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Enzymes are the foundational aspect of all chemical and metabolic reactions that take place in our cells. You would poor some tap water in a glass, add some sugar and start stirring it until the sugar is dissolved. Part of the definition of a catalyst is that it does not react chemically with what you are trying to accomplish. It is estimated that the human body performs billions of chemical reactions every second of every day.
But, just like our alphabet with only 26 letters that we can derive millions if not billions of different words simply by mixing up the letters. When it comes to fat cells, we use those for lubricating joints, they are used as one of the main components for all of our hormones, we use fats to transport minerals around the body, they are used in the production of nerve cells, your skin loves fats, etc. Vitamins, you could call a vitamin an enzyme, depending on what is the function of that particular vitamin.
Regarding the Minerals, can we just go outside and eat a bowl full of sand to collect the minerals needed in our bodies? The plant kingdom is able to attach enzymes to the inorganic rock minerals the plants collect from the earths soil to make those minerals alive, or organic and useful to the human body. Not only are these type minerals unless to the body these minerals cost the body in nutrients to eliminate them from our bodies (which is the definition of a toxin). In order for the cell to take the mineral and use it for whatever it’s going to use it for, maybe to help convert glucose into energy, or to help make a new cell as cells are not just made from the above mentioned protein or fat. They are so small they are lighter in weight then water molecules and that’s why they float. After you were done analyzing all those ingredients in the bucket, and then threw the water back in the bucket would we have a human body?
A cell cannot make energy for us to think, for muscles to contract, for an eye to blink, to digest food, etc, etc that’s all referred to as energy which comes to us via glucose.
It is worth mentioning that the body also needs certain minerals and certain vitamins to help with the conversion of glucose into energy. If you pick a fruit or veggie and its not ripe (assuming the ground it was grown in was semi fertile) and you set it on your counter or even better placed it in a brown paper bag it will ripen.
If you take a bean, plant it in the ground, add some water and in a few days you will have a bean sprout. This because enzymes take the potential of the nutritional content, develop it and convert it to increase its nutritional content. Plant enzymes that are found in our fruits,veggies, seeds and nuts and believe it or not any foods including raw meats. If you were to analyze raw foods (including meats) they all contain the enzymes they need to break down and utilize that particular type of food. The empirical trained Doctors and dietitians will say wait a minute, we are born with enzymes so it does not matter what we do to the food! If we spent our money on Monday to live we must earn some more money if we are to live on Tuesday. Years later you realize that at this rate of spending you will be out of money by the time you are 60 but you will likely live to age 76. The last five years they often do not have their minds, prior to that their body is really suffering some major discomforts and on top of that they are often doped up on meds just to get through. The body itself says I am capable of taking you well beyond 76 years and I can do so while keeping you in health if, you take care of me. All the vitamins, fats, proteins, minerals are present (even if they are borrowed from other areas of the body as most are) but the enzymes are not there so the body says, thanks everyone but its not enough, all I can do is the best I can with what I have. It takes time to notice, if you cultured your cell when you were 5 years old with your perfect skin, white eyes, no coated tongue, no body Oder and the energy of a cheetah. Go out and analyze the typical American diet with its fried foods, hamburgers, etc and compare that to raw fruits and veggies what is the only thing that is missing? Anytime we disturb the natural occurrences of nutrients by adding heat or whatever to the food we destroy that foods potential. Oxygen kills enzymes, if you take a bite of a apple and leave it cooked food on the counter it will start to turn brown, that is oxygen combining with the enzymes, its called oxygenation and it’s a killer of enzymes.
In preparing cooked foods we are either going to freeze them, which kills about 15% of the enzymes (which is not that bad).
So if you think about enzymes and the genius contained therein, and then for us to think we know better then nature, thinking we can bend and twist the rules all for the sake of convenience.
If you choose health this will not happen over night, you will not be 21 again tomorrow, it is a process.
Toxins are foreign to our filters and our filters do poorly at ridding the body of these toxins. That type product produces a environment in the bowel (makes moisture) that is conducive so that a constipated person can eliminate. If you’re interested in doing any of the cleanses offered by Ejuva simply click the images below! About Latest Posts Follow Me!Justin StellmanJust a guy who's curious about how the world works, how to live long healthy & disease free. For some people when going gluten free it seems like their whole world has been shrunk and they are missing out on so many different types of food. The reason gluten and dairy go hand in hand is because of what happens inside your digestive system at a cellular level. The first place to get damaged in your gut is these hair-like villi where lactase is produced. So sometimes you have to take the plunge and if you are sick of feeling the way you feel, than maybe it is time to try the next step. Just imagine how great you could feel if you were actually eating foods that were right for YOU? In the online gym you will learn what foods are right for you, you will have the tools on how you can fine tune your diet and get results that last.
Sampling, inspecting, and testing of your well can be conducted through our program or we can refer you to a certified laboratory in your area.
Although private drinking water is not regulated by the State of Oregon, ORS 448.271 requires that real estate with a private well be tested for Coliform and Nitrates prior to the sale of property. Within the biliary system, there are organs that form part with it namely: gallbladder, pancreas and liver. Gallstones do exist when there is an excess, there is too much of either the cholesterol or bilirubin.
The usual thing that happens to people with gallstones is that they will have smaller stones. With regard to symptoms of gallbladder stones, most often than not stones found within the gallbladder pose no problem at all. If the movement of the stones will lead to having blockage to any ducts which connect the pancreas, liver, or gallbladder to the intestine, there might be severe complication that may occur. Those who are at risk of having gallbladder stones are the Native Americans, Hispanics, as well as Caucasians who do have European blood in them.
As for women, middle-aged and overweight are at risk while men who are elderly will experience having serious complications of this medical condition.
Also, for those women who are pregnant, into estrogen or hormone therapy, or taking in contraceptive pills, they are at risk of having gallbladder stones.

There are other substances within the bile that lead to the formation of gallbladder stones. People who do have blood or liver disease do have a much higher level of bilirubin which leads to the formation of pigment stones. Bottom line, if gallstone disease is left untreated there is a much higher possibility of having the life of the patient on the line. If you add a catalyst to that process, you will be able to dissolve the sugar much faster and more efficiently.
If you analyzed that powder you would find minerals, you would find proteins, you’ll find vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. Lets say our body is going to build a new heart cell, or kidney cell, or we’re going to repair a cell, it takes a chain of amino acids in the correct order aka proteins to accomplish this. Amino acids can also be mixed up just The human body like letters to ensure the human body receives the right protein. All of those fats are of no value to us; they cannot be formed or utilized by the human body without the presence of enzymes. Humans, or any animal in the animal kingdom are incapable of attaching enzymes to dead foods or water. Cells are also made of minerals and in order for all of this to happen or be orchestrated it requires enzymes. If I had my choice of what type of mineral content I’d use in my body, I would choose a mineral that already has an attached enzyme. So when we drink these minerals they are at such a low molecular weight they will absorb into our bloodstream.
They are unique in that they are not derived from rocks, but nonetheless they are inorganic and such they are useless to the human body. Glucose comes from the carbohydrates that we consume such as fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.
If you were to measure the protein content in the bean, compared that to the protein content after the bean sprouted you would find anywhere from 200 to 500% (depending on the type of bean) more protein in the sprouted bean.
This information tells the cell, this is what you are, this is how you’ll function and this is what you will look like. Throw in the toxins that we accumulate during our lifetime which interferes with the communication between the cells. Then cultured a cell from the same person sixty years later you will notice large differences in the two cells. The typical cooked diet adds things called toxins, but what is the only thing a cooked diet is missing?
Micros destroys 92% of the enzymes and then throw in the fact that the food was likely frozen before it was placed in the micro thus insuring you will have no enzymes left. Just as it took many generations for your cells to become broken down it will also take several generations to regain health. All of our bodies are already doing too much with too little so storing is the cheapest way out. Do not believe in the 20.00 bottles that say cleanse on them, they are literally herbal laxatives. That is not a cleanse even though they stole the word cleanse and placed it on their label. I'm also fascinated by ancient civilizations, spirituality, uncovering mysteries and everything in between! I do agree with this to a point, however what foods are you actually missing out on and are those foods doing anything for your health? For the person with this mindset, to suddenly tell them they need to cut out dairy is just too much for them.
If you are eating foods that you are intolerant to, they cause damage to your digestive system over time.
So your body is no longer able to break down the lactose in dairy, this is why if you have a gluten intolerance you more than likely have a dairy intolerance also. It is one of the quickest healing areas on our body, however you can’t improve it if you keep throwing damaging foods and chemicals at it.
Some communities offer free screenings, through extension services, called "Test Your Well" events.
It is an organ, small saclike one which is located within the upper right portion of a person’s abdomen.
What this system does is it produces two important things needed in digestion: digestive enzymes and bile. When there is blockage it can lead to having digestive enzymes or the bile be trapped within the duct. In the US, approximately 20% of adults living in the US may in their lifetime have gallstones. What makes that statement both profound and sad is that it is enzymes that have everything to do with not only health, but life in general. Further, why are we not being taught how to ensure enzyme integrity to preserve our health? The heat does not change anything chemically, it just speeds up what’s going to happen.
All of those reactions are not funded by, but rather are lubricated by, promoted by, encouraged by, made more efficient by, enzymes. Oil, think of oil as the enzymes for the engine, as without oil, the engine will run, but not too far, nor will the engine last too long. Enzymes are what allow us to manipulate the amino acids into the the correct order to make the necessary repairs to the human body. It is the enzymes that allow us to make or accept the amino acids in the proper or needed formulation.
When we consume inorganic minerals such as the ones found in spring water they are of no use to us, in fact, they cannot even make it through our intestinal lining. It takes these enzymes to utilize a mineral and inorganic minerals from sand or spring water do not contain any enzymes. As our body is already deficient in enzymes and now we are requiring our body to waste more enzymes to bring these rock minerals to life.
Likewise, when a body dies, it begins to decompose, that’s because the body no longer has any enzymes.
They help with everything from digestion, to brain function, they make our heart beat, they assist in the conversion of carbs into energy, all the billions of metabolic functions are done by these type of enzymes.
Your first choice is to do just that, just keep going until you run out( which means death when dealing with enzymes). Or, you can get a job, invest your money wisely, and have a never ending supply of money while living high on the hog (health).
So your body goes to work to make that new cell look just like the blue print (the old healthy cell).
We end up with cells that are slightly different from that very first perfect cell most of us were born with. Imagine how much thought and money went into the creation of tv dinners and microwave ovens. The cells will be replenishing and replacing themselves every few days to a year and both the desire and the blueprints are still there to produce healthy cells.

They prefer to talk about maintaining life or controlling the disease for as long as possible.
Toxins are not stored in the large bowel alone, they are stored throughout the entire body!
This image here shows you the healthy microvilli in the brush border of your intestinal tract (you will see these hair-like substances on top). This can show up in many ways but the most common is sinus issues, hay fever, allergies, colds and flus and skin problems.
You may think you are healthy when you are only at 60%, but you don’t know any better.
Testing your private well water on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining a safe and reliable source of drinking water. Of which can lead to the inflammation, infection, having severe pain or damage to the organ. Vaccine Forms Organ Protocols Recipes Raw Vegan Cooked Vegan Raw Animal Cooked Animal Find A Show!Conditions Autism Auto Immune Brain Health Cancer Diabetes Eye Health Heart Sexual Health Skin Sleep Women's Health Diet and Detox Ayurveda Cleansing & Detox Digestion Fermentation Herbs Paleo Raw Primal Raw Vegan Other Dentistry Energy Medicine EMF Radiation Fitness Free For All Friday Gardening Liberty Pet Health Survival Vaccines Misc. That’s what enzymes do in the human body, they are catalysts, or chemical lubricants. Now here is where the analogy of an engine falls short because an engine can make it a mile or two without oil before it stops running. So whether we need a new heart cell, a new brain cell, or a new hair cell, it’s all done through the courtesy of enzymes. If somehow these inorganic minerals make it into the bloodstream and the body is to utilize the mineral. There are minerals called colloidal minerals that some raw food experts will try and sell you. The minerals will separate from the dirt at a microscopic level and float to the top of the water. Colloidal minerals do come from plants but these plants have been buried for many thousands if not millions of years depending on your religious belief. As without glucose there is not one cell in the body that can survive or do what it was designed to do. Glucose is then handed to the cells and the cells convert the glucose into something called adenison triphosphate aka ATP. It’s the combustion that occurs inside of the cylinder that makes the Pistons move up and down. Once the foods are converted into Glucose the enzymes that do survive are collected by our body and placed back into our enzyme bank account.
Those that consume mostly dead foods use all the enzymes in the bank account to digest their foods. Though your body makes those enzymes, what do think is the source of those types of enzymes? The amount we are born with is dependent on mom, how healthy she is and what she ate while she was carrying us. All cells have a life span from just a few days while others will live up to a year depending on which type of cell. Never mind all the enzymes that are burnt up dealing with all the toxins our body deals with on a daily basis. The more intelligence and money that man puts into the preparation of food the less value that food will contain. So, if I quit handing the body enzyme deficient foods along with toxic substances and replace those with foods that are alive and toxin free.
But, in the old Naturopathic writings they talk about for every seven years you did wrong to your body, it will take one year of doing right to your body to reverse the seven years of damage you caused.
Why on earth would I tell you to cut out a food supply if it was providing valuable nutrition for your body?
This is where the enzymes lactase are produced that help you to breakdown the lactose in milk.
However as we age, for some of us our digestive system goes through a lot of damage with our modern diet. You need to provide your gut with healing foods, foods that are right for your metabolic type and your own body. It has been noted that about 80% of patients in the US that do have gallstones fall under this type.
Partito will help us understand what enzymes are, their importance to our health and how to gain back enzyme wholeness for health.
That’s because minerals found in dirt and in water are known as rock, or in organic minerals.
Out of desperation the body will waste enzymes, or go further in debt if you will, bringing inorganic matter to life simply so the body can stay alive for as long as possible. The water is skimmed and what is collected are called colloidal as they are the smallest known minerals. Though the average American (male) lives to age 76 the last 12 years (on average) are for most very unpleasant.
They invest wisely by ignoring the great smelling and tasting dead food stuffs and opt for the not so fun live nutritionally dense plants.
Of course that would be dependent on how damaged one is and how disciplined one is on their way back.
Furthermore, why on earth would YOU continue to eat a food source if it was the reason you get allergies, colds and flus every winter?
Whether it is from junk foods, medications, drugs, environment, chemicals, food intolerances… all sorts of things can cause damage to your digestive tract over time. You need to learn to listen to your body and understand the symptoms it is throwing at you. Its either lacking the materials to make a healthy cell, or there is interference (toxins), or both.
Partito earned a degree by studying food chemistry and its relationship to the human body at the College of Natural Health. When you repair your gut lining and you bring your digestive system back to full health, your body may be able to digest and break down lactose and enjoy good quality dairy again. I will not go into the technical differences between vitamins and enzymes, but I will say a vitamin is of little value to the body if it does not have a enzyme associated with it. For someone who has a gluten sensitivity and they have been consuming gluten their entire life, this is a big fight for your gut each and every day, each and every meal! Partito is a founding member of the Mountain Healing Arts Association, and a noted lecturer on Natural Healing. Robbins; as a result Charles cured himself of liver, lung, prostate diseases, adrenal fatigue, Hypoglycemia, intestinal, skin and gum disorders, cataracts, and obesityView All Articles by Dr.

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