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There are many fermented beverages (aside from beer and wine!) that are also rich in probiotics! A few varieties do have a slightly higher alcohol content than others and it is now regulated where you have to be 21 or older to purchase some of them. The probiotics and organic acids in kombucha tea are created when the microorganisms in the culture process the ingredients in a mixture of sweet tea and starter liquid.
About MeHi, I'm Ben and I Love making Kombucha, drinking it, experimenting with it and teaching other people how to make it.
The world is abuzz with news of probiotic foods and what they can do for people’s health and well-being.Probiotics are a class of bacteria that help the digestive tract and intestines to function properly. Share This Story on Facebook BackNext Guava Leaves Can 100% Stop Your Hair Loss and Make it Grow Like Crazy! This Stomach Vacuum Exercise Is The Easiest Way To Get a Thinner Waist And Flat Abs NASA-Recommended: 18 Plants To Effectively Purify The Air In Your House!
I personally love the tangy, fresh flavor of coconut milk kefir—not so my son who thinks I’m being quite kind with those adjectives but I do think that is because he first tried store bought cow milk kefir which to me most certainly has a strong fermented, sour flavor. Coconut milk kefir is pleasantly tangy, but the naturally sweet taste of coconut dominates. Although Kombucha and cow-milk-based kefirs (pronounced Keh-FEAR) have become popular in the grocery isle, these are costly and not as healthful as their wrapper and “the buzz” may lead you to believe. Eliminate the problems with commercial dairy and the vast amount of cane sugar in Kombucha while still allowing you to take in a highly beneficial probiotic beverage by making your own coconut milk kefir. Besides, coconut milk itself is a great source of calcium and healthy fats and is low in sugar.
This is a simple recipe and very very inexpensive to make—much less costly than buying commercial beverages that may not be as good for you or taking probiotics in capsule form. Coconut milk kefir is better than other sources of probiotics as it has a wider variety of microflora.
Kefir also contains beneficial yeasts that are known to hunt out and destroy pathogenic yeasts in the body.
By restoring the beneficial micro-organisms in your gut, Coconut kefir also helps you assimilate nutrients especially trace minerals and B vitamins. Regularly drinking coconut milk kefir can help relieve intestinal disorders, promote bowel movement, cleanse the endocrine system, reduce flatulence and create a healthier digestive system. Cover with a cloth secured with a rubber band and let sit in a warm place (68-85 degrees) for 12-24 hours.
Kefir is done when you can visibly see the clear “whey” separate from the creamier, thicker “curds.” This can take varying amounts of time depending on the warmth of the room and the activity of your kefir grains. If your first batch of coconut milk kefir doesn’t get as thick or tangy as you’d like, don’t despair.
Never use a metal container to make kefir – this disrupts the process and the kefir won’t thicken. If your kefir doesn’t begin thicken within 24 hours, it might not be warm enough where you have set them.
If your kefir hasn’t thickened at all within 48 hours, throw out the milk and start over by putting the grains in a fresh batch of milk.
Kefir should have a fermented aroma and can sometimes have a slight effervescence, but it shouldn’t smell foul or unpleasant. Kefir grains can be used indefinitely to make kefir, however, if they have been stored it may take a few batches to get them going again. I recommend making a small batch of kefir—about what you will drink every day or two—rather than making a large batch and then storing the grains in the fridge. Hi Joseph, This is a really good question–especially because the vendors of quality kefir grains provide specific instructions only for cow milk kefir. Also, while reinoculating your digestive tract is important, your routine diet has to foster and maintain the bacteria you want to keep. Also, how does the process of starter grains being stored in cows milk but made with coconut milk affect those with a dairy allergy?
I get my grains and strainers here: and I just start them right up in coconut milk skipping over the vendor-recommended storage in cow milk.
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The most common source of probiotics is already a favorite breakfast or snack of so many people. Soy milk is a popular milk alternative and is highly recommended for people who have lactose intolerance, allergies, diabetes, and heart diseases. Raw milk or fresh cheeses that use a couple of bacterial strains in the process of fermenting cheese have the beneficial microbes that the body needs. Like tofu, tempeh is made from soybeans although it can be made from other types of beans, wheat, or a mixture of beans and whole grains. Naturally fermented varieties such as brine-cured and salt-cured contain significant amounts of lactobacilli.
Another Asian food in the list is this popular Korean side dish made of vegetables and seasonings. Kombucha is a raw, fermented, probiotic, and naturally carbonated drink that has roots all the way back to the Qin dynasty of China.

I listed a few different types of fermented foods that contain the healthy bacteria that are good for your digestive system as well as your immune system.
Several types of Kombucha can be found in stores as well as other types of probiotic drinks.
Even the highest percentage ones still have less than half a percent of alcohol though, so you’d probably have to drink a case of them to get a buzz.
I’ve considered giving this a try but I’m SUPER weird about my foods getting contaminated with bacteria or mold.
These are a bit lighter and sweeter than the kombucha because they are fermented from coconut water rather than black tea. This is my site about all things Fermented Foods (Kombucha, Kefir, and Cultured Veggies) and health related.
What follows is a list of the top 9 probiotic foods that you can add to your diet for optimal health:1. This 2-Ingredient Pineapple Dole Whip Recipe Is To Die For What Happens When You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey In The Morning This 2-Minute Detox Drink Helps You Burn Fat And Fight Diabetes This Is A Must Read Before Ever Using Turmeric Again This Drink Destroys Your Bones And Harms Every Organ On Its Way Out 2-Ingredient Recipe to Detox Organs and Fight Inflammation FAST Eat 3 Dates Daily And These 6 Things Will Happen To Your Body! The Best Exercises Foar Getting Rid of That Unwanted Double Chin & Neck Fat Cut a Few Lemons and Place Them On The Bedside In Your Bedroom – Here’s Why! Followers claim it has a much more potent effect on the digestive system than any yogurt—I wouldn’t be surprised given the sorry state of most commercial yogurt.
Considered the best defense against Candida, beneficial yeasts clean, purify and strengthen the intestinal walls which also helps you resist pathogens such as salmonella and intestinal parasites. The least expensive option is to try to get extra grains from someone who’s already making kefir. Set this out at room temperature in a loosely covered glass container. Each day, for 5-7 days, strain the grains out and then place them in a fresh cup of milk. Start a new batch of kefir right away or store the grains in a cup of cows’ milk in the refrigerator. Use glass containers (canning jars work well) and stir with a wood or plastic spoon rather than metal. If you find yourself with extra grains, give them away to friends, eat them as extra probiotics, or just throw them away in your trash or compost. Recommend you store grains for no longer than a week before providing them with fresh milk.
Kefir grains thrive best when they are allowed to spend most of their time culturing on the counter.
And if you ask them about making coconut milk kefir instead, they caution you that it doesn’t work. Information on this website is provided as an educational resource only and aimed at creating healthy lifestyles and wellness.
This article details the probiotic foods that will help your digestive system, support your immune system, and promote overall health. These probiotic-enhanced milk products have undergone fermentation with bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus that is why it is also labeled sweet acidophilus milk. It is also traditionally an Asian soy product but if Tofu is from ancient China, tempeh originated in today’s Indonesia. So if you are to get your probiotics from fermented pickles make sure to avoid pasteurized and products preserved with sodium benzoate which is intended for prolonged shelf-life as these will kill the beneficial bacteria.
In an age where sugary, artificially-flavored beverages are linked to obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and depression, Capital Kombucha offers a better way.
Fermented foods such as sauerkraut and miso are great, but they aren’t your only option when it comes to getting your daily dose of probiotics. I remember one day my Mom stopped in to visit or bring me lunch, and she brought in one of the GT’s Kombucha drinks. I totally realize that is the point of Kombucha but I just don’t think I could trust my own recipe and be brave enough to drink it haha. They also don’t have the same bitter, slightly alcoholic taste that traditional kombucha tends to have so if you’ve tried kombucha and weren’t a fan, this is a great choice! YogurtYou have probably already seen the commercials touting the benefits of probiotic yogurt. What Happens When You Wash Your Face With Baking Soda And Coconut Oil Honey Wraps Gently Cures Cough And Removes Mucus In Just One Night!
Both the flavor and texture of homemade kefir is superior to any store-bought coconut milk kefir we’ve tried. Poor bacterial balance can cause blood sugar imbalances, sugar cravings, weight gain, poor immunity, low energy and digestive disturbances. When the batches of milk take on a slight fermented smell and thicken, your grains are ready. A few hours is fine, a whole day would not kill them but might slow them down for your next batch. They also have a lot of additives and those can work against you depending on your health situation.
These symbiotes need to have plenty of plant fibers and healthy non-inflammatory fats to maintain themselves once in your gut. But if you want a regular source of kefir then the grains are definitely the cost-effetive and nutritional way to go.
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Although it naturally has probiotic benefits, with added extra live cultures, soy milk can provide your digestive system the healthy bacteria to help maintain the natural balance of organisms in your intestines. Typically made with goat or sheep milk, but can also be made with cows’s milk, Feta is kept in brine and has probiotic benefits. It also contains organic acids, active enzymes, amino acids, and polyphenols which are produced by microbes. The process of making tempeh involves natural culturing and controlled fermentation that bind the soybeans into a cake form. Traditional method using sea salt and water will promote growth of beneficial bacteria that your body needs.
It is naturally carbonated and has a slightly bitter flavor but it doesn’t taste bad at all! I opened it and took a sip and I immediately accused her of giving me alcohol while I was at work! What you may not realize is that you don’t have to pay extra money for yogurt that is labeled probiotic. 5 Powerful Glute Exercises You Need To Be Doing 8 Sleeping Positions And Their Effects On HealthGET FREEUPDATESEnter your email below and click "Get Free Updates!" Email GET FREE UPDATES! After a few days you can make a whole quart from a tablespoon of kefir grains and I often mix the thicker coconut milk with thinner unsweetened almond milk. While I have never had my kefir tested for population of bacterial strains, I’ve seen coconut milk kefir help reinoculate the digestive tracts of severely imbalanced clients so I am assuming it comes close to the milk version and is still far more diverse than store-bought yogurt or probiotic supplements that are usually limited to just a couple of strains.
My favorite brand is Native Forest using BPA-free cans and with just one additive–guar gum, a soluble fiber (meaning it dissolves in water and, therefore, is usually changed by the probiotics living in our gut during our digestive process) from the guar bean, or Indian cluster bean, which grows primarily in India and Pakistan and has been extensively tested for its safety in people. Neither Marie Sternquist, nor any respective agents, employees, information providers, or content providers shall be liable to any user or anyone else for any use or misuse of the information, inaccuracy, error, omission, interruption, lack of timeliness, incompleteness, deletion, defect, failure of performance, computer virus, communication line failure, alteration of, or use of any content herein, regardless of cause, or for any damages resulting therefrom. Made using active and good bacteria, yogurt provides the digestive tract with a healthy amount of beneficial bacteria which fights pathogenic organisms that can make you sick. If you are thinking of getting your probiotics from Pizza cheeses, you will be disappointed. This fermented and sweetened tea which is also referred to as ‘mushroom’ is used as a functional food. This is the culture of bacteria, which is often referred to as the ‘mother’ or SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts).
Healthy kefir grains multiply; people who regularly make kefir often have extra grains to share with others.
I want to switch to coconut milk kefir and cant find anywhere on searches if coconut milk kefir has as many and as good quality probiotics as cows milk kefir. You are correct, fermentation specifically involves the sugar content–of which coconut has or should have some coconut sugars, 5 grams per cup of milk expressed from the coconut meat.
Yogurt’s live and active cultures break down lactose in milk, hence people who are lactose intolerant can take advantage of consuming yogurt and receiving its benefits without the side effects such as bloating, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.
The mozzarella cheeses used in pizzas are not fermented and do not have probiotic benefits.
7+ years ago, they didn’t regulate the trace alcohol content as closely as they do now, so my Mom had no idea. I usually pour my Kombucha into a glass because I am weirded out by that part LOL but you can drink it. I have a really irrational paranoia that I might accidentally poison myself if I try to make it. Otherwise, that link goes to a vendor that has the best price per can I’ve ever seen. In fact, the average bowl of miso soup can contain more than 150 different strains of bacteria.
I think she was a little mortified at first, but we read the fine print of the label and realized it wasn’t going to get me drunk. I swear though, after that first sip, I legitimately thought she had brought me a wine cooler by mistake. As a result of the fermentation process, sauerkraut is full of probiotics that aid digestion.4. KefirKefir is a fermented milk product that has more probiotics than yogurt due to the fact that it is fermented using more bacteria as well as yeast.5. A staple Korean condiment, kimchi has probiotics that have been shown to aid digestion as well as to combat the bad bacteria that causes stomach ulcers.6. It is a quick and easy way to drink your probiotics and has been around for more than 2,000 years.7.
MicroalgaeSold as dietary supplements, blue and green microalgae are a powerful probiotic that you can incorporate into your diet in a number of ways. PicklesSour pickles are a great source of probiotics, so long as they are naturally fermented. To ensure that your pickles are a good probiotic source, check the label to make sure that no vinegar was used in the pickling process (sea salt and water solutions are the best for the formation of probiotics).9. It is one of the few non-dairy probiotics that has been shown to have any major effect on digestive bacteria.Probiotics are a great addition to anyone’s diet, but they are even more beneficial for people who have struggled with digestive difficulties including diarrhea, gas, or stomach pain in the past.

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