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I love coconut water but it is high in carbs so these drinks are perfect with only 2 grams of carbs per 16 oz bottle. There are four coconut flavors which are all caffeine free, a lemon ginger caffeine free, pomegranate caffeine free,living greens and pomegranate black tea which do have caffeine.They also make a Daily Cleanse in Lemon Cayenne which has a spicy flavor and is made to drink between meals for a light cleansing flush.
Made with certified organic cold extracted lemon and ginger, fans say Lemon Ginger is their favorite de-stress beverage. They make a Mojo mocktail Sparkling Lime Mint Coconut that is a great way to have a Mojito without the rum.

This sparkling delicious refreshment is a combination of coconut water, mango puree and certified organic KeVita culture. Lightly sweetened with organic stevia, Mango Coconut enhances digestive flora with live probiotic cultures.All of the Coconut KeVita flavors are vegan and made with organic ingredients. I highly recommend that you try these drinks especially if you are looking for a healthier lifestyle in 2013. Handcrafted with KeVita Culture, organic fruit, whole plant extracts and love at the bottom of every bottle.

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