the body to excrete only methane or both hydrogen and methane through the breath or passed out in the form of gas or flatus. Moreover, the build-up of lactose in the colon leads to the secretion of rotten and an odd-smelling stool. This year we have been able to treat the symptoms more effectively through salt therapy at The Salt Spot. Now it’s Tuesday, and you and your patients have to get out of the long weekend funk that you’ve set yourselves in. To date, this is the best-studied and most extensively documented probiotic lactic acid bacteria strain in the world.* Dairy-free and gluten-free. Below you would find useful information with respect to morning sickness symptoms, its causes and its remedies. However, if the craving is for fast foods or junk food, it is suggested to remain in limits. Also, consuming a glass of water half an hour after having food would be immense support in averting nausea.Pregnant women would obtain huge respite from vomiting sensation if they consume ginger tea sip by sip.
In the lungs the thick mucus clogs the respiratory system and allows bacteria and viral infections to grow. Therefore Organic Essence Shea Butter  does not require the addition of essential oils to mask the natural (somewhat unpleasant) odor of most shea butters.This organic shea butter is naturally cold pressed from the African karate nut, and is superior at healing and deeply moisturizing dry or aging skin and promoting optimal capillary circulation. But as the years go by your body can’t make enough of these vital enzymes to keep your digestion healthy. Continue reading for a few tips to share with your patients on how to snap back into reality from a long break away.
Thank you Penny for bringing this into my life and for being such a warm knowledgeable lady. Many people are buying multiple bottles so everyone in the family can enjoy better digestion.

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