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The myofusion lab test that went around showing only 50% of protein of what the label actually stated.
I haven't followed that thread at all and I'm not saying the test is bunk but I can see two possible problems here. Haven't seen their posts yet but it's funny how people are dumping out their tubs before confirming the legitimacy of the test.
If the Redditor used HPLC to test for protein content he would have to use a monograph to test against the standard. They went through all the circumstances and proper ways of doing things in regard to supplement testing.

Now the problem here is that there are many sources for whey that have varying chemical structures so if he used the same monograph to test for everything, the results would be seriously skewed.
Users sending in baggies of their protein supplements sets a situation liable for contamination.
Myofusion is a blend that does not only contain whey so it would undoubtably score low if the same monograph was used.

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