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There is another word in the description that needs to be explained further: “probiotics” (from “pro” and “biota”, which means “for life”).
We often associate bacteria and microbes with diseases, but in reality, we need them in order to live. Probiotic drinks and foods have long been consumed in Northern Europe and some parts in Asia. Now let’s take a brief look at kefir’s history beginning from the Caucasus Mountains. Kefir is known by many other names, and most of them hint at the fact that people are amazed at what kefir can do. Perhaps the most intriguing of these names is “Grains of The Prophet Mohammed”, which pertains to a historical encounter (regarded by many as nothing more than folklore) between the prophet and Tibetan monks—although some say they were Orthodox Christians, to be precise. We may never know the answers, unfortunately.  That said, we are finding out more about kefir every day as researchers begin to take an interest in it and its secrets.
Meanwhile, a more acceptable historical account of kefir’s beginnings is much less dramatic. Somehow, word got out that the tribes-folk living in the northern portion of the mountains had a magical beverage that allowed the people to live longer. Another group of kefir-lovers actually argue that the biblical manna mentioned in the Old Testament was kefir grains!
Yogurt, according to Wikipedia “is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk.” Bacterial yogurt cultures are added to pasteurized milk in order to ferment the milk’s lactose content and produce lactic acid. It is most likely that yogurt was discovered not long after early man learned to domesticate animals. Historical records reveal that the first people to produce and consume yogurt are those living in the Middle East.
The most common yogurt today contains two types of bacteria: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. These friendly bacteria are found to contain enzymes, yeasts, phosphorous, folic acid, lactic acid, biotin, vitamins K, vitamin B, and other helpful vitamins and minerals. Not only does kefir have more bacteria than yogurt, it also has bacteria of the better kind. It has also been said that a cup of yogurt contains up to 1 trillion bacteria, but a cup of kefir can contain up to 5 trillion.
Now that you know kefir is not yogurt, let’s take a closer look at the different types of kefir. Kefir grains can ferment all forms of mammalian milk – cow, mare, goat, sheep, buffalo, camel, etc. It is also common to use non-milk mediums such as soy milk, rice milk, nut milk, almond milk, and coconut milk.
Meanwhile, dairy milk is classified according to how it was processed before it reached your doorsteps. Many kefir drinkers prefer using raw milk since there is a common thinking that everything raw and organic is healthier and more nutritious than processed drinks. To lay down a clear-cut comparison, milk kefir and water kefir have five distinct differences: the grains, the base, physical appearance, taste, and contents.
Milk kefir has calcium, protein, fat, vitamins, and different carbohydrates, including lactose or milk sugar.
If you know someone who has real kefir grains, he or she shouldn’t think twice of giving you some. To start your journey to a life of better health, it is necessary to first learn how to make kefir. Meanwhile, there are other ways to do Step Two if you’re trying out different kefir varieties.
Other than for its health benefits, kefir is also amazing for the fact that you can store the grains for future use.
Use only clean, non-metallic utensils when storing, rinsing, straining, and transferring the grains. Change the milk every few weeks if you will store them for a long time; longer than 14 days.
One, dissolve sugar in water; place the grains, cover the container and let it stay for 3 days.
Kefir is a double-barreled gun, a two edged sword, a double whammy since it can do two things at the same time: cure diseases and promote good health. At the same time, kefir is known to regulate the immune system, provide natural protection against diseases, regulate blood pressure, promote production of bile, produce natural antibiotics, improve blood circulation, calm the nerves, strengthen the kidneys, regulate cholesterol level, regulate metabolism, promote weight loss, improve skin tone, cleanse the digestive tract, regulate blood sugar levels, protect the prostate, and slow the aging process. Two, it is packed with so many helpful contents such as: probiotics (30-40 strains of friendly bacteria), yeasts, proteins, polysaccharide, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin D, calcium, iodine, iron, carbon dioxide, and ethanol.
This could possibly be the only health drink in the world that contains so much good stuff. You can cook kefir; mix it with vegetables and make bread, but know that heating kefir grains would kill them. You can try making sourdough bread, cheesecake, salad dressing, pasta, and a variety of soups with kefir. Two, pour the kefir into the cheesecloth and let it sit and drain in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours.
To speed up the process, lift the four corners of the cheesecloth together, hold them up to form a bag so that you can squeeze out some more whey. Three, check if you think your cheese is ready and then tip it from the cheesecloth into a glass or ceramic bowl. Four, add any spices or other ingredients if you wish and then place in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. Two, stir in your kefir, onion, garlic, cilantro, small amounts of sea salt, chili powder, and the tomato, in that order.

Question: Is it true when you make a smoothie with the kefir you should not blend it in the Vita Mix blender because the high speed blade destroys the live bacteria?
Reply: You will probably need to put it in a cupboard to keep it a bit more “room temp” but you can observe first how it fares. Questions: I have not used my Kefir grains for two weeks, I took them out of the fridge and there is a mould on top of the grains.
Now say it over and over until your tongue gets used to verbalizing it and your ears to hearing it. Check out a short and long description of what many refer to as a miracle health drink that can change the way you see health and wellbeing completely.
So here goes: More than a fermented drink resembling yogurt, kefir is a cultured probiotic food that is packed with living bacteria, phosphorous, folic acid, lactic acid, biotin, vitamins K, and vitamin B, among others. To learn more about kefir grains and what type of “magic” powers they possess, read my other posts about Kefir.
There are trillions and trillions of microbes living inside the human body, which literally means we are 90% bacteria and 10% human. When we ingest a probiotic drink, when we drink kefir, we are letting in more helpful bacteria into our systems so that they can promote intestinal microbial balance. Alternate names include: “Grains of the Prophet Mohammed”, “Drink of the Prophet”, “Tibetan Mushrooms”, “Snow Lotus”, “Balm of Gilead”, “California Bees”, kombucha, tibicos, and beer seeds . The story tells about Prophet Mohammed’s journey to the Caucasus Mountains and a short stopover at a Tibetan monastery where he gave out kefir “grains”. The fermented dairy beverage was most likely discovered more than a thousand years ago by shepherds of the Caucasus Mountains who accidentally fermented milk inside their leather pouches.
Russian doctors of the Victorian era later picked up on reports about the beverage’s power to treat tuberculosis and intestinal disorders.
Both stories – that of the prophet who forbade people to talk about it and the accidental discovery by shepherds – make it clear that (1) kefir is very potent and (2) the surrounding circumstances made it difficult for anyone to really document how kefir was discovered. Cow’s milk is typically preferred over goat, water buffalo, camel, sheep, nut, or soy milk.
And since it had so much acid in it, yogurt was also used as lotion and cleaning product, believe it or not. According to the Midvalleyvu Family Farm, kefir contains right-turning bacteria, which is a type of bacteria that is “far superior and much more beneficial to the digestive tract”, while yogurt has left-turning bacteria, a type that is harmful to nursing mothers and young children. In fact, according to Yemoos, some have tried fermenting human milk to hopefully help treat cancer. Talk about limitless varieties, although non-milk kefir drinks lack the nutrients you get from dairy milk. If you’re in the United States, however, it is not easy getting raw milk since several states think it is unsafe and unsanitary, and therefore prohibit its distribution and sales. If you ask the kefir grains themselves (pretending they talk), they’d tell you they won’t mind diving into any type of milk.
It is known by many other names such as tibicos, California bees, African bees, ginger beer plant, and Japanese water crystals. If you’re making the coconut water kefir variety, it contains calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids, potassium, sodium, phyto-hormones, and cytokine. Both milk kefir and water kefir can make you healthy and may be stored for a long, long time. Store-bought kefir is artificial kefir (uses artificially produced kefir starters, which also lacks organisms that can be found in traditional kefir). You can get real kefir only from people who store and grow them. An initial reaction is to simply buy ready-made kefir and skip the hassles of creating your own drink. Making kefir is easy and making it yourself gives you control on how thick you want it to be. They share the grains, as the Prophet Mohammed did when he first handed the grains to the monks in Tibet. I got in touch with a lot of people who share their kefir grains for free, but most of the time, I just never got my grains.
Make sure to keep away from metal or dirty containers to avoid getting your kefir contaminated. Remember, they survived quite well in the Caucasus Mountains in olden days when there were no refrigerators, coolers, glass jar containers, and other conveniences that we have now. You can rinse your kefir especially when they turned bad, and rinse them only when necessary. According to the Kefir Lady, the grains “will be sluggish at first and you will think they are dead. Some of these health claims are still under scientific studies, and most are from personal experiences of kefir drinkers. The best marketing strategy is “word-of-mouth” because it proves that a product really works. You can use that to make nutritious kefir smoothie and shake, or mix with cultured vegetables later. Tuck in the outer edges of the cabbage leaves to the sides of the jar to seal the ingredients beneath them.
To discover more exciting ways of preparing or cooking your kefir and really benefit from it, join discussion sites about this miracle drink. Or perhaps you feel more calm, your blood sugar level is right on spot, or you just feel better all over. However, I have been reducing my fermenting time… I let some Kefir rest in (the) refrigerator for about a week and decided I better wake them.
If it slows down the production versus what it normally does, then you probably will need to wrap it up and put it in a little bit warmer place. Just make sure you rinsed them off or you can soak them in Hydrogen peroxide for about 8 hours and that should really help give them a jump if they’ve been stored for awhile.

The name might sound alien for now, but believe it or not, once you’ve learned more about it, the more kefir will become a part of your language, your diet and your life. Two other names, “Yogurt Plant” and “Yogurt Mushroom”, point to kefir’s physical similarity with yogurt.
The prophet strictly forbade the people to give away the grains or talk about them to other people or else the grains would lose their magical powers. What used to be fresh milk turned into an effervescent beverage, which the shepherds later discovered to have a number of health benefits. Mainstream health buffs and health gurus know yogurt as a probiotic drink that promotes good health.
Lactobacillus bulgaricus breaks down lactose, fights diseases, and produces vitamins B and K. But since you can use water instead of milk, too, you can actually make two types of kefir: milk (or dairy) kefir and water kefir. If you do manage to find raw milk in health stores and farmer’s markets, make sure it’s from grass-fed cows, goats or sheep.
Water kefir doesn’t have that white, creamy look that makes kefir popular because water kefir grains are not white and fluffy.
But as already mentioned, store-bought kefir are artificial and may not have living bacterial strains. You would need to pay for shipping and handling, though. I have a few testimonials and feedback from some of my readers about their experiences with getting and growing kefir. Through the years people thought so, too, which is why they also named it “The Grains of the Prophet”, “Drink of the Prophet”, “Snow Lotus”, and “Balm of Gilead”.
It is important to note that personal experiences do not equate to scientific and medical proof.
After news of it spread from the Caucasus Mountains to the rest of Europe, to Asia and now North America, kefir grains have been subjected to a number of studies and held up. It is for this reason that kefir lovers have been creating recipes to be more creative, flavorful and appealing when it comes to downing this miraculous beverage.
Seal the jar with its lid and place in the refrigerator for two to three more days to ripen the vegetables.
Learn from those who’ve been making, storing, cooking and ingesting kefir for some time already. It has a more personal feel to it because these are from people who might have experienced the same thing you are experiencing now. As mentioned in the paper instructions and the instructions in the video course, it will take about 4 to 6 weeks before they start to get more pop corn-like as you see in the video. Others say that the good bacteria doesn’t like the vibrations that a metal strainer gives off. You can control the taste by adjusting your time of fermentation, so you are right about that. Since then, kefir has become a popular health drink in the Caucasus region, Russia, and southwestern Asia, and recently in Western Europe. We can imagine early drinkers of milk suddenly discovered that their drink has thickened and gone sour after being stored for some time. And since there are different types of milk, you can come up with a variety of dairy kefir as well.
Other sub-types of milk that you can buy from the grocery are whole milk, standardized milk, UHT (ultra-heat treatment), fresh milk, low-fat, non-fat, and skimmed milk. As you place them in a clean glass jar with milk, they will begin to feed and ferment your milk right away. You can add some fruit slices to make your kefir more flavorful if you wish, but you should not get your expectations too high from the start.  Some people do like it, but it’s more of an acquired taste than anything else. Continue reading below or check out Five in Tow to learn about reviving frozen or dried kefir, as well as other tips in caring for the grains. These names suggest mystery, of something sacrosanct, and hinting that kefir can do a lot of good to people.
Place some more kefir grains on the compressed vegetables, and then more vegetables on the kefir to create layers. The temperature outside is also cooling off, remember the cooler the temperatures the slower the growth.
Below is a short description and history of yogurt, and then a rundown of what yogurt has and what kefir has, as well as what yogurt can do and why kefir can do it better. I think if you don’t leave the kefir in the metal strainer for too long it will be fine. We can guess that their “animal stomach bags” still had bacteria in them, which eventually fermented the milk. Here’s a nice way to drink water kefir as an alternative to sodas from Audry of ANutritionalMakeover.
If you’re making kefir for the first time, put 2 tablespoons of grains for every 2 cups of milk.
As long as you are starting to see the milk thicken, you know everything is working properly. I have put grains in yogurt for 2 days, back to milk and then back to yogurt, and back to milk.
It was a bit of an investment because I bought all the materials he had to help me perfect my kefir drink (yes, I was obsessed that way!

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