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Pennyroyal is an ancient herb and was used by the Greeks in the olden times to repel insects.
Health Benefits In this section of the article, we will concentrate only on the positive features of Pennyroyal as an herb. Many use Pennyroyal oil to soothe an upset stomach as the herb helps in some of the digestive problems inside our body such as flatulence and diarrhea. As an herb from the Olden times, Pennyroyal oil was also used to treat some of the ailments related to the respiratory system including cold, cough and chest infection.
The herb is also recommended for patients who suffer from hysteria and are prone to violent hysteric attacks and hysteric fainting at the most unexpected time & place causing risk to their own life. Apart from the above, other associated benefits of Pennyroyal include treating the following – fever, skin eruptions, and ailments related to the gall bladder and the liver.
Side Effects, Overdose, and Other Considerations Pennyroyal is a dangerous herb and may lead to poisoning.
However, the most astonishing fact is that the herb is not regulated by the US FDA and products containing this herb usually carry a health warning. Nobody wants over sized pores and there are zillion’s of products on the market that are geared towards reducing pore size and keeping acne low key. All you need to get started is Pepto-Bismol and a way to apply the medicine directly to your face; this could be a makeup brush or a sponge, but don’t use your fingers, no matter what you do. Leave the Pepto-Bismol on your face until it is completely dried on – you’ll look like you have a little pink face mask on!
Burdock is another popular choice of herbal experts in treating many common and equally complex health related disorders in humans. The Burdock grows to about 3-4 feet in height and usually blooms in the months of June and October. However, documents also show that the herb is not effective against the following – Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, E-Coli and Pseudomonas.
Historically, Burdock was also used to treat skin conditions like the following – acne, psoriasis, dry skin, eczema and seborrhea of the scalp. For Reducing Stress Burdock is widely used to treat stress and to increase stamina & resilience in humans. Burdock is also used to treat stomach related minor disorders like gas, gout, gastric ulcer and gastrointestinal (GI) complaints.
Apart from the above, some unproven uses of this herb include the following – treating rheumatism or joint pain, controlling high blood pressure, reducing arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), treating liver disorders, increasing sexual drive, promotes pancreatic & kidney health, for treating measles, throat pain and fluid retention. Traditionally, the herb was extensively used as a diaphoretic and diuretic to increase sweating and urine output. Dosage Levels For Burdock Herbal experts prescribe a dosage level ranging from 1 gram to 2 grams of powdered Burdock to be consumed in divided doses (3 times a day). Few others have reported that the herb may cause excessive and frequent urination, especially in those who are diabetic. The herb may lead to iron deficiency in the body as it hampers our body’s ability to absorb iron from other food materials. The root of this plant looks very similar to another plant known as belladonna (atropa belladonna).
However, some herbalists recommend it at mild dosage levels for treating certain health conditions. The herb is mostly known for the essential oil derived from it which is highly concentrated and contains large amount of pulegone.
It is claimed that Pennyroyal oil has the following health related properties – antimicrobial, astringent, decongestant, emmenagogue, anti-hysteric, expectorant, stomachic and anti rheumatic.

Emmenagogues are herbs that help in starting blood flow and mostly bring menstruation in women.
The herb has been used for stomach related issues even in folk medicine.Pennyroyal also helps in reducing the inflammation of the digestive tract. It is claimed that the Essential oil derived from Pennyroyal can be used to soothe the nerves in such patients.
However, this same feature of the herb helps in treating wounds and in killing harmful bacteria found inside the human body that can later become septic.Pennyroyal oil at a very mild dosage level is considered an effective anti-septic in nature. As stated earlier, the herb can soothe the nerves and offer a numbing effect to relieve pain due to headache and arthritis.
Even a slight increase in the dosage level of this herb may lead to serious health related complications including organ damage and in most cases, death. The herb is toxic and there are enough evidences that show that it should not be used in any forms. Most herbal properties associated with Pennyroyal are based on ancient documentation and hearsay. There is also an incredible hack using Pepto-Bismol that will not only soothe an ill stomach, but keep pores tiny and non existent! This before and after from beauty blogger Farah Dhukai (to whom this tip is credited to!) is absolutely incredible and really says it all.
Well, Pepto-Bismol contains beta hydroxyl acid which, while it’s meant in this case to help stomach aches, also clears dirt and oil out of pores quickly and efficiently. Burdock is a traditional herb that has been extensively used by Native Americans, European Settlers and even in Ancient Chinese Medicine. The herb is predominantly found in Northern parts of Asia, North America and Europe, and is part of the thistle family. In Chinese Medicine, the herb has been used to treat ulcers, skin eruptions, chronic rashes and erythema of the skin.
Few compounds found in the herb showed anti- proliferative activity against five cancer cells.
The herb is also used by those in the fitness world and it is known to promote emotional stability. The herb helps in strengthening the stomach and also increases appetite in humans (treats anorexia nervosa).
Apart from having the anti-oxidant properties, the herb has anti-inflammatory effects and significantly helps in inhibiting platelet activating factor (PAF).
In case of burdock tincture, the effective dosage level ranges between two to four ml per day. This is because burdock has the ability to enhance the blood sugar levels in humans causing electrolyte imbalance in the body. Overdose and long term usage of this herb may lead to damages to the kidneys, liver and other vital organs.
The herb is also a major ingredient in the Essiac tea, which is considered an alternative cancer treatment medicine. Most small scale commercial manufacturers accidentally use belladonna roots instead of burdock in their herbal products. In this article, we highlight the many advantages of Pennyroyal from the point of view of an herbalist.
There are two related species of this herb – the European Pennyroyal and the American Pennyroyal. Today, Pennyroyal is used to bring menstruation and to treat some of the following conditions – gas, indigestion and anxiety.

Those who take Pennyroyal oil for a case of stomach upset always use a very mild dose to avoid getting poisoned. In ancient times, due to its astringent property the essential oil from this herb was also used to strengthen the gums. Additionally, the oil of Pennyroyal has depurative properties making it an ideal herbal remedy for reducing rheumatism. Many herbalists claim that very small doses of pennyroyal do not lead to any side effects and can cure the ailment.
It is therefore recommended not to ingest this herb in any manner.The herb should be avoided in pregnant women as it may lead to miscarriage.
Many women have suffered internal organ failure and have died while using this herb to cause abortion. One study (in-vitro) also goes on to claim that Burdock has Anti-retroviral properties against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1). Similarly, another study showed that Burdock has anti-mutagenic activity against a wide range of mutagens. Those with excessive yeast overgrowth (candida) can also benefit a lot by taking this herb. For example, the herb may trigger allergic reactions in people who are already allergic to ragweed, marigold, daisy, chrisanthemum and other herbs from the Asteraceae and Compositae family. This may happen due to the presence of the toxic compound known as tannin.Burdock also has the ability to increase bleeding and therefore, the herb must be avoided atleast two weeks before a scheduled surgery. Due to this property of the herb, Pennyroyal has been used to induce abortion in women who do not want a pregnancy. For cold, many add a drop of Pennyroyal oil in water for proper dilution and heat it to solve breathing problems. Due to this property, some also use the oil derived from Pennyroyal to strengthen their hair roots and to pull up loose skin.
When applied, the essential oil helps in warming up the affected area and stimulates blood circulation. Similarly, those trying to use the herb to induce an abortion should do so under medical guidance and after a lot of careful research.
The plant contains the following compounds – complex volatile oils, Lignans, Sesquiterpene lactones, Polyynes, Polysaccharides, Phytosterols, Tannins, Triterpenes and Caffeic acid derivatives. However, mouth dryness using Burdock occurs only when the herb is contaminated with other herbs like belladonna.Burdock also has the potential to alter existing heart rate and may cause stomach problems. The herb must be avoided in pregnant women as it can stimulate the uterus and lead to miscarriage. However, more than three females have lost their life by using the herb without proper medical guidance or under a very high dosage level. Some say this may happen because the herb contains tannin which can be toxic under certain conditions. The herb is available in the market in the following forms – capsules, tablets, dried powder, tea powder and in tinctures. However, as mentioned elsewhere in this article, science does not recommend using this herb for any health related condition.
Other common side effects of burdock root tea are eye inflammation and burning sensation of the eyes.

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