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Loopholes in the law may save probiotic yogurt manufacturers from having to remove products from sale when the new EU nutrition and health claims legislation comes into effect.
Despite the fact that no health claims have been approved for probiotics under the legislation, a legal expert has suggested that some products could obtain derogations under certain circumstances.
Under the legislation, products labelled as making a health claim that are not included on an EU list of approved health claims will have to be removed from supermarket shelves six months after the law comes into effect some time this year.
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For everything from sports & exercise to relaxation, Millennials are looking for help managing their busy lives. From botanicals to omega 3s, Millennials want products that include particular ingredients or meet specific requirements. I like to call it “Indian Kombucha.” It’s certainly an acquired taste, but I think true ferment enthusiasts will appreciate the unique flavor. Kanji and Thandai (a delicious creamy beverage) are often the drinks of choice during Holi, an Indian festival of colors. My mom tells me that in India, her family would make Kanji using black (dark purple) carrots. Once you combine all of the ingredients together for this drink, put it in a glass container (I use a half-gallon mason jar) and keep it in a sunny spot inside the house. Dan, have you ever considered putting your kraut vessel into an ice chest with some ‘blue’ ice or a bag of ice cubes [to be changed every few days] to provide a more favorable temperature environment for your kraut fermenting?
Hi Nahid, bubbles are a normal part of the fermentation process – as long as there is no mold! If your baby has been having digestive issues, you might have considered giving them Activia yogurt to help regulate things. The yogurt is a pitched as a way of adding good bacteria to your digestive system to help keep things happy and moving freely. The reason Activia makes sense for adults is that we don’t always eat the way we should, and our digestive system needs some assistance. But a baby shouldn’t have these imbalances, as long as you are giving them a nutritious diet suitable for their age and development level. Dannon settled a big claim made against it, saying that they didn’t want it to go to litigation because it would cost them more money.
Your baby will naturally be making the right digestive enzymes and bacteria without your involvement. What your baby will benefit from the most is getting food that is as close to the way nature intended as possible. Yakult, aside from being healthy, is also one of the tastiest ready-to-drink milk out there in the local market. So if Yakult came in 1 liter bottles, then you would have to finish all of it in one sitting or else the benefits you get from it diminishes with each delay in consumption. I remember a field trip to Yakult Philippines when I was a kid (yes, I was lucky to see their plant in Laguna) and one of the managers there said that it’s perfectly safe to drink more than one bottle of Yakult in a day.
One small bottle of Yakult contains over 30 billion live Yakult bacteria, more than enough to keep us healthy each day. Yakult should be used additionally, and not instead of, other products like yogurt and milk.
I think in countries where there are larger bottles of Yakult are really big consumers of the product – like everyone in the family drinks it.
As a nutritionist and believer in a (mostly) whole foods diet, I am frequently irked by dairy-free food companies who claim their products are healthier than dairy foods. What to choose instead: Homemade almond milk, homemade or Edensoy soy milk, or light coconut milk in a can.
Compare these ingredients to those in dairy cream (milk & cream) and you may be somewhat suspicious of this one. I’m all for a plant-based diet and have nothing against the decision to give up dairy foods. Totally agree, more people need to understand that processed foods are not an alternative to fresh is best policy.
I’ve been enjoying daily consumption of the SO Dairy Free ice creams and creamers for over a year now, and have to say that my husband and I like the taste and products very much. I moved a few months ago and started to use so coconut milk in my coffee, I drink a few cups a day. Instead of So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk, what would you suggest for someone who can’t eat dairy.

I have enjoyed the SoDelicious French Vanilla creamer for a couple of years now, but lately they changed the formula and it’s now watery and separates in my coffee like curdled milk. I have been using the So Delicious cream for years, will drop it and try canned Coconut Milk, will also try the plain Coconut Grove Yogurt. I agree with your blog and I still enjoy the SO dairy free products, but along with other vegan ‘junk’ foods, they are quite pricey!
Anyway, the new formula of the plain unsweetened cultured coconut milk doesn’t last in my house. Switched to So delicious a month ago, just started doing my research about the brand and very dissapointed, will be taking all my yogurt supply back to HEB. Yakult is a fermented milk drink with Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain, a live probiotic strain of good bacteria. In India, Yakult was launched in 2007 and is manufactured at a HACCP certified state-of-the-art facility at Rai, Sonepat (Haryana). Each bottle of Yakult contains approximately 6.5 billion of bacteria which is enough to replenish the levels of good bacteria in the digestive system. Though yogurt and Yakult are both dairy product made from fermented milk with live cultures, Yakult is different from yogurt due to the Lactobacillus casie shirota strain present in Yakult, which makes Yakult unique. By 2013 many products currently labelled as probiotics will have to be removed from the market. This drink is traditionally used to help aid digestion (and it works, so drink in moderation). If these carrots were unavailable, they’d add beetroot to help darken the color of the drink. The amount of time required to create a ferment will depend on the temperature in your home, but this typically takes anywhere from 3 days to 1 week. Also, my favorite part of my Indian restaurant days was the pickled carrots and tamarind sauces that we used with appetizers.
I’m working on an Indian eBook with 100+ recipes including tamarind sauce and chaat dressing, so stay tuned!
These days more and more attention has been placed on digestive enzymes and probiotics, and yogurt itself does contain live and active cultures that are supposed to help with digestion. It’s not really something they need early on in life, and relying on a big food corporation to feed your child is not usually a good idea. With all of the processed and fried foods on the menu it’s easy for our good bacteria levels to get out of whack. They are fully equipped to keep things going well as long as you’re helping them meet their nutritional requirements. And by the end of the day, you just have one less Yakult bottle to drink for the rest of the week – you can buy more, but that would be costly in the long run. It is comfortable to have Yakult in a small bottle so you can enjoy Yakult everyday as part of a balanced diet.
A larger bottle that is not finished might be kept open, thus has a bigger risk of infection with other bacteria. If that’s really the case, which I believe is valid naman, how come other countries sell it in larger bottles? You can also see here that it has no protein and very little calcium (all of which is added, not naturally-occurring) so it does little for you nutritionally. Still, the loooooong list of (mostly processed) ingredients in So Delicious scares me a little. My opinion is due to the guar gum and xanthate gum, etc it is causing weight gain and other digestion problems.
After reading your comments and other web sites, I’m going to try and make my own or do without creamer in my coffee. Very little research has been done on processed derivatives so leaning toward whole, real foods is usually a safe bet. However, I do agree that a healthy plant based diet is not primarily based on vegan versions of meat and cheese or highly processed foods, but instead whole grains, vegetables and beans. Eating yogurt and drinking Yakult complement with each other, so do not substitute one another.
I always suffer from stomach infection and loose bowel whenever I eat oily and not-so-clean food. He argued that making the case successfully would probably hinge on whether it was in consumers’ interests to ensure their continued right of access to information.Melchor noted that two legal cases are awaiting rulings in Germany in this area. Manufacturers that try to get around the rules by using “implied claims” are unlikely to escape enforcement, added Melchor.Approved listMelchor said products that were not already on the approved list (published in December) but which had been accepted for resubmission on the grounds that further evidence needed to be assessed, would also benefit from an extension to the deadline.

During the fall and winter seasons, my mom would make Kanji, a salty and sour probiotic drink that grew on me as I grew older.
Combine all the ingredients in a glass jar (I use a half-gallon mason jar) and cover with a lid or cheesecloth. Also, I used water that was boiled and cooled to room temperature before adding the other ingredients, is that okay?
The Activia label is simply trying to capitalize on this, and they’ve added extra good bacteria to it to help adults stay regular. The high levels of sugar and fructose make this a no go for baby, and will negate any positive benefit the bacteria that is present. It can also happen due to medications like antibiotics and other drugs, and restoring the natural intestinal flora can go a long way in bringing things back to normal. Using this as a quick fix for constipation, or to keep you baby regular is not a good idea.
They ended up paying out millions of dollars, but they still keep their claims going on their website. Many dairy-free alternatives are highly processed, contain questionable additives and offer little or no nutritional value.
However, dairy foods given up should be replaced with whole or homemade foods, not commercially processed products like the ones shown above. If you’re looking for dairy-free, canned coconut milk (or coconut cream) + sugar or a splash of organic vanilla syrup is also delicious. I like it best after it has melted a little, and am able to stir in some organic Cocoa Nibs!
Also, I know that So Delicious has made some ingredient changes so may want to read all your labels before returning. That means it protects your digestive system from dehydration, inactivity, and abnormal eating habits. Almost every day for more than 1 year now, I have been drinking Yakult and I found an improvement on my gut health. They offered “encouraging” hope for manufacturers seeking to retain some form of probiotic labelling.The European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA’s) panel on dietetic products, nutrition and allergies (NDA) has, so far, rejected 276 probiotic dossiers submitted for health claims assessment. Opinions on the reassessed dossiers are expected by June 2012, he added.“Those that made it onto the second assessment can continue to be used, provided they comply with national rules,” said Melchor. Let the jar sit in a sunny spot for at least one week - stirring with a wooden spoon daily.
If they are having trouble keeping regular, you should discuss this with your pediatrician. I personally love Coconut Bliss – though still a splurge it’s delicious and taste very pure! After two weeks of researching, I decided to try the unsweetened versions of their coconut milk beverage and yogurt, and guess what? However, it’s wrong to assume that a diet full of meat alternatives is healthier than a diet that includes a little meat, dairy, eggs, etc. Also, my friends Willow and Stephanie have a great video on how to make coconut yogurt at home – it’s super easy and delicious!
By drinking Yakult everyday, it keeps the balance between the good and harmful bacteria living in the digestive system. Ever since, I rarely had stomach infection and whenever I have stomach upset, a bottle of Yakult is always my first aid. They were rejected for a variety of reasons – largely because they failed to sufficiently “characterise” the particular probiotic strains they used. They put so much sugar in it to make it taste good so adults will eat it, but you should carefully watch your baby’s sugar intake, especially the type of sugar found in processed foods.
Almonds tear up my stomach, even organic, fermented soy gives me rashes, and bananas REALLY tried to kill me one night. So while vegetable gums and vegetable fibers may sound like horrible chemicals–research them and how they are processed.

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