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It doesn’t get more refreshing than these delicious Probiotic Coconut Water popsicles! Most people choose to drink GoodBelly+ when they want a quick, convenient and concentrated source of probiotics PLUS a multivitamin.
When I have taken probiotics (along with a whole foods plant-based diet) I find that I rarely get sick.
Good Belly probiotic juice is a refreshingly flavored probiotic juice drink that will help keep the drinker healthy and happy.
Good Belly produces dairy free, soy free, vegan drinks that are packed full of flavors that are also healthy.  Good Belly also offers a strain of probiotics that is not available in any other drink. One thing I love about Colorado is that there are so many great companies here that offer a wide variety of healthy foods, whether it be organic or not. GoodBelly products contain Lactobacillus plantarum299v (Lp299v), one of the most well studied probiotic cultures available on the market. GoodBelly can be found at King Soopers, Safeway, Sprouts, Sunflower Market, Whole Foods and many more natural food stores.
I haven’t heard of Good Belly but since I give my daughter probitoic powder daily in her juice this would kill two birds with one stone and be more nutritious too! I haven’t heard of this brand but I will have to look for it when I am shopping next. I took the GoodBelly Challenge about 2 months ago with WONDERFUL results for my on and off digestive system! This product is especially ideal for those who do not like choking down big pills but still want to get their daily dose of vitamins, with only 50 calories. Contigo Kida€™s Trekker Autoseal 14oz Water Bottles Only $4.50 Each!Check out this deal at Kmart!
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They toss a bunch of healthy bacteria at our digestive systems and allow our bodies to maintain balance between the forces of good (bacteria) and evil (bacteria).
Sold in 32-ounce cartons and available in Blueberry Acai, Cranberry Watermelon, Mango, Tropical Green, and Pomegranate Blackberry flavors.
They are certified gluten-free and offer a daily dose of live and active probiotic cultures. Sold in packs of four 2.7-ounce shot servings and available in Blueberry Acai, Strawberry, Mango, and Pomegranate Blackberry flavors. Ideal for sluggish digestion or flare-ups, and for replenishing the gut during an antibiotic regimen. Sold in packs of four 2.7-ounce shot servings with no added sugar and just 30 calories per serving. I have always known you had a blog but have recently become addicted, dare I say – obsessed with the content you have created here?!?! This antioxidant fruit drink can help to boost the immune system by introducing probiotics which are good for the immune system. This probiotic works beyond the stomach to benefit overall digestion.  Though this probiotic is safe it is not available in any other American drinks. Some studies show that GoodBelly’s probiotics may help balance bacteria in your gut when eaten daily as part of a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle. To find a vegetarian product that adds the probiotics AND tastes wonderful too is a valuable thing for me. As we enter the final month(s) of summer, be sure to sit on your back porch with this dessert in hand. Not to mention what a healthier alternative they are to sugary, artificially flavored store bought popsicles. If you have any concerns about your digestive system, please consult your healthcare professional.

We can teach you how to be savvy by working your MoJo and saving up to 50% of your budget whether you need to, or want to. They also tickle our colons to encourage smooth digestion, and an efficient and effective digestive process = a wide range of perks on our overall functioning. Tropical Orange offers 100% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C per 8-ounce serving, and Carrot Ginger offers 50% of the daily recommended value of vitamin A per 8-ounce serving. Sold in pack of four 2.7-ounce shot servings with no sugar added, and available in Lemon Ginger and Vanilla Chamomile flavors.
Antioxidant fruit drinks introduce live and active probiotic cultures that aid in overall digestion for the individual. Based in Boulder, Colorado, their drinks are full of probiotics that help with both digestive health and your immune system. Besides strawberry, GoodBelly+ comes in Blueberry Acai, Mango, & Pomegranate Blackberry.
But seriously, whether you’re lucky enough to still be enjoying the last days of summer or have gotten back to the grind, this mocktail recipe featuring GoodBelly Tropical Orangeade will leave your tastebuds refreshed and your belly happy.
Refunds will be processed net of coupons, in-store discounts and any other discounts, for only the actual amount spent on GoodBelly.
They go down easy and have a great flavor, it’s a plus that they are full of vitamins and calcium your body needs! Flavor possibilities are endless but we’ve centered our creation around the mango, with a red berry accent.
I’ve been enjoying the Blueberry Acai flavor throughout the past week and find it to be the perfect complement to the daily probiotic supplement I take.

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