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Here are 25 recipes for the best homemade sausages, sausage-stuffed-things, and sauces, mustards, and relishes to serve them with. Place the flour, corn meal, salt, baking powder and sugar into a large bowl and whisk thoroughly to combine. After the batter has been resting for about 15 minutes, place a 10 inch skillet with high sides over medium heat and fill about half way with oil. Holding the skewer, place each hot dog into the batter one at a time and twirl slowly to coat with batter. Using a pair of tongs, remove the cooked corndogs from oil to the paper towel lined plate or baking sheet to drain.
DISCLAIMER: The above should never replace the advice of your local veterinarian, as they have the ability to evaluate your dog in person.

Disclaimers: The information contained in this web site is provided for general informational purposes only. Juicy, snappy, and well-seasoned, they may not get the glory of, say, a steak or the praise of health nuts like chicken, but when it comes to pure, meaty flavor, they have 'em all licked.
Kenji Lopez-Alt is the Chief Creative Officer of Serious Eats where he likes to explore the science of home cooking in his weekly column The Food Lab. Kenji Lopez-Alt is the Managing Culinary Director of Serious Eats, and author of the James Beard Award-nominated column The Food Lab, where he unravels the science of home cooking.
Thrombocytopenia, (lack of platelets), Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia, (destruction of red blood cells), or any of the skin disorders that cause 'petechiation' or bruising of the skin. If you've found this service or our web site helpful, please "Like" us by clicking the like button at the top of the left margin.

A restaurant-trained chef and former Editor at Cook's Illustrated magazine, he is the author of upcoming The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science, to be released on September 21st, 2015 by W.
Simply click here to return to Ask a Vet Online via My Online Vet (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED FOR NEW QUESTIONS). If the oil is too shallow, the corn dogs may stick to the bottom of the pan, so do not allow them to rest in one spot too long.

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