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Throughout your life, you’ll eat approximately 60,000 to 80,000 pounds of food.14 That’s a lot to digest! Giant food processor, which breaks down the food and drink you consume into nutrients that can be absorbed. Energy provider, providing your cells with the nutrients they require, which in turn gives you energy.

Garbage disposal system that collects, transports, processes and disposes of “trash” products that your body does not require. What’s more your digestive system controls about 70% of your immune system9, so if your digestion is healthy so is the rest of your body!
Probiotics can help to restore a proper balance of good versus bad guys (your gut flora) while assisting your digestive system to break down undigested food.15 Taking probiotics can help you sustain a healthy balance of gut flora, which the body needs to function well and fight off the bad guys!1 Adding more of these friendly little fighters to your body also helps to produce essential vitamins in your body, like Vitamin B12 and Vitamin K.1 Daily probiotics will support the good guys in fighting the battle for a healthy gut flora!

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