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Bringing new vitality to this up and coming functional beverage brand, we helped KeVita refresh its brand to set the stage for its next level of growth. Kevita is an early stage RTD functional beverage brand offering consumers a delicious and refreshing way to include probiotics into their diet for digestive and immune health.
Like most early stage start-ups, not enough attention or resources was invested into brand building. In the hyper-competitive beverage category, the KeVita brand needed a compelling and distinctive brand positioning and promise that retailers believed would win consumers at shelf. Working from the brand team’s current market research, and other insights gathered from in-store product demonstrations, we helped the brand team define the target consumer segment that represented the brand’s best opportunity.
Informed by the learning from qualitative consumer insights we crafted a value proposition and brand positioning around what health-conscious consumers cared about most– to experience radiant vitality! To bring the new brand promise of “delicious vitality” to life at the store shelf, we designed the refreshed brand identity, trademarks, packaging formats and product labeling system to vividly express the essence of refreshing natural flavors, sparkling, living probiotic cultures, and radiant energy expressed with bold and vivid color. Our strategic brand development workshops help marketing teams in emerging growth companies gain greater clarity and confidence in their strategic and creative decision making. KeVita’s sweet beginnings emerged quite naturally as Co-Founders Chakra Earthsong Levy and Bill Moses joined together to bring KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink to market.

Founded in early 2010, Kevita has experienced some early success with regional distribution, new product introductions and more operational efficiencies.
The KeVita brand was struggling to define its value proposition in the functional beverage category and faced entrenched competition from other beverages promising health benefits from their ingredients. To grow distribution into national grocery chains required a complete assessment to define where the brand could compete and win going forward. These consumers were at the nexus of three important trends driving their engagement with the category: greater awareness of the health benefits associated with probiotics in their diet, the market growth of the natural products and functional health beverage category, and the desire these consumers have for creating life experiences with a “sustainable” sense of health and well-being. It is handcrafted in Southern California and is cultured with four different strains of live probiotic. The mission was clear—to provide thirsty health-seeking consumers a delicious vitalizing drink. The product labeling and shelf presence, although bold and colorful, was generic offering consumers no compelling reason to reach for the brand or retailers to stock it.
You’ll soon find KeVita in all nine refreshing flavors on the shelf of every Whole Foods Market (and others retailers like them) all across the USA.
Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in your gut and have been shown to effect your immune and digestive health in a huge way.

Enjoy our perfectly balanced blend of pomegranate, KeVita Probiotic Culture and coconut water. Chakra, a nutritional consultant and long-time fermenter first created KeVita in her Ojai, California kitchen.
KeVita Pomegranate Coconut is certified organic and non-GMO, low calorie, vegan, and dairy, lactose, and gluten free. These healthful drinks are also certified organic, non-dairy, non-GMO, gluten free and vegan!
With Bill’s winemaking and business expertise they further developed the drink and KeVita was born.
Handcrafted with KeVita Culture, organic fruit, whole plant extracts and love at the bottom of every bottle.

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