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Muscle Pharm Hybrid Series Combat Powder Chocolate Milk - 4 lbs (1814g)Increased Nitric Oxide Synthesis. When I was a kid, I always remember having grape kool-aid, hanging out with other kids on the block, my mom would come outside with a pitcher of grape kool-aid for all of us to have. And of course as a kid I had to have a supersoaker haha, I specifically remember having this one with the purple water tank.
In addition, this recipe harnesses the delightful powers of everyone's favorite fall gourd: the mighty pumpkin!

Try my protein-packed, creamy concoction and I'm sure your sweet tooth, growing muscles, and thankful waistline will give you various high fives. Was my favorite because it scared my little girl cousins and it kept them away from my room when they would come over. If you want to enjoy an equally delicious soft serve that won't compromise your waistline, then you have to make my version!
This recipe has half the calories, one third of the fat, twice the protein, and significantly less sugar than a regular Blizzard.

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