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January 16, 2014 by Margaret Anne 2 CommentsI always hear people talking about all these great probiotic drinks and how everyone should try them. Probiotics help maintain a strong immune system, preventing you from getting sick and having to take antibiotics.
Reverse Osmosis Water, Organic KeVita Probiotic Culture (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086, L.
This drink was not only vegan, but low in calories, gluten-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO. GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha*, Raw Chia Seeds*, Concord Grape Juice*, and 100% Pure Love.
When I was looking at my choices, there were very many different flavors of GT’s Kombucha to choose from, not to mention there was the choice of a drink containing chia seeds. Ketiva now has a Kombucha and I bought it today and boy I have only drunk a third of the bottle and I cannot continue. And then I hear people saying that kombucha tastes absolutely awful and talking about how they couldn’t even get it down.
Especially knowing that it’s filled with organic ingredients and tons of probiotics to keep me healthy and happy.

If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but Natural Chow will automatically receive a small commission. You can make your own probiotics or get a wide variety of probiotic drinks at your local health food store.
You can find them at health food stores like Whole Foods Market (where I got mine) and many other health food stores.
Well, last night I was at Whole Foods Market and decided that it would be the day I tried kombucha and kefir for the first time. It was delicious and refreshing, but I don’t think I could ever drink a whole bottle in one sitting. Five!!!!!!!  Despite the fact that I had kind of avoided corn on the cob since I was a kid (all those strings in my teeth, ewwwww), I am not a woman to steer clear from a deal. My mother told me the only time she had ever tried kombucha, it tasted like straight vinegar. The rest is history, and I have enjoyed fresh corn almost daily ever since.This recipe showcases all of the best things about summer.
Corn (cut off the cob, to avoid the teeth string situation), baby tomatoes, luscious bell pepper, and tart lime.

It includes perhaps the most refreshing KeVita flavor in the dressing, and a pleasant surprise: Chao, a new, non-dairy cheese on the scene, brought to us by the folks who make Field Roast vegan sausages.The recipe does not disappoint! I liked the chia seeds in it because I felt it gave texture to the drink and kept the kombucha from being overpowering. Make your dressing by whizzing all ingredients in a high powered food processor or high speed blender. Dice your tomato, the rest of the bell pepper left over from the dressing, and the Chao cheese into small bites. Davis is a certified Health and Wellness coach, KeVita Guest Blogger, a recipe developer, and a writer.
Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified health professional before making any changes to your diet, exercise regiment or lifestyle, or for questions regarding a specific health or medical condition.

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