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Also, by massaging this spot, you will remain protected against many diseases and keep your body running perfectly.
There are about 365 points and 12 major meridians hidden in the human body that can be stimulated for different reasons. This method enables many benefits for the organism, like increasing the energy, improving the metabolism, etc. This spot is known as Zu San Li, and if you massage it regularly, you will definitely slow down the aging process and boost your health.
Also, if you press feet on the ground, while seated on the floor, you can locate this point easily.

Among the many benefits this technique offers, this method can also: control the spinal cord and improve the reproductive health, heal your kidneys, glands, and digestion, support the adrenal glands performance, regulate the secretion of important hormones, such as adrenaline and hydrocortisone, and others. In addition, massaging the Zu San Li point provides relief from issues such as constipation, gastritis, urinary incontinence, impotence, hiccups. Massaging this point right before lunch will improve your memory, your cardiovascular and digestive system. If you do this after lunch, it will help get rid of headaches, insomnia, anxiety, stress and tension. Finally, if you massage this point on both legs, clockwise, in the evening, you will speed up the metabolism and lose weight easily. 7,000 Studies Have Confirmed That Turmeric Can Change Your Life- Use It in These 7 Incredible Ways!
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The legend says that the whole secret to remaining youthful lies in the stimulation of one body spot.

Acupressure is a form of natural healing of the body that involves massaging the body’s areas with different pressure.
To find it, place hands on knees (right on right, left on left) and touch the spot between your little and ring finger. If you massage the Zu San Li point clockwise in the morning, 8 days before the New Moon, this will improve your immunity and ameliorate each body organ performance. You can do massage with your fingers or even with grains like buckwheat, oats, rice, and the like, or garlic cloves.

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