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O tradicional Leite Fermentado e toda a nossa linha de alimentos com toda a qualidade Yakult. The composition of kefir depends greatly on the type of milk that was fermented, including the concentration of vitamin B12.
Fermentation of milk with the living kefir grains enhances its nutritional value increasing amounts of B vitamins, and important fat soluable vitamins A, D, E and K and folic acid.
Results of laboratory tests on mice have shown that traditional kefir helped to prevent cancer of the colon, and reduce tumour growth where cancer is already present in the colon.
Kefir contains antioxidants that protect cells from illness and ageing affects.  Scientists believe that these antioxidants are the link to the longevity of the people from the Caucasus, who first drank kefir, and among whom were many centenarians.
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La fibra es la parte del alimento que no es afectada por el proceso digestivo en el cuerpo.
La fibra soluble retiene el agua y se vuelve gel durante la digestion y retarda la digestion y la absorcion de nutrientes desde el estomago y el intestino. La fibra soluble es beneficiosa para los diabeticos porque consigue que los hidratos de carbono sean absorbidos muy lentamente en el intestino delgado, evitando una subida brusca del nivel de glucosa en sangre.

La fibra insoluble acelera el paso de los alimentos a traves del estomago y los intestinos y le agrega volumen a las heces. La fibra insoluble como el salvado de los cereales actua fundamentalmente sobre el transito intestinal posee un efecto laxante superior al de la fibra soluble.
La fibra en conjunto con el consumo de los productos Yakult nos ayudan a tener un mejor transito intestinal y a erradicar las molestias del estrenimiento. Trigo entero y productos de granos entero como el pan integral, las pastas integrales, todo producto adicionado con granos enteros,  las hortalizas y el salvado de trigo.
During the fermentation, changes in composition of nutrients and other ingredients have also been shown to occur.
Kefir is not medicine, it a natural food with healing potential.  If you have any concerns about drinking kefir, we recommend you check with your GP first.
Nourish Kefir is a good source of the valuable minerals calcium, phosphorus and magnesium – which are easily absorbed into the body. Similar results were obtained regarding tests for tumour reduction in breast and liver cancers, as well as prevention of prostrate cancer.  Although there have not been any clinical trials in the UK or USA, we hope that this will eventually happen to prove the true extent of the healing power of traditional kefir, that it may benefit others.
Solo una pequena cantidad de fibra es metabolizada en el estomago y el intestino; el resto pasa a traves del tracto gastrointestinal y hace parte de las heces fecales.

Equilibra el nivel de colesterol, previene el cancer de colon, combate las subidas de glucosa en sangre y tambien ayuda a regular el transito intestinal. Research has shown, however, that lactose maldigestors are able to tolerate kefir, providing the number of live bacteria present in this beverage consumed is high enough. Noticeable results include an increase in energy, stronger nails, good skin and shiny, stronger hair. It is believed that the bacteria in the kefir or yoghurt matrix are protected by the buffering effect of the yoghurt. It has also been shown that fermented milk products have a slower transit time than milk, which may further improve lactose digestion.

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