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Measure around the fullest part of the chest with your arms by your side and slightly apart. That being said, I would never go out of my way to make a car look intentionally weathered. I’m not talking about sanding down parts of the car past all the stickers and splashing piss on the bare metal or whatever it is that the cool kids do these days to get the rusted patina look. It’s the ultimate chicken-shit move because in the back of your mind you know that you can peel the vinyl off at any time and go back to having a normal truck instead of a Disneyland ride, but for some reason, you choose not to. This entry was posted in Barrett-Jackson, Site News, Tasteless Cars and tagged fake patina, faux patina, patina, patina vinyl wrap, patina wrap, rust, rust vinyl wrap, Toyota, tundra, vinyl wrap by Mike Ross.
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For some time now we have been producing signs reminiscent of subjects originating not only local but from Britain, Europe, Japan etc.
I gave them an A4 copy of the drawing done, and they printed it onto a tin sign, aging it to make it look old, and adding a background, as I requested. Once again an excellent sign done, and they are now hanging, pride of place in my reception area of our garage. I have been into their shop a number of times and marvelled at all the wonderful signs, especially the ones made by Mainly Nostalgic.
I supplied them with a photograph of my BMW convertible, and I wanted no changes made apart from the words ?My Toy? Will Coke dissolve a T-Bone steak in 2 days like the forwarded email my mother sent me says? My experiment started 2 days ago when I dropped a T-Bone steak into a bowl and covered it with Coke.
Here on the prairies, guys from the oil patch throw in a can of coke with their overalls to get’em clean. Try it with fresh pineapple juice – its a natural meat tenderizer…that might turn your steak into mush!

Sure, I may go to some pretty ridiculous lengths to make a car look shitty distinctive (i.e. It used to be that I would get upset when people took such great measures to make their cars look weathered. As cheesy as that is, at least it requires the owner of the car to suffer a little tiny bit. But I love it even more if it has a small block Chevy or Ford motor, a turbo, four wheel drive, is a hatchback, or was made in the 80s.
Over the years we have extended this interest into our personal involvement in classic cars and have fostered an interest in all things vintage & retro.
I first got a tin sign done of a stylised drawing that I had done for the signage on my garage in Lake Road. Since then I have had another sign done with a saying that I was told about some years ago. But he got a patch job and his clothes reeked of diesel, I actually got desperate enough to buy coke and try it. Those forwarding that silly little email forget that down south they marinate hams in coke or dr. A drab yellowish stain covers much of the interior sides, especially towards the front of the tub. If I go to look at a car I might buy, I don’t really pay attention to things like light surface rust or tarnish or any of that stuff. Sure, that look might be “in” right now, but what happens in five years when you get bored of driving a rusted little piece of shit and you really just want to sell it and get a street bike, bro? In fact, the vinyl is probably protecting the paint underneath and ironically, one day, in the distant future when every other Toyota truck is all rusted and clapped out, you can peel off your wrap and have the cleanest, most well preserved old truck on the road. In an mini A-Line fit and backless strap detail it just needs a pair of killer heels to complete the party look. While the stains didn’t completely go away, they are definitely less prominent, his pants actually look clean, and an added bonus is the coke somehow conquered the stench.

But I don’t wonder too long because then I might not drink it anymore and we don’t want that now do we? I do not want to resurface the tub as I have been told this really doesn't hold up for a tub with daily, constant usage.
So, even as much as I hate the look, I can respect the commitment, or at the very least, the lack of forethought involved. Or maybe it already did, and I've already posted about it in the future and the internet just needs to catch up with it. Call me old fashioned, but when it comes to applying fake rust to a car, I’ll take a foam brush from Home Depot over a Photoshop brush from Deviant Art any day of the fucking week. I just try to spray it down with Clorox clean-up or bleach water and rinse often and it does lighten it a little. Close the door (so pets & children will not get in it) go to work, bed or out for the day. The product Iron out can be obtained at most any Home supplie store like Lowes or home depot.
I just put the paste on and let it sit for about half an hour and then came and rinsed it off. Then I used some Aquafresh extreme clean toothpaste- with whitening action (just my toothpaste I use) as I was spreading the toothpaste I could see the stain completely disappearing. Left it on for 10 minutes or so, but don't think it was necessary to even leave sitting.

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