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Probiotics are a popular supplement for gut health, but prebiotics can be just as beneficial.
To support good gut health, it's become popular to supplement with probiotics, which are microorganisms in your gut which aid digestion and offer other health benefits. Prebiotics and probiotics both help improve the microbial landscape in your gut, but via different mechanisms. In order to be considered a prebiotic, the fiber needs to be resistant to human digestion; you want to use prebiotics to feed the bacteria in your gut rather than fuel your own energy needs.
Finally, a prebiotic should selectively stimulate the growth of good bacteria in your gut which contribute to your health, not to bad bacteria that, for instance, turn carnitine in meat or choline in eggs into potentially toxic substrates.
Dosing of inulin varies for therapeutic reasons, ranging from 10 g per day for lowering triglycerides to upward of 40 g per day for relieving constipation. One other important point to note is that we often associate fiber in general with satiety and increased feelings of fullness. The concept of prebiotics is young in the world of nutrition and sciencea€”less than 20 years olda€”and the exact optimal dose of prebiotic fibers has yet to be completely fleshed out, but we do know that inulin preferentially feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Up until this time, the only sauerkraut I had ever seen came from a metal can and the slimy sight and rank smell of it was enough to make me gag. After staring at the jar of fresh kraut in the fridge for about a week, I finally put my big girl panties on and decided to give it a shot.
Turns out fermented foods are chock full of the beneficial bacteria our bodies need to thrive. When I felt I had sufficient knowledge about the process of making sauerkraut, it was time to try it out. I chopped cabbage (which took FOR-ever), salted it, massaged it (and strained muscles I didn’t even know I had!), placed it in a half gallon canning jar, weighed it down as best I could, covered the jar and waited for the magic to happen.
I struggled to find a way to keep the kraut properly submerged and I ended up with a stinking, slimy mess. Attempt #2 was a success, but I ended up with a half gallon of kraut, only to realize the rest of the family would not touch the stuff.
After wasting so much time, effort and food, I was beginning to become discouraged and I gave home fermenting a rest for the remainder of the year. Then this spring, as grilling season approached and I was mourning the thought of a summer with no fresh kraut for my burgers and brats, I decided to give DIY fermenting another go. Reading recipes for big batches of kraut and pickles had left me feeling nervous and overwhelmed. Making small batches was the perfect solution for me – it allowed me to try out recipes and learn the fermenting techniques with minimal time, effort and money. As I thought back on my fermenting failures of the past, it seemed to me that failing to find the perfect fermenting container and equipment was my real issue. My friends used the Mason jar method and highly recommended it to me, but I had great difficultly figuring out an effective way to keep the food completely submerged. This past spring, The Pickle Pipe by Masontops kept popping up on my Facebook news feed, which promised to make fermenting foods virtually fool proof.
Use Real Salt or sea salt for best results (iodized salt or salt with any anti-caking agents are not recommended). Vegetables that are left in larger pieces (chopped or whole) will typically take longer to ferment than vegetables that are sliced or grated. Using these rough guidelines, I felt ready to start working on my own fermented kitchen creations. Note from Katie: My dear friend Wardee teaches fermentation to thousands, and she has a Fermentation Formulas Cheat Sheet that she gives away totally free!
Come to think of it, Lori will probably be upset with me that I didn’t send this her way when she started this project…oops!
Armed with my ingredients (a medium sized cabbage and some kosher salt), fermenting equipment (wide mouth canning jars, rings, wooden packing tool and fermenting tops) and a mandolin slicer, I rolled up my sleeves, took a deep breath and prepared myself for the hard work of making sauerkraut.
I massaged and kneaded the cabbage for about 2-3 minutes, until there was a good amount of brine in the bowl. After that, I set the Pickle Pebble on top of the cabbage (the Pickle Pebbles work perfectly in a wide mouth pint or pint-and-a half jar), put the Pickle Pipe on top with a canning ring and I was DONE!
I had a little cabbage left over, so I filled a wide mouth pint jar with the remaining kraut, packed it down, set a Pickle Pebble on it, poured water in the airlock and screwed on the Fermentation Creation airlock top. True confession – I was so giddy about how EASY it was to make the sauerkraut that I scoured my fridge and garden, looking for anything else I could ferment right then and there! Using the basic guidelines from Culture for Health of 1-3 tablespoons of salt per quart of brine, I dived into the wonderful world of fermented vegetables. After a quick trip out to my garden, I found cucumbers, carrots, radishes, garlic and dill to use in my ferments.
Every day, I checked my ferments for scum (which, to be honest, I never really saw) and to taste the vegetables.
In the spirit of true disclosure, I did have one fermenting fail when I was trying my Small Batch Fermenting experiment.
I’m not sure if that caused the failure or if it was the fact that I left it unattended for 2-3 days during a stretch of hot weather while we were on a short vacation, but by the time we got back, the radishes had been fermenting for 5 days and there was bright green mold floating in the brine. As for my other fermented vegetables, I found I liked the flavor and texture of the sauerkraut at about 12 days, and the carrots and cucumbers were perfect at 7 days. As my vegetable garden is coming into full bloom, I’m chomping at the bit to make more fermented veggies. Small Batch Fermenting with the proper equipment has filled me with so much confidence and enthusiasm. Facebook0 Twitter5 Google+2 Pinterest467474 Click here for my disclaimer and advertising disclosure - affiliate links in this post will earn commission based on sales, but it doesn't change your price. Cottage Cheese is a great snack and can be enjoyed morning, afternoon and evening without much problem. There is a reason that people still eat venison…it has a lot of iron and protein but very little fat. Of the five foods that help build muscle listed here, olive oil is the one that people tend to overlook the most. Whether you eat it when you have a sweet tooth or put it in a smoothie, yogurt has plenty to offer for building muscles. Remember that when you are building muscle you need to make sure you stay hydrated and give your body a good combination of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. About Latest Posts IrinaIrina is mom of 2, blogger, social media addict, lover of New York, wine and hot wings. After an intense exercise session, you must fuel your body to replenish the depleted glycogen stores and help your body rebuild and strengthen its muscles. This is one refreshingly cool and chocolaty treat that not just tastes amazing, it’s also bursting with health.
Red beets are an incredible source of vitamins and minerals: beta-carotene, beta-cyanine, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron are, but a few of them.
Figs contain numerous beneficial nutrients, including phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins A, B1, and B2, and minerals like calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, chlorine and manganese.

Flavoured with vanilla and blended with Greek yogurt, this smoothie is rich in protein and calcium, both of which aid muscle and bone growth. Cool yourself down after a sweaty workout session with this exhilarating fruit cocktail that blends together pink grapefruit juice and passion fruit puree with dark rum. A popular citrus fruit, the grapefruit is a marvellous source of nutrients like vitamins A, C, folate, fibre, choline, limonins and lycopene.
Passion fruits have high levels of Vitamin A and flavonoid antioxidants such as ?-carotene and cryptoxanthin-?. Other than Vitamin C, red raspberries have powerful antioxidants like quercetin and gallic acid which protect against cancer, heart disease and age-related decline. This one feels more like a dessert than a drink, as the cashew butter adds a rich creamy taste. Get everything you need to know about how the prebiotic inulin can help your good gut bacteria! We assume that the foods we eat are directly broken down into their nutritional componentsa€”protein, carbohydrates, and fatsa€”and then digested and shuttled throughout the body based on predictable hormonal responses. Some gut bacteria may be involved in heart complications and metabolic disorders, poor mental health, and even smoking cessation weight gain.
Despite not really knowing the best strand or optimal dose of probiotics, it's become commonplace to take billions of active probiotic cultures in an effort to optimize gut bacteria. A prebiotic is a specialized plant fiber which nourishes the good bacteria, acting as a kind of fertilizer to promote the growth of such bacteria in the gut.
One of the most popular prebiotic fibers, which we'll look at in more detail here, is the long-chain prebiotic inulin, not to be confused with insulin. Over the long term, these bacteria fortify your immune system, support a healthy inflammation response, and work to ensure maximum nutrient absorption. Xylo-oligosaccharide (XOS) in combination with inulin modulates both the intestinal environment and immune status in healthy subjects, while XOS alone only shows prebiotic properties.
Gut Fermentation Products of Inulin-type Fructans Modulate the Expression of Xenobiotic-metabolising Enzymes in Human Colonic Tumour Cells. The fermentable fibre inulin increases postprandial serum short-chain fatty acids and reduces free-fatty acids and ghrelin in healthy subjects. Effects of short-chain fructooligosaccharides on satiety responses in healthy men and women.
High dietary intake of prebiotic inulin-type fructans in the prehistoric Chihuahuan Desert.
Microbiota benefits after inulin and partially hydrolized guar gum supplementation: a randomized clinical trial in constipated women. Inulin modifies the bifidobacteria population, fecal lactate concentration, and fecal pH but does not influence iron absorption in women with low iron status. Insight into the prebiotic concept: lessons from an exploratory, double blind intervention study with inulin-type fructans in obese women. Inulin-enriched pasta improves intestinal permeability and modifies the circulating levels of zonulin and glucagon-like peptide 2 in healthy young volunteers.
Prebiotics Enhance Magnesium Absorption and Inulin-based Fibers Exert Chronic Effects on Calcium Utilization in a Postmenopausal Rodent Model.
I reluctantly agreed and placed it in my fridge until I could work up the courage to open the jar.
I tentatively took a tiny bite, standing next to my sink, fully expecting to spit it out… and instead, fell in love.
When it was gone, I looked at the jar in despair and I decided I needed to learn how to make my own fermented foods! Ha!), which sounds gross, but actually fermented foods (like sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, kimchi, pickles etc.) are really, REALLY good for your health.
This time, however, I decided to scale back the whole operation, since the rest of my family is not so excited about my fermented kitchen experiments! Instead of following recipes that called for several head of cabbage or pounds upon pounds of cucumbers, I realized I could make small amounts just for me.
Losing one small mason jar of food is easier to swallow than having to throw out gallons of an experiment gone bad!
I was intrigued and mentioned to Katie that I would love to try it out and see if it helped me overcome my fermenting issues.
As a former art student and teacher, I cling firmly to the concept that form and function must go together. My only complaint about the Fermentation Creation set is that it does not come with weights to submerge the food, so you are left to figure that out on your own.
In the past, when ever I have had questions about yogurt or milk kefir, I went over to the Cultures for Health website, which is full of great information, tutorials, recipes and just about everything related to cultured and fermented foods.
I loved how basic, flexible and forgiving the recipes on Cultures for Health were – the variations were endless!
I simply cut enough vegetables to fit in the container and mixed up a batch of brine, stirring until the salt dissolved in the water (1-3 tbsp of salt for each quart of water). I had run out of Pickle Pipes and Pickle Pebbles by the time I got around to radishes (I started them a few days after the cabbage, cukes and carrots), so I used a coffee filter to cover the jar and a small mason jar filled with water to weigh down the vegetables. I’m guessing this time frame varies greatly depending on room temperature, freshness of the produce, and personal preference, so it really IS important to sample the ferments every day or so.
While most people looked scared to try them and politely declined, my adventurous nieces stepped forward.
It has plenty of protein including casein—a special type that you can think of as a sort of “time release” protein.
In fact, some people actually add lard to their ground venison to make it the same texture as ground beef. It does offer protein, calcium, and vitamin D, but the right kind of yogurt also has probiotics.
On this blog she's passionate to write about natural health and beauty, healthy foods that do not have a ton of ingredients. Here are 8 refreshing recovery drinks loaded with superfoods; the nutrient rich foods that are especially beneficial to your health and well-being.
You can also make them before your exercise routine and keep them in the fridge, so they are chilled and ready anytime you want them. These are the good microorganisms that keep your digestive tract healthy while strengthening the immune system. Raw red beets and strawberries are what gives that attractive red colour while almond milk, dates, cocoa and agave nectar add up to make this a really healthy drink.
The superfood Chia seeds are one of the best sources of Omega fatty acids, the powerful antioxidants which are believed to slow down aging and encourage tissue regeneration. This means they dissolve easily in water and will not give that gritty feel on the tongue like some of the other seeds, when blended into a drink. Apples contain a wealth of antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fibre that can help reduce the risk of developing many diseases like cancer and heart disease. A great way to enhance the health benefits of this drink is to add an additional superfood like Aloe Vera.

Pineapple is a refreshing addition to any summer drink; it is an unusually high source of vitamin C, even higher than in oranges. Rum is said to be beneficial in alleviating arthritis as it aids in increasing the mineral density of bones. What could be more delicious and refreshing than this Raspberry Mango Iced Tea made with mango nectar and fresh raspberries?
The high ellagic acid content in raspberries gives it chemopreventative properties; regular consumption of raspberries can help inhibit, delay, or reverse carcinogenesis.
This healthy vegan summer drink uses superfoods like soy milk, strawberries and watermelon. This makes it a much better choice than dairy milk that has high saturated fat and cholesterol content.
It contains a lot of essential amino acids and is loaded with phosphorus, copper, iron and magnesium.
Readers should consult the appropriate health professional on any matter related to your health, injury, pain, fitness, well-being, etc. We often forget about the five pounds of living bacteria we carry around in our intestines which work for or against us in nutrient processing and metabolism. Fructooligosaccharides make up another class of prebiotic fibers that is gaining in popularity.
Once they pass through your small intestine undigested, they need to be able to be used by the bacteria in your large intestine.
Inulin's role is to selectively grow the good bacteria in your gut for better immune health and nutrient processing. As careful as I was, inevitably a few radishes slices would bob up and slip between the two jars.
My 9 year old niece loved the carrots, and my 3 year old niece and I had to fight over the cucumbers! I would recommend either one of them, but will admit I have soft spot for the beauty and simplicity of the Pickle Pipe. This is great for the body because it doesn’t get hit with everything all at once and can easily process it while you sleep.
If you don’t like black beans on their own, try adding them to a salad, soup, or chili. One of the best things about venison is that it has its own hearty flavor, but does well when combined with just about any kind of vegetable. Balance is the key in diet as well as exercise if you truly want to build muscle that will last.
And whenever she reads about a food, idea or recipe or hears about it from her friends that makes sense to her and inspires her, she will share it! These will give you the much needed glucose replenishment, while quickly restoring the electrolytes levels to normal.
Banana is considered a superfood as it’s filled with many nutrients like fibre, potassium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Agave nectar is said to be a healthier choice than sugar as it has a relatively low glycemic index value. The insoluble fibre aids bowel movements and the soluble fibre helps slow digestion while stabilizing and lowering blood sugar levels. Chia seeds expand when they absorb liquid, so they naturally thicken any drink they are added to.
When making this drink, add English green tea bags to hot water and allow steeping for five minutes. Green tea has less caffeine than coffee, but its caffeine content works synergistically with the amino acid L-theanine to improve brain function. It is wiser to use an unsweetened version of soy milk for your smoothies, as there will be natural sweetness in the other ingredients like the strawberries. Soy milk has powerful phyto-antioxidants as well as both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which protect blood vessels from lesions and haemorrhages.
Fructooligosaccharides differ from inulin in chain length; fructooligosaccharides are shorter-chain, faster-digesting prebiotics. It seems silly that a fermenting set could be both these things… but it’s true!
In addition, you can eat cottage cheese with just about anything and it is incredibly tasty. Decreasing the sodium intake, while increasing the potassium intake, is an important dietary change for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Almond butter, raw honey, frozen bananas and cocoa are the other superfoods in this refreshing summer drink. This one is great choice for diabetics too, since Chia seeds slow down the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestine. It is better to use the thick gooey natural stuff, though you can also use Aloe Vera water.
Add the mango nectar and honey to this after the tea has cooled and then refrigerate for at least an hour.
The phytoestrogen content in soy helps prevent the loss of bone mass in your body accelerating the calcium absorption.
Here are five foods that help build muscle, while still making sure that these other needs are addressed as well. Most people enjoy black beans though and it is a great source of all the things you need for muscle. As you are building muscles, it is important to account for the side effects that can occur as well. You can grind Chia seeds into a paste and store them, so that it can be easily added to any drink. A little goes a long way, so use just a spoonful of the thick stuff, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.
If you can reduce your muscle pain by adding olive oil to your salad instead of taking a pill, your body will appreciate it. It is rich in amino acids that are the building blocks for muscle tissue repair and regeneration.
I don't want to call it a style blog, It's a collection of things that I love: Health & healthy eating, Fashion, Tech, nature, Travel and moments of my life. Greek yogurt is also rich in Iodine, which is needed for proper thyroid functioning and ultimately a healthy metabolism. Sometimes building muscle with food is done in a very indirect manner, and olive oil is a perfect example.

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