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Huge thank you to to Cindy for her braveness and desire to inspire others in our community by sharing her story and pics.
How long have you been following the Beauty Detox philosophy? Was it easy to incorporate it into your lifestyle?
After waking up, I always drink a glass of hot water with lemon juice, this gives me vitamins and makes the toxins get out of my body.
I had suffered from strong acne since my teenage years, I had tried every product on my skin and also antibiotics and even Roaccutane; this last one worked very well for exactly 2 years and then my acne came back even stronger. The Beauty Detox philosophy made me understand that we must be careful of all information that we learn from media or others Information sources. Join to get videos, content, and recipes such as the sweet potato shepherds pie designed to get you on track to a healthier you! Jo, you don’t need to worry about your blood sugar spiking from whole fruit because the natural sugar absorption will be slowed down by the presence of the fiber! Probiotics are the naturally occurring “good” bacteria that live in our gut and play a significant role in our total wellness. Intestinal tract of a healthy person hosts over 100 trillion friendly bacteria (that’s 10 times more than the number of cells in our body), which spend their days aiding digestion, boosting the immune system, and consuming bad bacteria. To counteract flares of acne or rosacea associated with the “gut-brain-skin axis,” doctors advise patients to find ways to help manage or cope with stress, fix their diet or introduce healthy bacteria to the gut in the form of probiotics. A few studies have shown a correlation between oral probiotic use and improvement in acne and eczema. Currently, some cosmeceutical manufacturers have started using probiotics in their products based on this early research – including probiotic masks, creams or cleansers.
In patients with acne and rosacea, living microorganisms on the skin are recognized as foreign by the body’s immune system.
Sometimes the substances produced by probiotics have antimicrobial properties, meaning they can create holes in bad bacteria and kill them. Researchers now are testing probiotics to determine which ones make the substances that can kill bad bacteria. When certain types of probiotics are placed in contact with skin cells, they calm the parts of the cells that may want to react to the presence of bad bacteria that they see as a threat. The use of probiotics to protect skin from the effects of aging is an exciting new area that shows early promise, but needs more research. The incorporation of probiotics into cosmetics and skin care products provides a distinct yet perpetual marketing appeal enhancing brand differentiation. Clinique Medical in collaboration with Allergan (the makers of BOTOX) has launched a probiotic-infused skin care.
The early reviews on the effectiveness of these products are quiet positive, with time and more research we would get a more detailed and clearer picture. The DIY Secret For Younger Looking Skin – Facial Massage Technique created by celebrity facialist Anastsia Achilleos!
If you know nothing about fermented foods, kefir and kombucha, it is time to read more about it. The well-known benefits of probiotics expand into mainstream culture, and the latest studies have shown a remarkable promise regarding the use of “good bacteria” as a remedy.
Researchers believe that probiotics can balance the bacteria on your skin, which is quite similar to the way they balance the bacteria in the digestive tract. What is even better, probiotics are considered to be a potent antidote against aging, or wrinkles. Conventional deodorants contain chemicals that are supposed to kill bad bacteria responsible for that unwanted natural odor. You should be concerned about using antiperspirants and commercial deodorants for many reasons. The active ingredients in conventional deodorants contain hidden chemicals like aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, and triclosan. Regarding these concerns and the latest findings, we suggest that you try a completely natural solution. For optimal results, use doTERRA™  essential oils or organic oils from Mountain Rose Herbs.
Note: Shelf stable probiotics like Bio-Kult prevent the need of placing the product in a fridge. Mountain Rose Herbs offers high-quality essential oils, butter oils and miscellaneous bulk items like arrowroot powder.
7,000 Studies Have Confirmed That Turmeric Can Change Your Life- Use It in These 7 Incredible Ways! Our gut bacteria vary depending on age, gender, diet, geography, hygiene, stress and medication use. Beneficial gut bacteria help manufacture vitamins (B12, K, B6, B5, B3, folate and biotin), enhance absorption of minerals, fight off pathogens, digest food, and metabolize drugs. Using antibiotics can eliminate beneficial bacteria in our gut, creating a prime environment for yeast (Candida albicans) growth.  Candida, in turn, can provoke inflammation and symptoms associated with IBS.
Eating enough fibre may play a significant role in gut health. Fibre resists digestion in the small intestine, then makes its way to the large intestine and ferments, creating short chain fatty acids, an important source of fuel for the body. Fibre also adds bulk and improves regularity, reducing our exposure to potentially dangerous compounds.  Finally, the breakdown of fibre regulates pH balance, promoting the optimal environment for beneficial bacteria.
Much of what we consume today was unknown to our bodies just 100 years ago.  Some experts speculate that the introduction of these new compounds explains the increase in food intolerance and allergies. When the gut wall is irritated or inflamed, the tight junctions between its cells loosen up and we get increased permeability (or leaky gut syndrome).
Our gut communicates with all cells in the body, which means that disturbances in the gut can show up as disturbances in the brain (and vice versa). At rest, the gut receives over half of all organ blood flow, but during exercise, blood flow to the gut can drop to less than 20% of this resting value.  Lack of blood flow to the gut during digestion can lead to increased intestinal permeability. Ironically, both endurance exercisers and people with heart failure are susceptible to leaky gut syndrome; in each case (though for entirely different reasons) not enough blood is making it to the gut. Serious gut pathologies often result in weight loss and nutrient deficiencies (since malabsorption is occurring).

Gluten and other similar prolamine proteins (such as hordein in barley, secalin in rye, or zein in corn), found in grains. For some, these compounds can induce mast cells to produce histamine, mimicking a food allergy and increasing intestinal permeability and inflammation. For others, these foods stimulate an immune system T-cell response and create or exacerbate autoimmune symptoms such as joint pain or skin rashes (particularly eczema).
Other people simply lack the appropriate digestive enzymes to process one or more of these compounds. Eat when hungry, stop when satisfied.  If someone is having gut problems (and still gaining body fat), the first place to look is overconsumption of sugars, processed grains, processed meats, dairy, and rich meals. Slow down.  The process of slowing down and chewing is important for enzyme release and breaking food down into particles that are manageable for the gut. Consider glutamine.  Glutamine can help reverse excessive intestinal permeability, act as fuel for intestinal cells, and might attenuate the allergic response. Check vitamin D levels.  Low vitamin D status might decrease immune function and is associated with IBD.
Eat plenty of omega-3s (flax, walnuts, hemp, chia, fish, algae) and other whole food fats (olives, avocado, coconut, nuts, seeds, etc) to help moderate inflammation.
Breast-feed.  Children who are breast-fed tend to have less gastrointestinal infections and inflammatory disorders.
If the vagus nerve (which connects brain to gut) is cut, the gut functions fine on its own. Gerd Gigerenzer (German psychologist) said the enteric nervous system is the intelligence of the unconscious. In it you’ll learn the best eating, exercise, and lifestyle strategies — unique and personal — for you. Catalioto RM, et al.  Intestinal epithelial barrier dysfunction in disease and possible therapeutical interventions.
You've probably overheard one of your skin care-obsessed pals exalting the wonders of using yogurt as a DIY facial. It's well known -- among us health nuts anyway -- that good bacteria, aka probiotics, help fight inflammation in the gut. When applied topically, probiotics combat the "bad bacteria" living in your skin's ecosystem, says Dr.
What some find even more interesting is recent evidence showing probiotics' ability to turn back the clock. As you can see, she is and always was a beautiful woman, but now with clear skin, the distraction and self esteem-deflating outer blemishes have disappeared, and her true beauty in and out shines through.
It was a bit difficult at the beginning to change habits but in Kimberly’s book we can find a lot of nice recipes and ideas that are really easy to follow and really simple to make.
After drinking this glass of hot water and lemon juice, I usually take a glass of the Glowing Green Smoothie that I have frozen before in order to gain time. Big Industrial Food companies have a strong power on media and can give a lot of wrong information.
I come to your website because i am already a subscriber to your emails, and when i visit it on my iphone it is often annoying to have to click out of the subscriber window. They manufacture key nutrients and limit the growth of yeast and unhealthy bacteria — and, in their spare time, probiotics help inhibit bouts of lactose intolerance, poor digestion, and diarrhea.
This in turn changes the type and number of bacteria that live in the gut to unhealthy bacteria. The probiotics line the gut and create a healthy, sealed barrier that prevents inflammation that can trigger acne or rosacea. They found the probiotics reduced the odds of eczema in babies who had strong family histories of the itchy skin condition until at least age 2, and possibly longer. The immune system springs into action to counter this potential threat resulting in the inflammation, redness, or bumps common in these skin conditions.
Similar to the way antibiotics work in the treatment of acne and rosacea, probiotics can help fight harmful bugs from triggering inflammation. Soon strains could be identified in the very near future and will then be marketed in products for their antimicrobial properties. These healthy signals produced by the probiotics stop the skin cells from sending “attack” messages to the immune system that result in flares of acne or rosacea. Preliminary work has shown there’s some evidence that probiotics may help to build collagen, the main protein in skin that affects its texture and tone.
It’s no wonder than that major cosmaceutical brands are incorporating probiotics in their skincare lines.
Their probiotic skin care regimen includes a pre- and post-operational kit with cleansers and creams, and redness solution makeup SPF15. Ohhira, Aurelia, Align, Culturelle, L’Occitaine, Murad, Sonya Dakar, Lierac, Bliss, Mama Mio, Beauty Cycle and Eminence have also launched their products with probiotic claims. People who care about their health are well aware of the benefits provided by probiotic foods and supplements.
These are super healthy powerhouses and they are great for health conscious individuals who try to maintain the optimal function of their digestive system.
This is great for those who deal with eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes and allergies, acne, and discolorations. By chance you did not know it, these chemicals also kill good bacteria, and thus leave your body defenseless.
The latest research has shown a strong connection between aluminum-loaded antiperspirants and breast cancer, birth defects, allergies and hormonal imbalance. If you try to inhibit certain natural function of your body, it will sure give a negative response. Make sure it contains highly resistant beneficial bacteria, like lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. The right diet strengthens the gut in its guardian role, improving overall health and well-being. At the same time, excessive carbohydrate consumption can contribute to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (the bad kind), aka SIBO.

Inflammation, stress, pharmaceuticals, bacterial balance, malnutrition, compounds in food (gluten, casein, lectins, fructose, etc), and food additives (including MSG) can all influence the junctions in our gut and weaken their bonds.
As a matter of fact, the brain actually kicks off digestion before the gut — we secrete acids and digestive enzymes before even swallowing the first bite of a meal! People who struggle to digest fructose also often have trouble with other complex carbohydrates known as FODMAPs (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols). Or they can mimic symptoms of respiratory allergies, such as sneezing, sniffles, and throat irritation. In this case, you might just get a general stomach upset, gas and bloating, nausea, and constipation or diarrhea. While there can be many causes of gut troubles, there is always a cause.  Identify it before you mask symptoms with medications. If you are struggling with bloating and cramping, eliminating sugar alcohols might be a wise place to start (think sugar free desserts, gum, protein powders, protein bars, etc). This can result from gut malabsorption with the consumption of mineral-binding foods such as grains and legumes, or simply a low iron intake.
On the other hand, if FODMAPs are a problem for you, choose carefully, as some of these foods may cause more trouble. Read the fine print, and you'll see that most of these products contain probiotic derivatives, as opposed to the active cultures found in yogurt, as it would be difficult to guarantee the shelf life of live bacteria. If you're a skin-care aficionado, science geek, disgruntled rosacea-sufferer or all of the above, give one of these cutting-edge probiotic treatments a try. I immediately bought the Beauty Detox Solution and thanks to this book, I learned what was the cause of my acne.
Now I always try to find truth by myself when I hear something, and try to make my own opinion.
Since starting a healthier lifestyle with KS’s book a month and a half ago my back and chest have cleared and my face is clearing by the day!
Eventually the gut lining becomes leaky and toxins are released into the bloodstream causing inflammation throughout the body.
Probiotics applied topically sit on the skin’s surface and prevent the skin cells from seeing the bad bacteria and parasites that can cause this immune system response. Increased numbers of good bacteria may also help to hydrate aging skin, reduce sun damage and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The product line doesn’t contain live bacteria but instead promotes the growth of skin’s own helpful bacteria to prevent infection following chemical peels and laser treatments. Scientists have conducted a great number of studies based on the benefits of ingesting probiotics. People often forget that the skin contains a great number of good bacteria, known as micro flora. We don’t have a permanent supply, so for a vibrant gut “economy,” we need to continually replenish them via diet.
John’s Wort, melatonin, curcumin (turmeric), Iberis amara, chamomile, arrowroot, peppermint, Boswellia carterii, artichoke leaf, clove, zinc, quercetin, gamma oryzanol, licorice root, CoQ10, phosphatidylcholine, aloe vera and psyllium.
But recently, research has found that there are actually compelling benefits to the "good bacteria" in yogurt -- beyond what it can do for your insides.
Left unattended, bad bacteria may trigger inflammation, causing (and exacerbating) acne, rosacea and eczema.
The most important in the beginning of the diet is to replace the food we are used to eating that are much better for health and digestion, especially for anyone with inflammation in the body. At lunch I always eat a salad before my meal, this gives my body a lot of nutrients and enzymes that help digest my meal.
I also learned that to be more happy and healthy in life we always must doing thinks in respect of Nature. I’ve seen doctors, but their solution is to medicate and then issues come right back.
Please see if you can help me through nutrition, vitamins, or organic topical preparations. People who are predisposed to acne or rosacea can experience flares as a result of this shift in gut bacteria and subsequent inflammation. This is known as “bacterial interference,” as probiotics protect the skin and interfere with the ability of bad bugs (or bacteria and parasites) to provoke an immune reaction. I mix cabbage or lettuce with raw vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, beetroots, tomatoes, …After this salad I have some millet or quinoa mix with cooked vegetables. I wholeheartedly agree with your other tips though and I should really try to follow them more closely.
Also, the Beauty Detox philosophy is not about restriction but eating in a right way, that why is easy to follow. At dinner, I also take a salad for the starter and then some lentils, chickpeas, or beans with cooked vegetables and a little bit of fish or meat.
I had spend all those years looking for the cause of my acne and thanks to Kimberly’s book, I finally found what was the cause of all my problems. I’ve also decided to get off birth control and to stop the use of prescription skin care… needless to say, my skin is FREAKING out!!! Im just debating whether or not to have some almonds with my apple or watermelon or keep a more low GI diet… PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. Once everything cools and gets a pudding-like consistency, open your probiotic capsules and stir the powder into the mixture using a spatula. So do not hesitate to follow Kimberly’s philosophy, it is really easy to follow and I can assure you that it can change your life.

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