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If you’ve ever wanted to know the truth and what it is exactly that you should be doing daily — like forgoing antibacterial soap or that fat is good for you — to “achieve whole-body wellness,” then Dr. The small, simply written and easy-to-follow book features over 200 pages of valuable health information to help you live a more fruitful life.
Q: The book is sectioned into five basic areas of life — eating, moving, boosting, healing and living.
A: I think so many people have problems with their feet, because they wear shoes that may look good but are not particularly good for their feet (too tight and or heels that are too high).
Q: Having authored several health books and from your experience with integrative health, what would be some of the easiest things we could do to live long, fulfilling lives? A: Find passion and meaning in your life, and if that’s not possible, try do something you love for at least 10 minutes a day. If you have a sweet tooth and you’re making a concerted effort to get yourself off sugar, take a supplement called glutamine when you have a craving (1,000 milligrams every four to six hours as needed).
Whether ita€™s your favorite meal of the day or the one you care about the least, breakfast is your chance to front-load your system with the vitamins and nutrients you need to power through the day. While some say juicing is the second coming, I say ita€™s a trend thata€™s best embraced lightly.
Mainstream medical thinking on cholesterol is largely based on an influential-but-flawed study from the 1960s, which concluded that heart disease is caused by high levels of cholesterol. It can be hard to stop eating sugar, as it is a drug, but the doses that we typically consume are so harmful that we must. My grocery list would be organic vegetables, lots of avodcadoes, grass-fed meats, organic chicken, organic pastured eggs, wild fish, nuts and seeds. It’s a benign amino acid that tricks your body into thinking it’s getting sugar (aka glucose). Your soul and brain feel better and function more smoothly in a place that’s been purged of extraneous objects. Do it wrong, however, and youa€™ll be a nutritionally compromised zombie a€“ sleepy, hungry, moody and ill-equipped to tackle the day.And, unfortunately, most people are doing it wrong, filling up on junky, low-fuel, high-sugar breakfasts that give rise to hunger pangs, mood swings and cravings before they even get to the office.
Although it might surprise you, I think of a tall glass of fresh-pressed veggies and fruit as an occasional treat a€” like an indulgent dessert a€” rather than an everyday lifestyle choice. Yet we now know that this is not true, and eating foods with a lot of cholesterol (like eggs) doesn’t affect your blood cholesterol levels, either.
Taking a tennis ball and massaging your feet with it is an easy way to release some of the tight fascia and tissues in the feet.
Move your body as often as you can, eat as close to nature as possible and don’t skimp on sleep. As with most quick-fix health crazes, there are always at least a few downsides to consider, so herea€™s some food for thought to help you consider how to juice smarter a€” or whether to do it at all: Your Juice Is a Sugar BombMost bottled juices have enough sugar to stand toe-to-toe with a can of Mountain Dew.
Eating foods with traces of pesticides is bad for your health a€“ especially for kids.Although the full scope of the threat is not yet known, research confirms that pesticide exposure can harm us in serious ways. The tips in the book are a mixture of studies, common sense and what I have learned from being a doctor for the last 35 years.
I’d also recommend loading up your diet with healthy fats and vegetables, so there is no room for sugary foods. The tip that we phrase in “The New Health Rules” as “Exercise like kids play” is the idea of HIIT. Less than one-tenth of an inch thick, skin is a porous membrane that is highly sensitive to toxic chemicals. It doesna€™t matter if theya€™re organic and refrigerated or conventional and off the shelf. What we put on our skin affects our health just as much as, if not more than, what we put in our mouths.Some toxic ingredients illegally remain unlabeled. Juices made from fruit as well as veggies like beets and carrots can add up to liquid dessert that can send you on a blood-sugar roller coaster.
Both factors make them especially vulnerable to the hazardous effects of these chemicals.2. Granted, with some very fresh, minimally processed juiced drinks, youa€™ll get some quickly absorbed nutrients, but the sugar spikes and troughs that come with the package arena€™t worth the ride. Most of these options are packed with sugar and carbs and come up short on protein and healthy fats.
Juicing Is a Fiber-free ZoneJuiced fruits and veggies are virtually fiber-free a€” all that good fiber gets left behind in the base of the juicer and tossed out. Standing in tree pose, for example, teetering on one foot, you might say to yourself, Hmm .

Tobacco products are labeled with explicit warnings on cancer risks, which relate only to late adolescents and adults. Although some think of juicing as a digestive aid, many people on juice cleanses often have a problem with constipation!Youa€™re Going to Get Hungry a€“ QuickOK, so wea€™ve established your juice has a ton of sugar and not a lot of fiber. Department of Agriculture, whose tests revealed traces of at least one pesticide on nearly 75 percent of fruit and vegetable samples tested in 2014.Topping the Dirty Dozen list this year are strawberries, followed by apples, nectarines, peaches, celery and grapes. In striking contrast, there are no warnings whatsoever on cosmetics and personal care products.
Adding insult to injury, most cereals are made from genetically modified crops that have been treated with carcinogenic pesticides and include preservatives like endocrine-disrupting BHT and suspected carcinogen BHA.
Without fat, protein and fiber to fill your belly and signal to the brain that youa€™re done eating, youa€™re going to get mighty hungry, mighty fast.Your Juice Doesna€™t Have Long to LiveHow fresh is that bottled juice? Commit for two weeks and youa€™ll be amazed by your increased energy, decrease in cravings and weight loss. If I lift my chest, I might be able to breathe more fully and make this whole thing easier. Dona€™t fill your belly with this crap.Step Away From the MuffinIf you pit the average homemade muffin against the massive ones on sale at your local breakfast or coffee place, you cana€™t help but notice the David vs. The a€?sell-bya€™ date will certainly give you a clue, but ita€™s not going to tell you how potent the nutrients in the bottle still are. And then later, when you’re in a meeting at the office that’s hard to tolerate, you find yourself tapping into the same principles: tweaking your stance, finding a way to take a breath—and the situation becomes bearable. Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified organic companies, can no longer claim ignorance of the wide range of toxic, and even life threatening, ingredients in products manufactured and sold by multibillion-dollar, besides smaller, companies.The FDA is responsible for the regulation of cosmetics and personal care products. Unfortunately, the nutrients that you hope to imbibe with every sip start degrading the moment they are exposed to light and air. Buy organic when you can.To avoid pesticides altogether, we recommend buying organic whenever you can, but if your options are limited or your budget is tight, consult EWGa€™s list and start prioritizing your purchases.Strawberries and apples? Think of the average store-bought muffin as essentially a giant piece of unfrosted birthday cake a€” hardly an energizing way to start the day.Dona€™t Hit the (Juice) BottleIa€™m a big proponent of cleanses and detoxes a€” done right a€” but Ia€™m not a big fan of bottled juice cleanses because most provide little (if any) fat, fiber or protein to fill you up.
To be a bit kinder to the earth, you might want to consider eating the majority of your produce instead of juicing it.BE WELL SOLUTIONSIn a perfect world, Ia€™d say lay off the juices and eat as much whole food as possible. It will help reset your palate, change your cravings and make you think twice before reaching for something sweet.2.
Even the ones that may have valuable nutrients deliver a big dose of sugar, which means blood sugar and insulin spikes. However, if decide you are going to drink a juice, below are some tips to follow:Make it yourself!
Following six decades of the FDA’s reckless failure to comply with the requirements of the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger enacted the California Safe Cosmetics Act.
You will actually lose weight by increasing your intake of healthy fat while limiting sugar and carbohydrates. Washing produce is a must a€“ but it doesna€™t completely remove pesticide residues.Some people think that thoroughly washing fruits and vegetables removes all traces of pesticides.
This requires that cosmetic companies disclose to the State Department of Health Services any ingredients in their products that have been identified as causing cancer or hormone disruption.
Consumers assume their bottled, a€?healthya€™ pressed juices contain just one serving, when more often than not, they contain two servings.
Sugar and carbs are quick sources of fuel and unless youa€™re burning them quickly, theya€™re stored as fat. That means EWGa€™s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists reflect pesticide levels on produce after ita€™s been washed.Pesticide levels are even higher when fruits and veggies arena€™t washed, so rub your produce under running water before eating. Some bottles have two to three servings, and you can wind up drinking far more sugar than you intended.Check the grams of sugar per serving.
Start by limiting all grains, processed carbohydrates and fruit while increasing your intake of healthy fats.
However, these products are now the fastest growing segment of the cosmetics industry.There is also major recent progress at the federal level.
Wea€™re talking a perfect storm of genetically modified ingredients, sugar, refined carbs, gluten, factory-farmed eggs and milk a€” all topped with a healthy dose of maple-brown-tinted high-fructose corn syrup. If ita€™s more than 6 grams, skip it altogether or cut some of the juice with seltzer or water.Check the grams of fiber. Make sure to include small amounts of healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado, or nuts at each meal.3. Virtually devoid of protein, fiber or good fats, this nutrition-free carb-bomb is the reason youa€™re starving, lethargic and cranky an hour or so after eating a stack.

Write Down What You Eat For 2 WeeksA few small pieces of chocolate, a slice of bread, and other small indulgences add up quickly.
Margaret Hamburg, the newly appointed FDA Commissioner, is well recognized as a leading public health advocate.
Even as a special treat, pancakes are a bad, energy-sapping breakfast idea, so grow up, and let a€?em go. As such, she is likely to be highly responsive to concerns on toxic products, and take prompt appropriate regulatory action!Samuel S. WHAT TO EMBRACE:OK, so once you take pancakes, muffins, cereal and juices off the menu, you may be wondering, a€?What in the world am I going to eat for breakfast?!a€? Glad you asked because at Be Well, we have tons of ideas on how to build amazing and energizing breakfasts. Keeping a food journal is a great concept to incorporate at the beginning of changing your eating patterns. In her most recent role as executive director of university marketing and communications at Pepperdine University, she was responsible for providing the strategic and operational leadership of key marketing and communications initiatives, including editorial strategy, social media, public and media relations, advertising, web, and e-marketing.Megan earned her mastera€™s degree in English literature from the University of Edinburgh and her bachelora€™s degree in English, magna cum laude, from Georgetown University. Pack two a€?muffinsa€™ in a travel container, add some greens, black beans and sliced avocado in another, and youa€™re out the door.
At the office, warm the muffins in the microwave for 30 seconds and voila, breakfast is served. Commit to this exercise for two weeks and research shows it will double your weight loss success.4. 2) Luscious Leftovers To-GoIf dinner was great last night, why not enjoy it again in the morning? Be Aware of Your Trigger FoodsWe all have comfort foods that can send us on a downward spiral. Your boss stresses you out and you reach for a bag of our favorite chips or a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Now that your new and improved breakfast menu doesna€™t include sugar and dough, therea€™s lots more room for tasty, nutritious, real food. Ita€™s over so quickly; wea€™re left with the guilt, and ita€™s hard to get back on the wagon. Smoothies!Yes, Team Be Well is, admittedly, a little crazy for smoothies as long as they are not sugar bombs.
We are constantly discovering delicious new variations; this Mocha Choca Smoothie is my current favorite. During our grandparentsa€™ generation, these foods didna€™t even exist and nor did many of the health problems we face today.
Whip up a batch of high-protein a€?pancakesa€™ made with coconut flour, mashed bananas and eggs.6) Chocolate Chia Seed PuddingWho said a healthy breakfast cana€™t also feel like a treat? You can make a big batch of chocolate chia sieed pudding, and it will keep in the fridge for up to three days. Many of their vegetables were grown at home or locally; they didna€™t have to worry if the meat was pumped full of antibiotics, and they snacked on nuts, seeds and fruit.
I encourage clients to stick to foods such as organic meats, eggs, avocados, nut butter, and plenty of green leafy vegetables, as much as possible.
If you need to eat something from a package, make sure it has less than five ingredients.For extra motivation and support, join our FREE New Year Cleanse Workshop starting on Monday, January 18th.
Refrigerate for 10 to 15 minutes, and dig in!7) a€?Toad In the Holea€?The kiddie version involves an egg and toast.
The exquisitely delicious, nutritious grown-up version keeps the egg but trades the toast for half an acorn squash garnished with chives. Bake it the night before to save precious morning minutes a€“ and allow you more time to eat and savor! She assists clients in attaining sustainable weight loss, reducing food cravings, increasing energy and managing stress.
Click here for the full recipe.For more delicious ways to do breakfast better, check out these Morning Meal Solutions. With 15 years experience in the corporate world (most recently at Disney), Courtney understands first hand the challenges of maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle while juggling a successful career and family.Courtney is a graduate of Boston College and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She loves staying active by running marathons, practicing yoga and keeping up with her two year old son.Related PostsOn the Cleanse But Not Losing Weight?6 Signs Youa€™re Eating Too Much Sugar5 Reasons to Skip the Skim Milk6 Things You May Not Know About Weight LossA Conversation with Dr.

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