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When taken daily, Align builds and maintains your digestive health with active probiotic bacteria that provides an ongoing natural defense against occasional episodes of digestive upsets.
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Probiotics are found in products ranging from yogurt and ice cream to snacks and supplements. To be sure, some regular foods contain healthy bacteria, from common yogurt to naturally fermented pickles.

Many medical experts believe that consuming healthy bacteria, called probiotics, improves the body's overall balance of good versus bad micro-organisms, boosting general health. But nutritionists warn that not all the probiotic-containing products found on store shelves provide the health benefits they claim. The recent boom in probiotic products reflects an effort to re-introduce bacteria believed to promote good health. Companies have sought to attract health-conscious consumers in recent years by putting probiotics in products as diverse as yogurt, juices, muffins and even pizza, as well as in dietary supplements. Probiotics are generally considered safe to eat, but scientists say people with immune deficiencies should consult their doctor first.

Last year, 231 new probiotic-containing products hit grocery and pharmacy shelves, up from just 34 in 2005, according to market-research firm Datamonitor PLC. Companies that sell products with added probiotics claim they offer a range of health benefits, from helping with digestion to boosting the immune system and preventing cavities.

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