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Women LOVE long, beautiful nails, and nothing makes a woman feel more feminine than gorgeous, colourful talons that are equal parts stylish and sexy. But not all women’s nails are equal, and a large number want the look and feel of beautiful long nails, but cannot have them for a number of reasons. HEALTH HINT: To avoid cross-contamination between clients, we recommend using disposable MULTI FILES that allow you to easily and hygienically change buffs or files in the one accessory. The technician then uses a Nail Form, gently placing it underneath the client nails free edge. A base layer of Bio Sculpture’s multi-award winning BASE GEL is applied to the natural nail without using nasty primers or bonders that are common practice in other gel systems.
Bio Sculpture’s FREE EDGE GEL is then applied – a strong yet flexible gel formulation that is designed to look and behave like the natural nail.
If you would like to learn how to include gel extensions as part of your nail service, please register your interest by clicking the link below and one of our “Healthy Nail” experts will be in touch.
Below we have listed a few tips to help improve your salon business, and help you grow into the amazing, professional and healthy nail technician or salon you know your are!
The trend is clear – women are increasingly wanting products that are high quality, non toxic, nourishing, and ethically sourced.
By stocking products and brands that align with this ever increasing health trend, you are able to promote your business to attract new health conscious, and ethically-minded clients, and grow your business knowing you are offering your clients the best there is without the compromise. Bio Sculpture’s Treatment Gels are a industry leader in product health, being clinically proven to be safe, boasting the world’s only “5 Star Safety Rating” nail gel product. Match the menu style to your salon decor – keeping a consistent branding image shows professionalism. Offering new and exciting services will help you differentiate your business from other competing salons. On top of adding colour and french applications, why not focus on offering more advanced treatment options such as nail biter extensions, custom nail art, strengthening gel treatments, and natural-looking gel sculptures. Not only can you charge more for these bespoke nail services, but it will help you promote your salon as a professional and quality operation. Bio Sculpture offers a wide range of advanced workshops that are aimed to assist nail technicians in broadening their skill set and service offerings. Too often clients are left in the dark, unaware of the amazing at-home nail treatment products that are available to keep their nails in tip top condition in-between salon visits.
Properly training and educating your staff and clients on the benefits of at-home nail care will translate in increased retail sales as well as more satisfied clients. Email marketing is an effective way to reach your list of clients, and can allow you to personalise the marketing message based on your clients service history.
They are charging you less for a gel manicure than what they should be paying their staff in wages. OUR TIP is simple – find a trained and qualified nail technician, pay a bit more, and get the manicure your nails deserve! We recommend using high quality cuticle oil and cuticle conditioner to regularly nourish and moisturise your cuticles. Remember to treat your nails like you would any part of your body – with respect and care.
Despite increasing consumer awareness of the horrors of animal testing, and the subsequent demand for products that animal cruelty-free, a large number of reputable gel polish and nail care brands still have their gel and nail polish products tested on animals. At present, it is a legal requirement in China for all imported cosmetic products (including lipstick, nail products, toiletries, moisturisers etc …) to be tested on animals. China is not alone, with Thailand, Russia, Brazil, South Korea and many other countries still undertaking animal testing as a legal requirement.
Bio Sculpture and EVO Gel Polish products are not, have not, and will not be tested on animals. As consumers, it is crucial that you ask the right questions so that you are aware of the nail gel products you are using, and if they have been tested on animals. You can rest easy knowing that, with Bio Sculpture Gel, no animals were harmed in the making of your perfect gel polish manicure or pedicure. Health is Bio Sculpture’s #1 priority and is embedded in everything we do; from the high quality, clinically tested products we sell, to the training and support we provide to all our technicians worldwide.

Bio Sculpture is proud that all its products are “5 Free” Non-Toxic, which means that they do not contain potentially hazardous ingredients Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, as well as Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin.
Formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing compound) that is commonly used as a nail hardening agent and in nail polish products. Toluene is used commonly used in gasoline, paints, cleaning agents, and yes, is also used in some nail cosmetics products.
DBP, or dibutyl phthalate, is known to be added to some nail care products for flexibility. Animal studies have reported that DBP impacts foetal development in mammals.
Formaldehyde Resin, which is a derivative of formaldehyde, is a known allergen present in some nail care products.
Bio Sculpture is committed to continue to lead the way in healthy nail care, which is why all Bio Sculpture Gel and Polish products are free of formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and other nasty chemicals. Remember to always purchase products from a reputable brand, and always ask questions about what ingredients your professional products contain. Bio Sculpture has also launched its new gel polish range, EVO Gel – a revolutionary new brush-on gel product that boasts a world first Oxygenating Gel Technology with a “medical grade” formulation. Bio Sculpture is proud to introduce our latest colours launch, the Romantic Gothic Collection. Due to popular demand, we have put together a step-by-step on how to create gorgeous ombre nail art designs using Bio Sculpture Gel. For the feature nail (ring finger) apply  174 Samba Your Socks Off to the cuticle area. Do not cure yet. Use the # 4 Flat or #6 Round Brush to blend the Colour Gel down the nail towards the free edge. Apply a thin layer of  104 Sweet Melon Fluo Colour Gel to the free edge to achieve a brighter colour intensity. Using the Nail Art Brush or Upper Arch Brush and  2017 Licorice Colour Gel, draw the ‘honey comb’ pattern. Place smaller dots of Gloss Gel on coloured parts of “honeycomb”, using a Dotting Tool or the tip of an Upper Arch Brush. Too often we hear stories of poorly trained nail technicians who practice questionable hygiene practices, damaging removal techniques, and use cheap gel products with unknown or untested ingredients.
Regular nail training and education is an essential part of being a nail care professional. At Bio Sculpture, we pride ourselves in sharing our knowledge and passion of healthy nail care practices with each and every Bio Sculpture Nail Therapist for over 20 years. Our high standards and comprehensive nail training courses have produced award-winning nail technicians worldwide, and sets the industry benchmark in producing professional, quality and safe nail technicians.
This course is for novices to the nail industry, and requires no prior industry experience or training. Bio Sculpture offers a range of introductory and advanced gel courses taught in an intimate setting. Simply register your interest on our website, and one of our Bio Sculpture customer service representatives will be in contact with you. Even though Bio Sculpture is the only 5 Star Safety Rated gel system in the market today, a little extra TLC can help keep your nails looking beautiful and healthy. This will likely cause the gel to be forcefully removed from the natural nail, bringing with it layers of nail and ultimately resulting in weakened or damaged nails. Whether working in the garden or doing some cleaning around the house, simply wearing gloves can protect your nails from dehydrating detergents and harmful bleaches, resulting in longer lasting wear and shine. Regularly apply Bio Sculpture’s High Gloss Top Coat, which has been specially formulated with a sun filter that protects the Gel from UV light exposure and will keep your talons looking shiny. Nails grow quick, and after only a week or two you will begin to notice some signifiant regrowth. A Bio Sculpture manicure and pedicure spa treatment is a great way of getting moisture back into your nails, hands and feet.
Whether they require short nails for work, have nails that break easily, or have a nail-biting problem, the idea of long nails seems like an unobtainable dream for some. Utilising its 5 Star Safety Rated Gel system, Bio Sculpture has taught thousands of technicians in the art of gel extensions, allowing them to offer all women a chance to have beautiful and natural looking long nails.
This Nail Form helps support the gel extension application, as well as guides the technician to allow for a perfectly symmetrical application.

Whilst our main focus is keeping nails healthy and beautiful, we also care about our salons and nail technicians BUSINESS health.
One of the first points of contact with potential customers, your menu is a reflection your business.
New and advanced services will also keep your clients engaged and excited with the increased variety and complexity of choices. Whether you are stressed out at work or at home, nail biting can be one of those unconscious and unwanted habits we keep doing. If you are a biter, simply get in contact with a properly trained and qualified nail technician, who will be able to provide you with a treatment plan and support to transform your hacked nails into glorious talons. If you are gardening or scrubbing dishes, then wear appropriate gloves to keep out dirt germs and moisture. A total of 300,000 animals are used in China for product testing each year, and the poor animals are usually anaesthetised and killed after the tests have been completed. Bio Sculpture is cruelty-free, which means that the development and sale of our nail gel products do not involve the experimentation of animals.
There is a lot of discussion surrounding acceptable limits of formaldehyde in cosmetic products, and there is still a big unknown as to the long terms effects of formaldehyde may have on people with significant or extended exposure to it.
Toluene toxicity is known to impact the bodies’ central nervous system, with acute or chronic exposures leading to symptoms such as fatigue, sleepiness, headaches, nausea, and in the worst cases, CNS depression and death.
Given nail technicians are working with nail care products all day, every day, we felt that this is one ingredient our Bio Sculpture technicians could do without! Bio Sculpture Gel’s are is known industry-wide for how gentle they are to both customer and nail technician, which is why Bio sculpture products do not contain known allergens such as formaldehyde resin.
The Bio Sculpture Gel system has been award a “5 Star Safety Rating” for tolerance and efficacy after undergoing independent clinical trials, ensuring both clients and technicians are using only safe and high quality gel products.
A flower begins its life as a tight bud that opens into a lush bloom, eventually collapsing back into itself. The nail gel courses are designed around the Bio Sculpture Gel system, and focus on teaching how to apply healthy, beautiful nail gel services. Removal should be done by a qualified Bio Sculpture therapist who has been trained on how to safety remove your gel nails without causing any damage. After about 1 week, easily remove the High Gloss Top Coat with Bio Sculpture’s Polish Remover and reapply a shiny new High Gloss Top Coat layer.
Inspired by nature, Bio Sculpture’s Luxury Spa Range products are infused with heavenly aromatics and nourishing essential oils such as rose geranium, ylang ylang, lavender, mint mask and jojoba, that help keep your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. If it is old, outdated or uninviting with incoherent or lazy descriptions, potential new clients will be turned off and look elsewhere. These may include free spa treatment with gel manicure services, discount on selected retail products, or even a treatment upgrade. Neglect your cuticles, and you are likely to experience a decline in your overall nail health.
Some (usually cheap) nail treatments contain a cocktail of nasty ingredients that should be avoided. Yet, there seems to be a horrible reality that still exists today: Cosmetic product testing on animals.
Bio Sculpture has decided that it is best to leave it out of our customers and technicians daily lives! The colours from the Romantic Gothic Collection are inspired by this cycle of birth, beauty and growth.
Alternatively, enquire about our DIY removal and home care kits from a Bio Sculpture Salon near you, which contains everything you need to safety remove your Bio Sculpture Gel and keep your nails healthy. Removal is an important part of nail health and safety, and should be done by a qualified Bio Sculpture therapist who can safely remove the gel or polish without damaging the natural nail plate. These include formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), Toluene (impacts the central nervous system) and DBP (impacts foetal development).

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