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A judge in a northwest Iowa county has dismissed a flag desecration charge against a man who protested a crude oil pipeline crossing his property by hanging an American flag upside down at his home.
Oz brings on two specialists to discuss how HPV is transmitted from person to another person, who is at risk and how this asymptomatic virus is detected.
Working every weekend in sauna like conditions, never being able to take a day off and being covered in flour is something I will not miss.

Diane Harper, a researcher who helped develop an HPV vaccine, said HPV is essentially a little, tiny virus that likes to live in the top skin cells of the body. And the only tests are a pap smear, which can be unreliable, and an HPV test, which from how it was talked about on Dr. She said she sees it everyday in her practice and she wants the shame and stigma of HPV to disappear. He said the HPV virus convinces the cells in the cervix to keep replicating until it is cervical cancer.
All HPV is also asymptomatic, meaning there is no bleeding, no pain, nothing, until cancer, particularly cervical cancer, develops.

And you can not tell if the cervix has HPV just by looking at it, even a doctor can’t do it.

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