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The diagram to the left is of the alimentary canal also known as the digestive tract and also shows other organs of the digestive system like the liver. After being swallowed, the food travels down the Oesophagus or esophagus, this is continually being damaged by the friction of food, so the epithelium is a few cells thick and secretes mucas to lubricate the food's passage.
The next place it enters is the stomach this is a temporary store, mixes the contents up and also is the site for a bit of digestion.
Enzymes are sensitive to temperature and pH, these must be at an optimum level so they work best.
Below is a digram of the human gut wall, on the right are labelled the different layers that exist. The first actual layer is the mucosa, it has a layer of epithelium, made of epithelial cells, which have projections called villi. Below this is a muscle layer, known scientifically as the muscularis externa, it is reponsible for peristalsis which moves food through the digestive tract.
In the diagram you should also notice the capillaries, part of the blood network which takes absorbed food away.
By the time everything reaches here, the food has been digested into small enough particles that it can pass through the alimentary tract lining and be absorbed into the blood. The food products pass into the blood stream through villi: these are small foldings of the small intestine that cover on its internal surface. The villi on their own increase the surface area, but the cells which make up the surface of the villus have their own small projections called microvilli (see diagram) these further increase the surface area which means that the digestion products can be absorbed more quickly. The villus has a supply of blood vessels this means substances absorbed can be transported to where they are needed more directly.

Triglycerides are a type of lipid; here you will learn how the body breaks down this molecule. Digestion begins in the duodenum where bile enters from the liver, bile salts make the big blobs of fat into small micelle droplets which massively increases the surface area and makes digestion much easier. Also in the duodenum, pancreatic lipase this breaks the triglyceride into fatty acid and glycerol. These resynthesised lipids make proteins called chylomicrons, these enter the lacteals and travel through the lymphatic system, making it milky. After trying unsuccessfully to find a good raw food pyramid, I decided to design one myself. The Sphincter of Oddi in cats is the final opening of the common bile duct that leads from the gall bladder and pancreas at the choledocho-duodenal junction. Under the influence of cholecystokinin on inhibitory and excitatory nerves and distension pressures within the bile ducts, the sphincter of Oddi relaxes and bile and pancreatic juices flow under a bilioduodenal pressure gradient, releasing juices into the duodenum[1][2]. Pathology of the sphincter has been noticed associated with intraductal calculi, irritable bowel disease, and neoplasia of the duct[3]. The pancreas is one of the digestive organs responsible for assisting with food digestion and blood sugar regulation.After you eat, the pancreas releases a host of digestive enzymes and the hormone insulin, which break down foods and modulate blood sugars. The pancreas located behind the stomach is responsible for the production of enzymes and hormones such as insulin and glucagon.
Physical exam reveals abdominal tenderness, rapid heart rate and respiratory rate, fever and low blood pressure.
Lab test and blood tests :Lab tests for release of pancreatic enzymes will reveal increase in amylase levels, serum blood lipase levels and urine amylase levels.

CT scan: An abdominal CT scan produces cross-sectional images of the abdomen with the help of x-rays.
MRI scan :Several image slices of the belly are put together with a technology that uses magnets and radio waves. Abdominal Ultrasound produces images of the internal organs and structures using sound waves.
Depending on the severity of the inflammation a variety of treatments are available which include endoscopic, laparoscopic and open surgical techniques.
The sphincter is thought to play a role in preventing reflux of pancreatic and bile juices retrogradely up the common bile duct.
People with pancreatic cancer face myriad digestion and nutrition concerns, including malnutrition due to taste and absorption changes, as well as weight loss and fatigue from treatments.Juicing foods might help patients obtain the full healing power of fruits and vegetables. The enzymes aid in the digestion of food and converting it into fuel required for the body’s cells.
But when the enzymes start getting active in the pancreas itself, they digest the tissue of the pancreas.
More specifically, the exocrine function aids digestion and the endocrine function aids in the regulation of blood sugar.

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