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Probably the most overlooked puzzle piece in the health and wellness industry is the emphasis on enzymes. Anybody can have Histamine Intolerance, but you are at higher risk if you eat a GAPS diet, low-carb diet, enjoy gourmet foods, or have been swept up in the current fermented foods fad, because histamine is found lurking primarily in aged, fermented, cured, cultured, and smoked foods.
Histamine Intolerance symptoms tend to appear very soon after eating a high-histamine food, typically within less than two hours. Histamine is an important molecule used to regulate body functions, so it’s found naturally in our bodies in tiny amounts for good reason. If you eat too much histamine or are sensitive to histamine, you can experience all kinds of annoying symptoms that most people wouldn’t think of as related to diet, including asthma, panic attacks, pre-menstrual cramps, and sleep disturbances. Years ago when I first turned my diet upside-down and started eating a low-carbohydrate, high-fat, mostly-meat diet, my health improved tremendously in every way. Nearly all foods contain at least a small amount of histamine, so it’s impossible to completely avoid it.
Unless you have your own personal chemistry lab, it is simply impossible to know how much histamine is in any given food. Any high-protein food (meat, poultry, seafood) that isn’t absolutely fresh will contain rising levels of histamine.
Note: the lists below are not meant to be complete, just representative of what I found in the literature.
Certain kinds of fish are more likely to contain high amounts of histamine unless they are very fresh, because they are naturally higher in the amino acid histidine, which bacteria can turn into histamine.
Some foods are suspected of triggering histamine release within some people’s bodies, even though they may not contain much histamine of their own. If you have at least two typical symptoms (listed at the top of this article) and they go away either with a low-histamine diet or with the use of antihistamine medications, then you probably have Histamine Intolerance. Keeping an accurate food diary— food and drink consumed, symptoms, sleep, exercise, and medications—can reveal patterns and identify problem foods in your diet. People who suspect they may have Histamine Intolerance should first be tested for true food allergies to rule those out before undergoing more specialized testing. There is a variety of methods you and your doctor can use to figure out whether you might have Histamine Intolerance, but most available tests are imperfect.
However, this method is considered fairly unreliable, because blood levels of DAO are so unstable. Many physicians consider this test to be the gold standard for diagnosis of Histamine Intolerance.
DAO levels in the cells lining the gut can be measured directly if you undergo an endoscopy and have small samples of your intestinal cells biopsied for laboratory testing. This is probably the best test available because it’s inexpensive, simpler, and more accurate than other readily available office tests. Unfortunately, symptoms of Histamine Intolerance are not simply about how much histamine is in the foods we eat.
Although the concept of Histamine Intolerance is gaining ground, there is considerable controversy around this diagnosis, and many scientists and physicians still think of Histamine Intolerance as only weakly grounded in scientific evidence or perhaps even psychosomatic in nature. My philosophy is this: if you notice that foods high in histamine bother you, you don’t need a scientist or a doctor to prove you right. Immediate storage of meats and fish on ice dramatically reduces the rate of histamine formation (but does not stop it completely).
HDC (histidine decarboxylase) is the enzyme that bacteria and yeast use to create histamine from proteins in our foods. Histamine itself has no flavor and is odorless, so you can’t use the “smell test” to detect its presence.
Occasional use of antihistamines such as Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and Cetirizine (Zyrtec), or “mast cell stabilizers” such as Cromolyn Sodium (Gastrocrom) may be helpful if they don’t bother you.
To learn about the connection between food sensitivities and anxiety or insomnia, including the possibility that histamine is keeping you up at night or causing panic attacks, I recommend reading my Psychology Today article 5 Foods Proven to Cause Anxiety and Insomnia. You can also listen to my new podcast interview with Yasmina Ykelenstam, the Low Histamine Chef, about the connection between Histamine Intolerance and mental health.
I have received numerous inquiries from people wanting to learn more about Histamine Intolerance. Sign up to be notified of my latest posts!Signup now and receive an email once I publish new content. I absolutely love citrus, pineapple, papaya, strawberries, and crustaceans, so I’m hesitant to reduce my intake thereof. By the way, I too searched for something more recent than 2005 on the matter, but couldn’t find anything. I’m also curious about those foods you listed as triggering histamine release, since they look to have high overlap with reported rosacea triggers, and since many, but not all, are also high in phenols.
I’m not sure but I think that I read somewhere that with regards to histamine egg yolk is ok but egg white is not good. Was also curious if one can be allergic or have a histamine reaction to a particular vitamin. DNA program includes unique and individual concept of nutrition and physical activity, based on test result of the DNA sequences between 10 and 13 existing genetic mutations. In the gene mutations lies the answer to why some people easily achieve the desired weight, and some people in a harder way (whether higher or lower than normal). Now, however, it is familiar that certain gene mutation can also cause obesity, because this disorder makes a person intake ‘’fast’’ food and high calorie foods, fat and sugar. Treating the obesity is sometimes hard and inefficient mainly because inadequate dietary and physical activity program regime is administered.
By establishing gene variants, it becomes clear what the main cause is and how to remove it. FTO gene generates a protein which affects hormone ghrelin (hunger hormone), which then causes the appetite increase for unhealthy food.
FUT2 gen (DNA test for secretor cell status) sets the enzyme activity that affects the overall immunoprotection of the organism.
Non-secretors, namely, do not have their antigens on the surface of intestinal cells, so the virus does not recognize the cell and cannot infect it. On the other hand, the GG or GA variant (non-mutated gene) there is a metabolic disorder and weak defensive response against viruses.
They have an increased risk of urinary tract infections, digestive system diseases, diabetes and a variety of metabolic disorders. When these variants are present, long-term administration of suitable probiotics is necessary. The ADRB2 gene (beta-2 adrenergic receptor) conducts the protein activity that affects the lipid metabolism of adipocytes. The ADRB3 gene (beta-3adrenergic receptor) also conducts the activity of the protein that affects lipid metabolism in adipocytes. Mutation (variant C) of the gene can lead to a reduced fat degradation and the accumulation of fat in the stomach.
Gene APOA2 affects the protein found in the composition of high density lipoproteins, in so-called ‘’good’’ (HDL) cholesterol. Mutation (variant C) of this gene results in the adipose tissue accumulation inside the body, increases visceral fat, and thus metabolic syndrome risk factors(heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure).
The FABP2 gene(fatty acid-binding) affects the protein found in the cells of the small intestine, which participates in the absorption, metabolism and the transfer of fatty acids.
Mutation (variant A) is associated with a greater intake of triglycerides from food into cells of the intestinal tract. The MCM6 gene (maintenance of minichromosomes) affects the proper digestion of lactose (milk sugar). A variant mutations CC (LCT-13910) and GG (LCT-22018) does not allow the lactose enzyme activity, thus reducing the ability to degrade milk sugar (lactose intolerance).
PPARG gene (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma) defines activity of the adipose tissue protein, which has a direct impact on the lipids formation. Mutation (variant G) is responsible for the decreased production of fat, and thus directly affect the occurrence of resistant thinness.

Mutations at 677 and 1298 part of the genome cause lack of an important enzyme 5–MTHF reductase, which causes the metabolic vitamin B9 disorder (folic acid present in various foods). The enzyme provides a complete biochemical utilization of folate from food or supplements, and gene mutation that controls the enzyme causes metabolic deformation.
If there is a genetic disorder, folic acid supplement use will not benefit the health, but also represent a potential risk factor.
Hyperhomocysteinemia is associated with high increased risk of atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, venous thrombosis, cancer (eg, endometrial carcinoma was increased x2.8 in women with elevated homocysteine), congenital anomalies (neural tube defects, Down syndrome, heart defects), inflammatory diseases of the intestinal tract, preeclampsia, neuropsychiatric diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson, bipolar disorders, depression), myelopathy, neuropathy, insomnia, organic psychosis, and even migraine with aura. Every person, with any kind of genetic mutation on the abovementioned sequences, most be familiar with the importance of 5-MTHF solid substitution, instead of basic folic acid, including that all close relatives must be necessarily tested.
Obesity has been shown to be associated with lower testosterone levels and weight loss has been shown to naturally increase levels. Zinc has been associated with many different uses, and perhaps it may related to testosterone production. When perusing the shelves in your pharmacy you may have noticed bottles of CoQ10 supplements and wondered what it is.
Cells use the fat-soluble CoQ10 to obtain energy from food, and our vital organs like the heart, kidneys and liver need this cellular energy to function properly. If you take statins to lower cholesterol, it's important to note that these drugs may lower your body's natural supply of CoQ10. If you are currently taking a statin or your doctor is thinking of prescribing one for you, it is a good idea to talk to your health care provider about taking a CoQ10 supplement, to help combat the depletion of CoQ10 and to avoid other possible negative health effects.
Blood Sugar: Benefits for those with diabetes include improved function of endothelial cells lining blood vessels. CoQ10 supplements can be purchased in a wide range of dosages, which may leave you scratching your head as you read the labels. LipoVite is an injectable solution that contains three main enzymes that prevent fat from accumulating around the liver. Choline: The purpose of this enzyme is to help the liver process waste and excrete it from the body.
The first are endogenous metabolic and digestive enzymes that are produced in the body by various organs and tissues. In fact, vegetarians can benefit from them because of the lack of abundant enzymes in certain plant foods.
MANY people have at least one of the problems listed above but might never suspect that the culprit could be right in front of their noses—on their dinner plates! Foods like aged beef, ripe cheeses, salami, sauerkraut, red wine, and natto can all be quite high in histamine.
Yet there were still some frustrating symptoms that would crop up every once in a while: IBS, fatigue, insomnia, ankle swelling, itchy skin, dry cough, and environmental allergies. People with Histamine Intolerance tend to react to even lower levels because they are especially sensitive. However, there are general guidelines that can help you guess whether a food is likely to be lower or higher in histamine.
Dry sausages such as salami, pepperoni, and chorizo, are the meat products highest in histamine content.
As with any food sensitivity issue, keeping a careful food-symptom diary is very important in noticing patterns. This means that even if you “test negative” for Histamine Intolerance, you could still have it.
Even if your DAO blood test comes back normal, there is still a 50% chance that you have Histamine Intolerance (false-negative).
It involves following a strict low-histamine diet for four weeks, and then undergoing a “histamine challenge” in which you are asked to swallow capsules filled with pure histamine (typically a 75 mg dose) while a clinician monitors your medical reaction for signs and symptoms of Histamine Intolerance. If you are sensitive to histamine, and someone gives you pure histamine, shouldn’t you have a bad reaction? In real life, histamine exists in foods, some of which can affect the way we respond to histamine.
If you develop a “wheal” (bump) on your skin that is still visible 50 minutes later, it is likely that you have Histamine Intolerance. There are many other things that influence how we respond to histamine in foods, which can make things quite confusing for patients and doctors alike. If you can bring a cooler with some ice in it to your grocery store, you can keep histamine levels from rising in your warm car on the way home.
HDC can remain in foods even after the bacteria (or yeast) that produced that enzyme have died off.
Addressing potential deficiencies in these may be helpful in resolving Histamine Intolerance.
Ede may not personally respond to comments, however comments shall remain open to encourage community discussion.
Tsafrir’s discussion of histamine intolerance in her comments on your ketosis blog posts a couple of weeks ago. I have been fermenting foods for a couple of years now in an attempt to get good gut bacteria via food rather than probiotic supplements. A recent experiment with fairly low doses of niacin (300 mg and under) caused a range of visible symptoms (like broken capillaries on the body) but mainly seemingly histamine like reactions like hives, swelling of the lower legs and itching. Sometimes it is caused by metabolism disorders at a cellular level, sometimes is developed by imbalance of certain glands (thyroid, adrenal), still, the main reason is the wrong diet. Around 3 million of people die because of obesity every year, and more than 40 million of obese children under the age of 5 are affected. However, non-secretors release less sugar in the intestinal tract, feeding the beneficial bacteria, so the bacteria number is small, digesting is somewhat worse which increases the tendency toward obesity.
Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, weakness, muscle pain, headache, cough, high temperature and similar, appeared sporadically, prove that a person is a carrier of one or both gene variants.
It is important to determine individual dietary program, in order to balance the metabolism. This error leads to increase of fat inside the body, greater ratio of measurements between waist and hips, as well as general obesity. In this mutation, high intensity physical exercise (gym, fitness exercises with an instructor, aerobics) quickly lead to weight loss. Obesity is being increased, and it is hard to cure it unless using the individual menu with the special relation of fat, proteins and carbohydrates. The consequence of this is the weight increase, percentage of fat increase, triglyceride levels increase, insulin resistance, and so on.
People who cannot lose weight, and have this genetic disorder, must be completely devoid of dairy products. For these mutation carriers an individual dietary regime must be made, because they gain weight with great difficultly.
This vitamin is taken as a supplement, for example, all pregnant women are encouraged to take folic acid. Then folates are not utilized properly which leads to accumulation of homocysteine (hyperhomocysteinemia), which is a risk factor for numerous diseases. Healthy fats however need to be included in your diet as they contribute to various biochemical pathways. Aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen can have some of its activity inhibited with higher levels of zinc. Studies have also shown that increased sleep is associated with increased testosterone levels. Even if you've learned what it does, if you're like most people, you'll also want to look into the benefits of taking it as well as the possible side effects.
It was first identified back in 1957 at the Enzyme Institute of the University of Wisconsin. Without this energy, your cells can't work like they need to for good health and if your body is deficient in CoQ10, it can even lead to heart disease or other serious conditions.
Because the heart has high energy requirements, CoQ10 is an essential compound for the heart to work properly.

Studies have shown that a group of cardio patients who suffered a recent myocardial infarction and who also took aspirin, statins and 60 mg of a CoQ10 supplement (two times a day) each day reduced their likelihood of another cardiac event for one year. A small study published the American Journal of Cardiology (May 2007) says that CoQ10 supplements may be helpful. This is the latest holistic pharmaceutical used to help people lose weight and raise the body’s metabolism. These enzymes, called lipotropics, are used in conjunction with Vitamin B-complex and Vitamin C. Choline aids in the production of lecithin, which reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and decreases the likelihood of gallstones.
It further prevents fat from accumulating around the liver and allowing it to perform its normal functions. B- Complex vitamins increase your energy and aid the cells in the release of energy for use in the body. When used in conjunction with other vitamins and minerals it also assists the body in turning your food into energy and maintaining healthy cells.
Those patients interested in the maintenance effects of the Super B Complex injections should receive injections 1 time weekly. Patients will pay $15 for each injection which covers the cost of the medicine and the nurse visit for the injections. The wellness industry is constantly looking for the next best product to put on the market to help people with energy and vitality. If you have healthy gut defenses, you can handle reasonable quantities of histamine in foods. There are many possible food culprits in the world that have nothing to do with Histamine Intolerance, so you may discover some surprising food reactions if you pay close attention. That’s why I believe the best approach is to eat a low-histamine diet for a few weeks to see if your symptoms go away.
If your DAO blood test comes back abnormal, there is a 17% chance that you DON’T have Histamine Intolerance (false-positive).
Unfortunately, this test can also be misleading, because there are many people with Histamine Intolerance who do not react to pure histamine and pass this test with flying colors. To make matters more complicated, histamine is always accompanied by related substances (other biogenic amines) in aged foods that magnify our reaction to histamine. Below are common reasons why we might have different reactions to the same food on different days.
And if bacteria or yeast are still present in the food, histamine levels will only continue to rise. Therefore, HDC can remain active, turning proteins into histamine, long after the micro-organisms are dead and gone, leading to continued accumulation of histamine. Please note: this supplement is advertised as “vegetarian capsules”, but this is very misleading because it is only the actual capsules themselves that are vegetarian. Since it is a textbook, it is written in an academic voice and is expensive (although available to rent on Kindle), but goes into depth about many of the topics discussed in my two-part histamine series and includes many helpful food tables.
My research over time has indicated that sauerkraut goes through several stages including one where the histamines are very high and vitamin c is low.
Due to a decreased body fat, girls  commonly have hormonal disorders, because adipose tissue influences the hormonal status.
Various exercise regimens will stimulate growth hormone which in turn will also result in increased muscle mass.
Statins work to inhibit enzymes involved in the production of cholesterol, but unfortunately, they also work to inhibit the production of CoQ10.
Specifically, Vitamin B6 plays an instrumental part in increasing the excess water eliminated thru the bladder aiding weight loss. Within the first week I lost a few pounds, I had much less aches and pains, and no digestive issues. However, we are missing one of the fundamentals when it comes to living a healthy long life, i.e.
They are a part of all metabolic processes, from the working of our cells, tissues, and organs, to the functioning of our digestive system, endocrine system, immune system, and every other system.
However, more and more of us have compromised gastrointestinal systems and so have difficulty with even small quantities of natural food toxins like histamine. If they do, you’ve solved your own problem and you may decide you don’t need further proof or validation! There are also many other factors that can influence how you respond to histamine from one day to the next [see section below entitled confounding factors].
Fortunately, HDC can be inactivated by freezing for 1-2 weeks, and is destroyed by cooking. With these mutations, physical activity is harmful to the process of weight loss and can lead to a counter-effect in terms of reducing metabolic functions.
Fredrick Crane's research isolated CoQ10 from a beef heart, and after further study found that not only is CoQ10 a naturally occurring compound, but it is also a powerful antioxidant which occurs in nearly all plant and animal tissue.
Since dosages range anywhere between 10 mg and 300 mg capsules, a realistic place to start would probably be about 50 mg. Even minerals, vitamins, hormones, and neurotransmitters need enzymes to be present in order to their own work properly. This is why I recommend taking digestive enzymes at each meal, so we can reduce stress on the body, break our food down, and utilize the nutrients in the food without taxing all our metabolic enzymes in the body. If too much histamine makes its way from foods into your bloodstream, it can cause a wide variety of unpleasant symptoms.
So as you’ll notice, most histamine levels in the tables below are listed as ranges rather than absolute values. This takes as long as 30 days, which is why it’s best to do ferments in a completely anaerobic environment.
However, this is one supplement that it really is best to talk to your doctor about before you start taking it.
We know vegetarians usually live the longest and are some of the healthiest people on the planet.
In 2013 I started a blog series about a new ketogenic diet I was experimenting with, describing how I felt along the way. Grass-fed and pastured meats are not necessarily better choices—it depends on how far they had to travel to get to your store.
Those open vessels with the food just pushed under the salt water may not cut it for folks sensitive to histamines. It is due to eating enzyme rich foods and allowing the blood and organs to regenerate from the raw foods they eat! When I’m traveling, eating at someone else’s home, or not sure about the histamine content of a food, I use this supplement to help minimize symptoms of Histamine Intolerance from foods I suspect may bother me. I find I have no reaction to long fermented sauerkraut but cannot stomach shorter ferments at all. Your doctor knows your medical history including what drugs you're taking and any other medical conditions that may be affected.
To live long and healthy in today’s world, we must eat more raw foods and take plant based enzymes, like the Core Health Pack, when eating cooked food!
It needs to be taken right before you eat—no longer than 20 minutes before, so that it will be in the right place at the right time—in your small intestine when the suspicious food arrives. Not only that, but higher doses of CoQ10 may be required for certain medical conditions and your doctor will know that as well. Each of these four categories include co-factor enzymes too numerous to list, since 3,000 of the 5.000 types of enzymes in the body are located in the digestive system. Therefore, it is important to focus on what we are eating and digesting because it can give us energy and vitality or weigh us down and shorten our lives.

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