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Today we are going to be sharing with you a potential solution to these issues – Wagglies Probiotics for Dogs.
While natural sources of probiotics can be more difficult to find, supplements like Wagglies make it easy for your dog to get the healthy bacteria they need.
Probiotics are the general term for strains of bacteria that are good for your health and digestive system.
Wagglies is a relatively new brand out of the UK that is dedicated to creating high quality and affordable pet products. You may have seen our review of their professional grade dog nail clippers from a few months back. Wagglies also includes prebiotics – which promote the growth of the these live probiotic ingredients for optimum results. Although none of our boys are currently experiencing any digestive issues, we have begun mixing Wagglies Probiotics into their meals to see if we note any difference in their overall health. As you can see, the supplement powder is VERY fine and can easily be mixed into your dogs food so as to be nearly invisible – especially if you add some water. Wagglies claims that it can take 30-45 days of regular use before seeing noted differences in your dogs health.
We will update this post after more time has passed to let you know how our dogs are feeling!
To put your mind at ease, Wagglies manufactures their probiotic in an FDA approved facility. The evidence that gut bacteria has a profound impact on overall health seems to pile up by the day.
Wagglies probiotics contain the same types of bacteria that are found in human supplements.
Paws crossed as I type this, but we dogs here never have any real issues with gas, or tummy stuff.
Although, there is no doubt that probiotics are indeed beneficial to humans and canines, the real question lies in the safety of giving human probiotics to dogs.
Although, probiotics are mostly species-specific, some natural probiotics can work for dogs as well as humans. Thus, probiotics for dogs are indeed helpful, but human probiotics may not be able to deliver the same effect on dogs. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In the neonates or the new-born, the probiotic content is almost non-existent,A  it is the mothers vaginal flora, and the probiotic content, that is passed on to the neonate during feeds and later solids, that contribute to the build-up of beneficial or probiotic bacteria in the physiological system, contributing to vital physiolological functions.
As many of the probiotics, are either in the spore form or in the live forms, there were concerns regarding the safety of probiotics. You may have heard all about the amazing powers of probiotics for humans – they help treat digestive issues like diarrhea and more — but are they good for your cat, too?
Think of your cat’s GI tract as a large city, with a population of bacteria citizens, and the probiotics are the cops, suggests Dr. You started off as an egg, so in order to calculate your true age, add the age your mother had you to your age now.
At (approximately) 27, your skeletal remains would be determined by their degeneration rather than their development.
You’re about 1cm shorter when you go to bed at night due to cartilage in your bones compressing during the day. Get the larger picture of the one below, close one eye and focus on the opposite letter (R for your left eye, L for right). Please note that uses cookies to improve your experience and to provide services and advertising. Do subscribe to my RSS feed (see column on the left) to be notified of all new updates from Probiotics for Health Blog, including posts about new resources, reporting of new findings, additional useful information and newly published medical papers, updates on latest news, important postings on probiotics and much more!New to RSS Feeds?

Jun 02, 2013Probiotic ProductsProbiotic Products are plenty, you will be spoiled for choice.
It was clear from our questionnaire that digestive issues are one of the most common health problems our dogs face.
These bacteria include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium which both help to move food through the digestive tract.
After seeing this quality firsthand we were excited when they told us about their latest product: Wagglies Probiotics for Dogs. While Harley and Charlie are not picky eaters, it is a good sign that it didn’t even give them pause before digging into their meals.
This is a huge advantage to other products that come in tablet or pill form that many dogs are quite adept at spitting out even when mixed inside a treat! This makes sense as the whole idea is to actively change the makeup and composition of the bacterial population inside their digestive tract. Furthermore, Wagglies probiotics come with a 45 day money back guarantee – so if you don’t see a noticeable improvement in your dogs health just contact them for a full refund! We are starting to accept this fact in our own lives with the prevelance of yogurts and supplements, so doesn’t it make sense that the same principles would apply to our dogs? Each bag lasts roughly 1-2 months per dog, and at under $30 this works out to less than a dollar a day. They assist in the function of the digestive system by keeping the intestinal tract healthy and disease free. As they cannot distinguish between what is fit to eat and what's not, they often devour anything that they find attractive. Events such as relocation, addition of a new pet or human to family, pregnancy, inclement weather, separation anxiety, etc., can cause stress in dogs. Apart from that, there are several other probiotic supplements which you can give your dog. The body, especially the lower gastrointestinal tract (the gut), contains a complex and diverse community of bacteria.
However the use of probiotics either as tablets, powders or food additives, did not produce any unwanted side-effects in either the young or the old. Chavez’s scenario, so there are fewer options for cats than there are for dogs and humans. Chavez suggests asking for probiotics for your cat specifically when he is prescribed antibiotics for his gut. If that fails, you keep activating new ones until the heart cells themselves kick in and start beating in an effort to keep you alive. Your body immersion could only be on for 30 minutes and you could still produce enough heat to boil over two litres of water. My own research and application of the Probiotics Supplement, Fermented Food Diet and Vitamins Protocol is specific to my own health condition. Whether they are manifested in constipation, diarrhea, gas or urinary issues, our pets could clearly benefit from improved digestive health. Keeping a proper ratio of gut bacteria is vital to optimum digestive as well as overall health. Besides, they may drink water from puddles or other unhygienic sources, which make them an easy target for infections. Meaning, the bacteria that reside in your intestinal tract are different from those residing in a dog's intestine. The bacteria citizens are good bacteria and are contributing to the community, making the society better. However, sometimes, the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines deplete due to some reason.

Similarly, exposure to toxins and chemicals may cause depletion of gut flora, which exposes them to the risk of microbial infections. Besides, food intolerance and allergies can also be taken care of with regular use of probiotics. You can choose any of these for your dog, but make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions on the pack for safety measures. Most probiotics are bacteria similar to the beneficial bacteria found naturally in the human gut. It is simply impossible to keep your dog away from all these hazards, hence you must take measures to prevent infections and illnesses. If your dog has been put on an antibiotic course as a part of the treatment, then your vet will most likely prescribe a probiotic supplement along with antibiotics.
What is the same across all species is that a population of bacteria in the GI tract is a given, as it is a perfect place for them to live.
In our example, this something bad can be a foreign object, the wrong meal, a sharp object, toy, hairball, or even a hunt of a bird or mouse that has bad bacteria on it. Probiotics can be supplemented externally both in humans as well as animals, to restore the microflora in intestine. However, one must be well informed regarding the safety and efficacy of human probiotics when using for dogs.
However, one must understand that yogurt that you choose for dog food must be plain and unsweetened. One must note that, although probiotics can prevent digestive problems, they cannot treat existing symptoms of indigestion such as vomiting, diarrhea, etc.
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