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Disclaimer: I have not received financial compensation for recommending any of these products nor have I received free samples from any of these companies. I discovered these bars in 2013, right before a long stretch of travel, and they have been a life saver. My family and I discovered Canyon Bakehouse’s 7-Grain bread in early 2014 and we will never turn back.
I was obsessed with these chips after I was diagnosed with celiac, especially the sweet potato ones. As a family of 6, we have made many, many GF cakes through the years for birthdays and other celebrations. I love these chocolate chips and have been using them in my baking since going gluten free.
When I have a true chocolate craving, and chocolate chips aren’t enough, I eat this chocolate. I connected with Jules via social media a while back and she’s dedicated her life to creating some of the best GF flour and baking mixes out there. I like all of the flavors of Milton’s GF crackers, but the cheese ones are my favorite. If you need to use a hand sanitizer, it is best to stick with boring old Purell, because it is gluten free. After about two years of feeling sorry for myself about not being able to eat most desserts, one of my coworkers, Bridget, suggested that I try Talenti Gelato. This is a great, relatively inexpensive multivitamin which is gluten free, soy free, and dairy free. My family and I cannot get enough of this pizza crust mix, or of the all-purpose bread mix (which we use to make small rolls). If you’ve been following my page, you know that I am a big fan of taking probiotics, especially if you have any digestive issues, including Celiac Disease. I am a long distance runner, so I often need to increase my caloric intake when I am training for a race. Shampoo and Conditioner: I used to recommend Garnier Fructis because all of their shampoos and conditioners used to be GF but this changed sometime in the last year or two. I am pretty sure that I had 3 single serving bags as my dinner at an airport while traveling a few years ago (back when I was new to being GF and didn’t realize how important it is to plan GF meals ahead of time while on the go).
When I was at the height of my sulfite and MCAS issues I switched to 100% almond flour for the cookies, scones, etc.
Hi Angie, It can definitely take a while for the antibody levels to go down, but after one year I would expect them to have normalized. Hi, you mentioned your thyroid medication had gluten, my question is could my generic bupropion have gluten. I believe it’s possible, or you may have intolerance to one of the other ingredients. Tirosint is available in 10 dosage strengths housed in blister packs to protect Tirosint from light and moisture. Since being diagnosed with dermatitis herpetiformis a couple years ago, I`ve had to obviously change much about my lifestyle. My two favorites are the dark chocolate hazelnut and peanut butter chocolate chip, which are both gluten free, dairy free, and soy free.
They are filling (2 bars in each packet), inexpensive, portable, and perfect for people like me who often forget to eat.
After getting ill from a shampoo which contains hydrolyzed wheat protein as an ingredient, I have decided to not take any chances with beauty products. It is by far the best GF sandwich bread that we’ve come across since my GF journey started in 2010, and many of our non-GF family and friends also enjoy it.

We’ve unanimously agreed that Cherrybrook Kitchen yellow and chocolate cake mixes are our favorite.
It is gluten free and is made on dedicated equipment, so there is not a risk of cross contamination. And, if you are like me, you will inevitably have hand sanitizer residue on your hands at some point while you are eating. All of their lipsticks are GF and paraben-free, and since using Red Apple exclusively since last winter my facial acne and chapped lips have improved significantly. The tortill achips are made with masa, the ancient method that makes the B vitamins and minerals in corn bio available and which is not typically used to make tortilla chips. I am originally from Northeast Ohio, so will try your product on one of my trips home and give you feedback.
I have cut back drastically on dairy, and have heard about Daiya products, so it’s definitely time to try them. At the height of my sulfite sensitivity and MCAS issues I was unable to eat anything made from this flour, but I continued to use it to bake for my family.
Very good to know I do have one other question in terms of products… In the height of your Sulfite issues were you able to tolerate coconut oil?
There is a website called Gluten Free Drugs that can be very helpful in these cases too, the pharmacist who runs it updates it regularly and it’s the first place that I usually stop for information on gluten in medications. I got ill early on my celiac journey from a shampoo that contained hydrolyzed wheat protein as an ingredient. I take generic levothyroxine made by Lannett without any issues, I did previously have gluten reactions to levothyroxine made by Mylan. I meant to mention that the reason I kept asking about the GF status of the Abbott Synthroid was because I was still having symptoms after being GF for over two years and having my Deamidated peptide test (IgG) come back positive (about 29 I think). One of the issues I really struggled with was finding a good quality shampoo and body wash specifically for men.
I obviously haven’t personally had to shop for GF products for men, but I am sure that others will see this and check it out. I am currently using Murad skin care products, which are GF, but I have no other recommendations. I have been taking synthroid since I was 18 and realized by default that it was one of the last things I was still reacting to.
I have a friend who recently started using Tirosint and she has been very happy with it so far as well.
Please feel free to leave a comment with any GF products that you come across and would like to recommend.
Also, all items are gluten-free at the time I post them (I update this page approximately every 6 months), but I encourage you to confirm gluten-free status at the time of your purchase, as manufacturers can change ingredients and labels at any time. They are the perfect item to bring to a party as an appetizer and go especially well with homemade salsa or pico de gallo. They are individual wrapped, portable, inexpensive, and make a perfect snack for a toddler (or school-aged child) on the go. They were the best pancakes that I’ve had in 3+ years since starting this crazy diet! We have been experimenting with GF pizza dough for 3+ years now and this is one of the best. My extended family members, who are still eating gluten, have all been fans as well when they’ve come to visit us. They are only available in Ohio now since the company is working to build a regional scale mill that sources crop and does all processing within a region rather than far flung locations that use more petro to ship all over.
As a co-owner of Shagbark Seed & Mil, you would think I know all about other chips, but since I am not a big snack eater, I rely on the hundreds of customers who have told us our chips are the best.

They just started making pizza and cream cheeses as well in dedicated, gluten-free facilities. I have been taking baby steps to get chemicals out of my home and am just transitioning to homemade laundry detergent.
Since starting on my treatment for MCAS (which I am pretty sure we talked about via email if you are the same Jenni I am thinking of), I have been able to eat baked goods made with it twice without a reaction. The experts usually recommend that all of us meet with a celiac-certified nutritionist if we have any concerns about gluten cross-contamination.
I also got ill from Bath and Body Works pocketbook hand sanitizer that contained wheat amino acids. Unlike some tablet formulations, Tirosint is free of dyes, gluten, lactose, sugar, and alcohol. My search is over and I now use a product called Surface Hair Health Art and I feel its such a great product that it was worth sharing if anyone else is looking. Interestingly enough, my kids called both of their grandmothers “Nana” so I think that these cookies are meant for us! That said, Shagbark is exploring how marketing the snack line more widely can help other regions see the merit of building their own infrastructure. I ask because there are a lot of us with Celiac Disease who eat organic and try to avoid GMO foods as much as possible.
I have kept it on my products page because I think that most people with celiac disease should do fine with it and my GF (but non celiac) kids and husband all like it. I’ve found gluten in really surprising places through the years (cooking spray, fish food, thyroid medication, etc). I was traveling and using a lot of it on my hands, and then ate, without ever thinking that my hand sanitizer could contain gluten (I found out the hard way that it did).
She called Abvie (the division of Abbott Labs that manufacturers it) and was told that they can no longer confirm GF status as it is made on shared lines with meds that contain gluten.
They have a full range of products for men including an all in one body wash and shampoo, shaving cream, and hair styling wax. I do know that Angie Alt, from Alt-ternative Autoimmune has previously posted about homemade shampoo, so you may be able to find a recipe on her page. I am extremely careful and have gone nearly grain free (and am considering just eliminating it all together). Now, I do not know what it was that was making me sick but I was sensitive to *something* in it; a dye, a starch, something.
I’ve been able to buy the mixes and frosting at my local grocery store and also online.
That will mean better crops from farms nearby, better soil with sustainable growing methods, and a better regional economy that keeps dollars local.
I think the most important thing you can do right now if talk to your doctor and a nutritionist. I do not tolerate the starches used as binders in medicatikn so I try to stick with capsules or gel caps.
I was afraid this change to GF products was going to be ridiculously expensive but you have given me lots of ideas for products I can pick up at my grocery store!

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