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What are probiotics?Probiotics are the live bacteria cultures which naturally can be created through fermentation process in many foods. Snack your way to better health with a deliciously sweet blend of fruits and veggies in a super soft chew. With a nutritional boost of prebiotic fiber, support for healthy blood pressure levels, and the antioxidant strength of 20 cartons of blueberries in every serving, Greens Chew packs a powerful punch to support your overall health and wellbeing.

Lastly, the live cultures are added as well to boost up the amount of naturally occuring bacteria in each serving. Probiotic are wildly available at your local grocery or health food store or you can venture out and try making your own. For kefir and yogurt making you will need to obtain courlture starter and you can get them from Wilderness Family Naturals.

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