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A little jar of ginger bug, a slurry of ginger and sugar, sits on my countertop next to my sourdough starter, where, fed daily, it bubbles and foams. A slurry of fermented yeast and sugar water, Ginger Bug captures beneficial microorganisms like wild yeasts and bacteria in the same way that sourdough starter does.
To make Ginger Bug, you need only fresh ginger, a caloric sweetener to feed the microorganisms, filtered or dechlorinated water and a container to hold the bug.
Fresh Ginger can be found in any well-stocked grocery store, and organic ginger can be found in any well-stocked health food store. Mason JarsA hold your ginger bug, and you can find them in grocery stores, hardware stores and online. Flip-top BottlesA allow you to tightly, and safely, cap your homemade sodas as they ferment. Ginger Bug   Print Ginger bug, a slurry of fermented ginger and sugar, forms the basis for homemade, traditionally fermented sodas including root beer, mint sodas, or fruit-based sodas that are rich in beneficial bacteria. I’ve made lots of ginger bug and had it start in as little as 2 days but it was the middle of summer and hot hot hot.
I, too, want to know about honey or rapadura as those are readily available to me, and I, too, avoid sugar.
If you plan to use Honey, make sure is has been pasturized to avoid cross contamination of the bacterias. In general, honey ferments nicely as far as flavor goes but tends to leave more unfermented sugars, stalls with too much, and generally ferments slower—all probably due to its antimicrobial properties. If honey, being mostly made up of the monosaccharides fructose and glucose doesn’t cause you problems, invert syrup may be a good option.
With those two enzymes out of the way your honey does exactly what it needs to do, feeding the bacteria. Hi Marilyn, I learned recently honey does work but it can take months rather than days to ferment.
Having made mead, you cook the honey and strain a lot of the protiens out, leaving a more refined honey that the yeast finds easier to digest.
After about 3 or 4 days, my sugar one had started bubbling but there was no action on the honey.
Most health food stores and maybe even some supermarkets sell powdered, refined fructose, and sometimes even glucose – the two sugar components of honey. Corn sugar is also easily purchased where brewing supplies are sold (and maybe even in health food stores).
You will not get a proper reading with the hydrometer if there are other dissolved solids in the solution (sugar is the main one, but there will be others present also).
You can get a rough calculation of the % of alcohol produced by multiplying of sugar added (and is fermented) by 61% (0.61). If your hydrometer is reading a specific gravity of near 0.0, that means that essentially all of the sugar has been converted to alcohol.
Fresh Kefir GrainsKefir is a traditional fermented food made from milk, full of beneficial probiotic bacteria and yeast.
Kefir is great eaten by itself or with fruit, in smoothies, on muesli and granola, in salad dressings, made into cheese or even tasty fruit flavored popsicles that kids will love.
These instructions may look long and involved, but kefir is one of the quickest, simplest and easiest of all the fermented foods to make. You can make any amount of kefir you like per batch, but the ratio of 1 cup milk to 1 tablespoon of kefir grains is a good rule of thumb for fermenting a batch in 24-48 hours. Put the kefir grains and milk into a clean glass jar with a tight-fitting lid and fasten the lid on. Leave the jar with the milk and kefir grains out on your kitchen counter top for 24-48 hours. Once the kefir is finished fermenting pour the contents of the jar into a wide mouth container. As you retrieve the grains, put them into the jar, and trawl through the kefir liquid searching for more grains until you think you’ve got them all.
The second technique for increasing the health benefits of the kefir is to simply leave it sit for another 24 hours, in the fridge after removing the grains. There is another excellent alternative for making your own kefir (shipping only in the USA).
In my opinion the ideal would be to use both the Body Ecology products (so you know that at least you have those strains of bacteria that are listed for each product) and to make your own kefir from fresh kefir grains.
The benefits of probiotic foods are amazing, they are crucial for good health and people are catching on to that fact. DISCLAIMER: The statements enclosed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. EARL APPRILL says: February 23, 2016 at 5:40 pmDonna, we just purchased a thirst clenching juice drink with ginger at a farmers market! I’m loving making it and looking forward to getting to the point where I can use it as a base for dressings and smoothies. I know the kefir will be great for me in so many ways… I’m hoping it will help me to feel no further cravings for Coke, too!!!
Interesting, so the water kefir makes a sort of fizzy drink, that you feel helped you give up alcohol?
I think I have a generally addictive personality — there are all kinds of things I currently like, or have consumed in the past, that I know are not good for me, yet I wanted to keep having them. I hope to post again at some point with the news that I no longer crave, and am no longer drinking, cola.
I also use the Kefir in a dessert by making flavoured (low cal)jelly with little water and when very cold and still liquid, mixing it with a few cups of kefir. December 4, 2011 at 5:03 pmHi, I am reading Eat Fat, Lose Fat for the third time trying to re-educate myself re fats!
Avoid the use of chlorinated water, as chlorine will kill all organisms, even the good bacteria!
A sip of cabbage rejuvelac gives you the touch of something that goes between a yogurt-based whey and carbonated water.
Prepare a scrumptious treat with meats by adding some chopped garlic, ocean sea salt and lemon juice. As I start a new batch of kefir, this morning, I realize it’s time to share this delicious recipe with you, again.
I fold a piece of butter muslin in fourths to make it four sheets thick and lay that inside the fine mesh strainer. I’ve read in a few different places that using metal strainers when working with Kefir is bad for the grains. Thank you for posting this, Two of my favorite uses of the Kefir is as a substitute for Buttermilk. Allow jar to sit in oven for about 18-24 hours, and then place in refrigerator to halt the incubating process.
Allow yogurt to cool in fridge for about 5 hours, and stir in The Myers Way Chai Cleanse protein powder for added protein, if desired.
Have the latest articles delivered to your inbox every week and get a free juice and smoothie recipe eBook for your free subscription. Intro: Making a Probiotic Ginger BeerIncorporate probiotic bacterial into ginger-based beverages! If you are interested in learning more about different yogurt cultures and how to make them at home, Cultures for Health has some great informative articles. Once you’ve gotten through Steps 1 through 5 in the recipe below, you are free to go about your day and can expect to come home to yummy, freshly cultured yogurt!
The more fat in the milk, the thicker and creamier the yogurt (that’s why I use whole milk). You can certainly use raw milk with this recipe and if you follow it as if you were using pasteurized milk, you’ll likely get similar results. I bought raw yogurt from the Mennonites and they would put it in canning jars and seal it so that it would last for me.
Marla, I’ve found that raw milk yogurt is much trickier to make than yogurt from pasteurized milk.
If one was using raw milk, because they believe raw milk is best, would this then not be a raw milk product? I’ve never tried to culture non-dairy milks, but it can be done (especially with soy and coconut milks).
I have been experimenting with differnt milks for a while and have found soy, rice and coconut milks give differnt textures ans slightly differnt flavors.
Personally, I stick two paper towels in a metal strainer over a bowl and it works perfectly fine! I am milk intolerant and wonder if cashew milk would be a good alternative to make yogurt cheese out of.
You can replace the cow’s milk in this recipe for goat milk and proceed in the same way! I love making things at home and this seems relatively easy, but why is making it at home better than buying the yogurt at the store? Yogurt made at home is much more cost efficient (you can make gallon of it for the price of one single-serving plain yogurt). Juicy fruit, flavorful coconut, creamy yogurt, and sweet (homemade) marshmallows come together in this simple, but delicious fruit salad. As a backup, I also brought these (affiliate link)A vegan marshmallowsA which are surprisingly quite decent.
We hadna€™t stayed at a Koa campground before, but plenty of my fellow food bloggers who camp a lot more than we do tell me that they love Koa campgrounds. When we were browsing the locations near us (there were plenty in Oregon and Washington to choose from), it is clear that their campgrounds have a wide appeal. I also loved learning that Koa has community outreach camping, including care kamps for children with cancer and their siblings, where children can experience camping while still receiving medical care. Special thanks to KOA for sending us to camp and inviting us to be part of #marshmallowmonth! I substituted all pineapple for the oranges, used Greek yogurt and skipped the marshmallows, as the only kind I had were large and I didn’t have time to chop. The information you find here at The Nourishing Gourmet is meant to help you become a better cook! A The wild microorganisms, eat away at the sugar in the Ginger Bug, and produce carbon dioxide as a result. A I typically use a whole, unrefined cane sugar (like this one), but have recently made the switch to Jaggery (available here) – a traditional Indian sweetener of completley unrefined cane sugar. A The tight cap ensures that carbon dioxide remains in the bottle, effectively carbonating your homemade sodas. A Mix it well, and transfer it to a flip-top bottle where you can allow it to ferment about 3 days.
There are plenty of us out here for whom honey is the only nutritive sweetener around, unless you want to try it with dates or mashed ripe bananas.
Invert syrup is very similar to honey in its saccharide ratios and is reasonably easy to prepare, resulting in a fairly balanced mixture of fructose and glucose. My mother is actually allergic to sugarcane and I was hoping to be able to make this for her! If the fermentation is not stopped in some manner (which includes consuming!) the yeast will always continue to ferment the sugar that is available.
Then you adjust the two readings for temperature and then the difference between the two tells you the abv (us a calculator to convert the gravities to abv).
So if you have 4 tablespoons of grains you can make 1 litre (1 quart) of kefir in 24-48 hours. If you are just starting out making your own kefir, this is a good time to start doing some taste tests until you get an idea of how fermented you like your kefir to be. When the milk has started fermenting and turning to kefir it will probably contain some curds which can resemble the kefir grains. But I’m so pleased to say I’ve now found a great source of fresh, organic kefir grains! Even though it’s not fresh kefir grains, the Body Ecology site has excellent probiotic starter cultures for making a variety of fermented foods, including a Kefir Starter Culture.

However, the advantage of the Body Ecology starters is that they are guaranteed to contain a number of specific beneficial strains of bacteria.
You want to try to get the greatest diversity of beneficial gut bacteria that you can for maximum health benefits, and in my opinion combining both the traditional live cultures and the excellent Body Ecology products is the way to maximize the diversity of your inner ecosystem. Use kefir and fruit to make smoothies that taste like the Indian sweet lassi drink, mango and peach work especially well for this. I blended up some kefir, honey and the pitted plums and some rosewater (optional but a delicious twist – rosewater for cooking can be found in stores that stock Middle Eastern foods) and made these sweet-tart, tasty frozen treats. This is a great, quick way to use any soft fruit you find in season, where you can get large volumes for cheaply, or for free if you have fruit trees, or know someone who does.
The products and information mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I have made milk kefir for a while now, but had never considered making it into ice lollies for the kids. I was just sitting here a moment ago wondering if it was too long and if it would be better if I broke it down into separate articles.
I just finished a beautiful herb and walnut kefir cheese I made a couple days ago, I should have the recipe for that up in a couple of days (I need to finish the basic kefir cheese recipe first), so keep an eye out for that one. I stummbled on your site after looking for a recipie for Apple Cider Vinegar and I am so happy that I did! You’ve inspired me to look into incorporating more fermented foods into my diet in general.
I’m totally enthusiastic about them too, especially after hearing what probiotics expert Donna Gates has to say about them. And I’ve not tried it but if you do a secondary ferment, where you bottle the fermented kefir after you remove the grains, adding a bit more sugar, usually in the form of fruit juice and then seal it up really tight then it does get really fizzy. That would include fruit, fruit juice, alcohol, in addition to the more obvious sodas, candies, desserts and chocolate. It can be fermented to be bubbly like pop and is so much better than the chemicals in normal soft drinks. Is there a way to make coconut yogurt using coconut flesh, coconut water and WATER KEFIR GRAINS or does it have to be the MILK KEFIR GRAINS?
I wonder if the beneficial attributes of the Kefir is in any way diminished by using it in a cooking process such as makng muffins etc. I got some grains from Cultures for Health that I rehydrated and having been using for about 1 month. I think the grains that have been dehydrated take much longer to start growing, I have done some experimenting with drying them and had some that never actually started growing again.
Yes I have heard from a few people that you can freeze them, I’ve never done it myself though. The pasteurization process kills everything anyway, I don’t see any advantage in heating it, and if the milk is too warm it can kill the kefir grains. Rejuvelac is a tested homemade probiotic drink loaded with all the organisms required for strengthening your digestive system. You want the pitcher or bowl to be big enough to hold the strainer up out of the whey that will drain off the kefir. The filter needs to be tight enough to keep the solids and yet, loose enough to allow the whey to strain through.
I make my kefir at home, so I’m sure that is why it seems so much more affordable for me. Busy-at-Home is where I share tips and ideas for recipes, DIY and garden tutorials, family life, home decor quick-fixes and makeovers, money-saving tips and so much more -- you know -- ALL the things that keep you busy at home.
If you prefer your yogurt to be a little runny, then use the clear liquid at the bottom of the can. If using tapioca starch to thicken the yogurt, add to coconut milk mixture and whisk together again. Place the jar in the oven, and allow the coconut milk to incubate while the oven remains off (the temperature will be warm enough to incubate the yogurt cultures). The flavor of the yogurt is directly related with the time it spends incubating, so if you want a tangier and tart flavor, let your yogurt incubate longer. We focus on a whole foods diet and therefore don’t post information such as calorie content, etc.
The mixture is then kept at a nice and toasty temperature (110°F) for anywhere from 6 to 12 hours (see Considerations below) while the bacteria culture the milk, turning it into yogurt. I now use the 2 gallons of raw milk at a time in a large stainless steel pot and slowly heat to no higher than only 130 degrees.
If you heat raw milk to 180° as this recipe calls for, you will no longer have a raw milk product.
When you upgrade all of the ingredients to use nourishing ones, this probiotic-rich salad is a healthy treat! Mac and cheese was always a request, and so was a€?Five Cup Fruit Salad,a€? otherwise known as Ambrosia Salad. KOAA (Kampgrounds of America) A invited me to be part of their marshmallow month, and to stay at one of their campgrounds. But leta€™s be honesta€¦if there was a time for using canned food, it would be when camping.
As many of you know, I am a real fan of homemade marshmallows sweetened entirely with honey or maple syrup (you can get my marshmallow recipe here and here). They are GMO-free, and dona€™t use corn-syrup, coloring, and some of the nasty non-food ingredients that many marshmallows contain. Some locations were clearly for the explorer, located near the foot of serious hiking with more simple accommodations. Also, the only marshmellows I had were large and I didn’t have time to chop them before we left, so I skipped them. A When mixed with a flavored sweet tea, fruit juice or other base, the microorganisms in the ginger bug begin to consume the sugar in the tea or juice, and, as they do, they reproduce and emit carbon dioxide. A While Ginger Bug itself benefits from a loosely lidded environment, homemade fermented sodas benefit from a tightly capped environment which disallows the escape of carbon dioxide produced during fermentation.
A You can find flip-top bottles in homebrewing supply stores, though I purchase mine online.
Like honey, invert syrup does retain some sucrose, so I recommend proceeding with caution regardless of the sweetener used.
I chopped the ginger fine with a knife, I didn’t have a grater bigger than a microplane, otherwise I followed the directions precisely. The hydrometer is measuring the density of the liquid, which is a function of the sugar, water, and anything else. The amount of time you ferment the milk for depends on the temperature and how tart you like your kefir to be. Just use a clean piece of muslin, or other clean cloth, in place of the lid to keep out foreign objects and curious insects. The way to tell the difference is that when you squeeze the curds they will break up and disappear, the kefir grains will not.
You’ll notice that after you squeeze the grains, when you open your hand there will be little clear, sticky strands attached between your fingers and the grains. Many of the probiotic supplements that have been tested don’t even contain the strains of bacteria that they claim they do.
The information and statements found here are for education purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of your medical professional.
In fact, I was inspired to add the walnuts because of that beautiful walnut cheese you brought us! Said to add it to a bottle of milk and sit on bench which i have but i started it sat night and tonight ( mon) it has little curddles on the top but its still milky, is that right? Now you can use the kefir, but be sure to strain out the grains so you can use them again to make more.
You have great information and I thank you so much for letting others know how to make these things too! I was wondering if this article was too long, if I should split it into a couple articles, but I’ve gotten really good feedback on it so far. I used to drink sodas as a kid, but stopped when I was about 17 I guess, and got out on my own. In the summer I really looked forward to a cold bottle of Smirnoff’s Black Ice (or two). I have my first batch sitting atop the water heater right now… giving it the occasional gentle shake. It worked, but you have to make sure you alternate and put them back into dairy milk because that is what they have adapted to and they will fail to thrive if they are only in coconut milk.
I am buying BioFarm yogurt, separating for whey and curd, making cheese, sour cream etc and wondering about a cheaper alternative.
It was a little slow to start, but everything seems to be going well, but the grains are not multiplying much. What I read is that you pack them in a plastic bag or something with powdered milk all around them. After you make the yogurt, rather than immediately starting another batch is it ok to just put the grains in the frig with some milk over them.
When you take them out and start using them again it can take a little while for them to start growing. Although I know with yogurt making you do have to heat the milk a bit, so maybe the people who told you that were confused about the difference between yogurt and kefir. I have never done it myself but I have heard from many sources that freezing kefir does not kill the bacteria.
I had read that Kefir made from dry or dehydrated grains is not active in the best probiotics.
It will take about 48 hours ( and a quart of homemade whole milk kefir) to complete a batch. It’s as much a part of my cooking as other pantry staples, now, and my family is healthier because of it. If you prefer very thick yogurt, you may want to use just the coconut cream from 2 cans, discarding the clear liquid or saving it for a smoothie.
Your little one can get plenty of calcium of dark, leafy greens, broccoli, sesame seeds, figs and almonds.
This means that it contains live probiotic bacteria that are great for your digestion and general health. However you choose to organize your yogurt-making time, have fun and make sure to have some granola and berries on hand!
Heating the milk to 180° helps to neutralize enzymes in the milk that can inhibit the yogurt culturing process. I will eat them all just because it is new and knowing I can pronounce everything in the yougurt is a fantastic feeling! I loved it so much I felt I could eat it solely for days and be happy (though my mom never let me).
We loved cooking in one of their beautiful cabins (more on their cabin and campgrounds in a second). The specific location we went to in Oregon was by far the best maintained, friendliest campground wea€™ve been too. I also love sharing practical tips on how to make a real food diet work on a real life budget.
Everyone was glad I did, as they would prefer the rare (health food store) marshmellow plain or toasted. He wasn’t sure about the texture and would prefer the rare (healthfood store) marshmallows to be toasted with chocolate! A This gas, a natural byproduct of fermentation, helps to ensure that the resulting homemade soda is fizzy, bubbly and pleasantly effervescent when opened. A Her statement holds true for Ginger Bug, too; that is, sugar feeds beneficial bacteria and wild yeasts. Just as long as you’re feeding it and replacing what you take after it gets going, you should be just fine. The other things do not matter when you take two readings because they will remain constant–the only change will be the conversion of sugar into alcohol and CO2, so the difference between the first and second reading will measure the amount of sugar converted to alcohol.

Unlike yogurt, kefir can actually colonize your gut with the beneficial micro-organisms you need to have a healthy immune system and well-functioning digestive system. Make sure the cloth is large enough to completely cover the opening of the jar, and then some. Every time I go to the fridge to get something out I see the jar of fermenting kefir and remember to give it a gentle shake. This is especially true if you eat a lot of sweet foods and tart or sour foods don’t appeal to you.
Follow the instructions that come with the kefir starter, it’s a different technique than what you use for the live kefir grains.
I do love spreading the word on things like this, helping people get back to basics and make their own food as much as possible, rather than relying on others. Then I went to University (as a mature student) and started drinking coke and those caffeinated sodas so I could stay up till all hours and work on my assignments.
Go get her audio recordings and listen to them, you’ll learn so much more about them. That started feeling like a habit for sure, bordering on addiction because I would crave them when I didn’t have them. And from what I have read and heard it seems like almost everyone, at least in Western cultures, has a candida problem. Although you use your fingers I did see that you used the cheesecloth actually making the cheese (which sounds yummy by the way). To answer your question, yes the temperatures used in baking will kill the beneficial microorganisms in the kefir. Am so thrilled that Kefir grains not only supplies this cost effective alternative but is also better for us!!
Kefir is even healthier than yogurt and much easier to make as long as you have the kefir grains.
She said if you can’t use the grains for a while, you can just freeze them, is this true? Make sure when you prepare them that you pat them dry as much as possible, then pack them with powdered milk, and you can keep them frozen for up to 3 months I think.
It’s like they have been in suspended animation and they need some time to warm up and get going again. Freezing grains is one way to put them into long term storage, and the sources I have heard from they all seemed to be able to take them out of frozen storage and they would be fine again. No one will ever know the difference and you will have ramped up the probiotic and nutrient content of your food, exponentially! If you DO try it, I hope you’ll come back and post to let us know how it worked for you!
I suppose if we went for quite a bit longer with the draining, we could eventually reach a texture similar to cream cheese. If you don’t have a crock pot, you can accomplish the same thing with this recipe that uses mason jars and a beverage cooler (think 4th of July). While waiting for the milk to cool, measure out your plain yogurt starter and allow it to come to room temperature.
I can still get raw milk, but we buy it in 3-4 gallons at a time and then freeze it due to we have to travel a distance to get it. For this reason, raw milk yogurt (which is not heated beyond 110°) tends to be much thinner and a bit finnicky. If you want to make yogurt cheese, strain it for 6 hours or more and use it as you would cream cheese. These meal requests always made my mom happy because they were so easy and simple to fulfill. Instead of using highly sweetened coconut flakes, I used unsweetened for a more coconutty and less sugary option.
They worked really well in this salad (but I dona€™t think they would toast up for a€?smores!). Our location also had all types of camping options, from tent sites to RV spots, to rustic cabins, to the deluxe cabins. With so many fun things for the kids to do (swimming in their indoor pool, playing miniature golf, crafts, etc), we had to drag the kids away from the actual campground to go to the beach!
A Without a caloric sweetener, the bacteria and yeast have nothing to eat, and cannot proliferate. In order for this to work you need to allow the yeast that’s floating around in the air to come in contact with your ginger sugar water mix. For my sourdough I feed it intensively when I want a lot of strong starter for baking and just keep it in maintenance mode the rest of the time. While high-quality yogurt contains a few of the beneficial gut bacteria, kefir contains a much larger number of beneficial bacteria, as well as beneficial yeasts.
Use a rubber band or piece of string to fasten the cloth into place over the opening of the jar.
Now some people like to use a strainer to separate the kefir grains out, but what I have found works the best for me is this… with clean hands trawl through the kefir using your fingers like a net to catch the kefir grains. The squeezing stimulates the kefir grains to produce a substance called kefiran, which has additional health benefits. Food is so important, and I think most of us in Western societies take it for granted because we seem to have such an abundance. They are free, just go to the Body Ecology website and click the big purple button to sign up for her mailing list.
I think fermented foods are the best thing, they are like the antidote to sugar in all it’s forms. I didn’t drink sodas until I went back to university as a mature student when I was 39. I know many people who are much more addicted than that and would never even consider it an addiction, but if they were really honest, it is. The other thing that seems to happen quite often is that people get addicted to foods and substances that they are allergic too. I think it will work if you blend up fresh coconut flesh along with the water, but it would have to be with young coconuts because the water has more sugar. However, because the microorganisms have already processed the lactose for to turn the milk into kefir it may help those who have a lactose intolerance to digest it better.
I’ve never used yogurt to make cheese, but it would work as well using the same process.
If you have more grains than that, say like for a quart of milk if you have more than 4 tablespoons they will just ferment the milk faster. They take a while to really get up to speed with their fermenting activity, but they do in time. Adding milk kefir grains to cream would definitely work, as well and I’m guessing would be really decadently delicious. This fruit salad takes only about five minutes to throw together, which also makes it even more convenient while camping.
I want to experiment with them a little more before sharing the recipe, but hopefully I will perfect them soon.
A Much of the sugar in fermented tonics is consumed by beneficial microorganisms who then transform it. I am not sure I can add grate a knob of ginger to my list of daily maintenance the kitchen needs.
I know the lactobacilli in my honey-sweetened coleslaw dressing really like honey… I had a batch of coleslaw which got pushed to the back, and the bacteria joyously ate up the honey in the dressing, yielding a most interesting sauerslaw. Once you catch some grains, remove your hand from the liquid and squeeze the grains, just like you would a sponge to squeeze out most of the kefir they contain.
The ironic thing of course, is that while we have an abundance of things to eat, to fill our stomachs so many people are malnourished because they have come to rely on others making food for them. So many of the healthy eating experts I listen to say the one thing you can do that will make the most radical change in your health is to stop consuming sugar.
I consider something an addiction if it’s not healthy for you but you consume it regularly and would have a hard time not consuming it for an extended period. And if you start with really good quality, healthy yogurt with live acidophilus cultures it would be healthier than normal cheese. How long does it usually take for grains to multiply and what’s the most that you would put with 1 quart of raw milk?
So you can have quite a lot of grains per quart, you just need to change the milk more often. Another question would be if I’m not using raw organic milk but rather just organic whole milk from the store I was told that I should heat the milk to 170, then let cool and pour over the kefir grains. If you squeeze the grains every time before you start a new batch, you may notice that the batches of kefir start to thicken slightly.
But I just quit, without even trying, when I started drinking kombucha (that was my first fermented drink). Some just bluntly put it more like this, sugar is poison, it’s the worst thing you can possibly do to your body as far as your diet. Then I got some water kefir grains and before I knew it, I just stopped drinking alcohol completely. But I will be ordering some as soon as I can ensure that my mail service is sorted out to the point where I can get them in a timely manner. I do think, and I have also read the accounts from others who say that the water kefir grains are sustainable using young coconut water. Nothing about the quality of commercial sour cream can equal this delicious homemade version.
I then slowly add it to the other milk and then let the temperature come down to about 110 – add the live culture.
Notice in the top picture the big grill, patio table set, and you can also see just the top of the fire pit. In the winter, I like to store my ginger on top of the fridge as it generates heat and will keep the bug nice an warm. I also think the milk and water kefir both really help me manage my chocolate cravings (and sugar cravings in general). Whereas the milk kefir grains are not because they need the milk sugar (lactose) in order to survive indefinitely. Place the cultured yogurt into the refrigerator for at least 4 hours before eating to ensure that it's fully set. Wrap it in a towel and put it in my oven that has been pre-heated to 170 degrees and turn it off. Now the water kefir I have every day is so much better than any soda, and my body knows it’s better for me. I make smoothies with milk kefir and add stevia, blueberries, 1-2 frozen bananas, vanilla extract – it’s almost like having ice cream! To use the ginger bug to make homemade sodas, prepare 1 quart of herbal tea sweetened with a caloric sweetener like sugar (or substitute 1 scoop Body Ecology's Ecobloom).
I have read stories of the same happening to others when they started consuming fermented foods. Use this delicious homemade sour cream, just as you would commercial sour cream from the store. To be constructive I am telling you, your bottles have a high chance of blowing after a few days at room temperature. I have bottled beer in everything from plastic to mason jars, and currently I use grolsch bottles (because they are reusable-not because of fear of fracture). As much as we would like to make beer making a science - it ain't - all your doing is mixing soup on a diffirent level - and using rot to make alcohol.
That would either drop the microbes out of suspension or stop them from processing the sugar. The yeast can create alcohol and the whey will add a tang to the brew.Using some potassium metabisulfite and potasium sorbate as stabilizing agents may help.

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