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Many individuals do not know how much important their body’s digestion is until something goes wrong. Probiotics are most times referred to as friendly bacteria and can b found naturally in our digestive tracts. You must have heard that probiotics, the cultures in yoghurts, for instance, are good for one’s health.
Digestive disorders and disease, for example: IBS, gastritis, IBD, ulcerative colitis, among many other problems are becoming an epidemic in our world.
Irritable bowel syndrome also known as IBS, which hits an estimated number of 57 million Americans can result to diarrhea, bloating and cramps.
The beneficial bacteria have more than one function affecting our health such as: creating vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, K and Biotin, helping digest food, making essential fatty acids that feed the gut lining , producing lactase to digest milk, detoxifying dangerous substances, crowding out harmful bacteria and fungi producing bacteriocins and anti-fungals to fight harmful bacteria , helping remove hormone excess, to maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, helping cells reproduce normally, increasing the number of immune cells, stimulating cell repair mechanisms , reducing inflammatory response. There are a lot of probiotix supplements found in the market nowadays, but as you have probably guessed, they are not all equal. Do you know that probiotics are vulnerable to losing effectiveness and potency the longer they lie outside? Unless you have a diet that is considered free of all man made problems, a quality probiotic can possess an amazing effect on your health as a whole.
I Need a TrainerHiring a certified Personal Trainer through Infofit is one of the best investments you can make with regard to your overall health and fitness. Bacteria is usually thought of as something that is the cause of disease and something from which we need protection.
Although more research is needed, there’s encouraging evidence that probiotics may help treat diarrhea, especially following treatment with certain antibiotics. Probiotics are some of the underestimated remedies that help the body against bad bacteria. Avoiding sugary food and a diet of fruits, vegetable, meats and chicken can help lower the amount of yeast in the intestine. Garlic, ginger and other spices have anti-bacterial properties that can help check yeast infections from happening.
Symptoms of anxiety are good indicators that the body is suffering from high levels of stress. Ryan Rivera is a writer who focuses on health issues that cause much anxiety, stress and depression to many people. Due to the nutritional qualities of the banana fruit, a banana smoothie recipe energizes the system naturally. Bananas contain prebiotic fiber which supports probiotics (good bacteria) in the digestive system.
To further assist the digestive process, create a banana smoothie recipe with a sub-acid fruit such as raspberries or blueberries and a vegetable such as celery or lettuce. Thus a simple and unrefined banana smoothie recipe packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients has vast health benefits.
This entry was posted by smoothie-recipes on July 20, 2012 at 1:38 am, and is filed under Breakfast Smoothie Recipes. Your dog or cat’s gastrointestinal (GI) system is the foundation of its health and its first line of defense against disease. Categories: Cats, Dogs, Litter and Housebreaking, Litter and Housebreaking, Odor and Stain Removers, Odor and Stain Removers, Pet Supplies. Some of the symptoms of compromised gut health include constipation, too much (or too little) intestinal gas, diarrhea, chronic bad breath, hormonal issues, menstrual problems, allergies and vitamin deficiencies, just to name a few. A study conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine showed that the typical American diet consisting of mostly low fiber foods produces a range of internal deficiencies.
The study (conducted with mice that had the gut bacteria of humans) and its results shows diets that are low in fiber deplete complex microbial ecosystems and erode gut health, causing an irreversible loss of intestinal flora diversity that gets progressively worse with successive generations.
What’s even more alarming is that once this occurs, later generations attempting to “eat right” can’t seem to reverse the effects. Processed, low-fiber foods are causing most Americans (and people from other industrialized nations) to consume just 15 grams of fiber per day, compared with 10 times as much by our hunter-gatherer and agrarian ancestors. Other factors that have been reducing healthy gut flora in Americans include widespread antibiotic use, fewer mothers breastfeeding, and more cesarean sections.
The main reason low-fiber diets are harmful is that fiber, which human enzymes cannot digest, is the top food source for helpful microorganisms like commensal bacteria, which colonizes the colon.
The prevalence of low fiber foods in industrialized nations is a relatively new development; however, the ramifications of the Stanford study point to serious problems for our great-grandchildren if this continues. Some simple diet and cultural changes could make a difference, the first of which is favoring foods that are rich in fiber and steering away from low-fiber, processed options. With all these tactics implemented though, some diseases or conditions related to the gut still persist and can prove to be a real challenge to deal with. Note that in case of a hard to treat condition, I would tackle the problem with a shotgun approach. We don't because, we have strayed away from the best way of living that fits our evolution best. Probiotics help improve the digestive health of all ages of horses.Nutritional supplements are administered for many different reasons. Be it an extra big meal that makes you feel lethargic and bloated; being overweight,  acid reflux or something different, you do not get to know the great important role your digestion plays till you get yourself into a problem. Health practitioners including doctors most times recommend taking probiotics maybe during or after taking antibiotics.

Probiotics can remove and cure most of the listed problems like excessive flatulence, IBS, gastritis and IBD. Just imagine about 3 to 4 pounds of tiny little bacteria living in the digestive tract that are responsible for a lot of amazing things. For probiotics to be considered effective, they need to possess the following requirements like: Contain more than one strain, Remain potency at the time of consumption, contain prebiotics, able to survive stomach acid. For this reason, do not buy too much of it, ensure they are fresh by looking at the expiry date and do not leave them to sit on the shelf for a long time.  In addition, consider this, after a year, a typical bottle will lose about 60 % of its potency. Doctors often suggest taking the supplements for people with digestive problems or after a course of antibiotics.
Side effects are usually mild and include upset stomach, diarrhea, gas, and bloating for the first couple of days after commencing use. The amount of beneficial bacteria will keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy and will replace the candida in the body. Taking anti-biotics, steroid and estrogen-based birth control pills can increase oral thrush and yeast infection in the body. You can integrate the spices with food or use the spices as therapy to remove clear white tongue. As long as the yeast and the bacteria are kept in check you should not have much of a problem. With origins linked to Malaysia, the banana is a member of the Musaceae family of flowering plants.
The prebiotic fiber guards against damaging pathogens to ensure healthy digestion, effective nutrient absorption and elimination. Bananas are classified as a sweet fruit and combine well with sub-acid fruits and leafy greens. Aside from supporting muscle function, the potassium found in bananas and romaine lettuce are responsible to balance the amount of water in the body and the acid alkaline environment as well.
And, it’s no wonder, thanks to the typical American’s diet, loaded with processed, low fiber foods, chemicals and denatured ingredients. Poor gut health will lead to serious digestive issues, autoimmune conditions and even cancer.
Click here to gain INSTANT access to the Heal Your Gut Summit – which offers evidence-based tools you’ll need to regain control of your health.
Not surprisingly, people who still live an agrarian lifestyle have a much higher diversity of healthy gut bacteria, while persons from industrialized societies show a complete absence of some key intestinal flora. There are thousands of different types of intestinal flora in our large intestines, and we need them for immune system health as well as tissue development.
Organic beans, whole grains, berries and dark leafy green vegetables are all excellent sources of fiber (and nutrition). Granted, following a Paleo diet will often provide great relief and maybe even cure whatever ailment you’re dealing with.
This article will dig deeper into the subject and I will recommend a general strategy to cope with most gut and gut flora ailments.
This basically means that I would eliminate any possible offending foods at the same time as I would try and maximize my immune system strength, gut healing and good flora rebuilding. Supplements designed to support digestion are the second most commonly administered type behind joint supplements. Now, these bugs can be discovered in cheese, cereal, soup, energy bars and a whole lot of other products filling up pharmacy and grocery shelves.
Some findings and preliminary discoveries suggest that probiotics may help ease signs and symptoms, although there are also negative studies as well. Although some brands may fulfill all these requirements, nevertheless, if you want to notice results, you need a probiotic product that has it all. If you are purchasing a poorly produced probiotic, or one that is expired or out of date, you might get as tiny as one billion of that.
Probiotics are live bacteria, and the quantity of acid in the human system is quite unbelievable, so the time a normal dose of a probiotic makes it to your digestive tract down to your stomach, only about one-tenth is considered effective. Probiotics are microorganisms that may help with digestion and offer protection from destructive bacteria.
Probiotics are also found in many foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha tea, kimchi and dark chocolate.
The most common type of probiotic is Lactobacillius and is the one found in yogurt and fermented foods. However this type is generally used to help with the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The logic is that as the beneficial bacteria outnumber candida the risks of getting infected will be significantly reduced. It is best to discuss with your doctor if you are able to substitute or replace potential candida-promoting medicines that you are taking.
A compromised immune system will have a hard time in keeping the candida within normal levels.
The increase of candida is actually an indicator that the body is in serious trouble and correcting the balance could avert more serious health problems. The banana as a key ingredient in a smoothie recipe boasts significant levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, manganese, potassium, fiber and phytochemicals. An imbalance of electrolytes can cause muscle cramping due to the misfunction of electrical impulses.

Bananas also act as natural antacids by coating the stomach lining with excess mucus to neutralize and protect against stomach acids.
Certain combinations of fruit and vegetables may hinder digestion due to the differing amount of time foods need to digest.
Toxic diets – low in fiber – destroy the diversity of intestinal flora and can cause a wide range of health problems and lower immune function. Also, other than being very strict with the diet, complete elimination of dairy, egg whites, nightshade vegetables, nuts and seeds and limiting fruit intake should be a priority, as discussed in my articles about dealing with autoimmune diseases and about the benefits of egg yolks.
Note that each condition usually also requires a special approach, but the general ideas discussed here usually applies to all of them. Forgetting a step or doing things only partially often leads to poor results unfortunately.
BioEquine is an exceptional source of probiotics and contains the right balance of Vitamins C, A, D, E and zinc and natural silica to help promote joint health. Please always remember this; a healthy digestive system requires hundred trillion (100 trillion) healthy bacteria. This one is usually prescribed to help with diarrhea or help with the digestion of lactose.
Researchers are still trying to figure out which bacteria is best for which health problem. However, an overpopulation of candida can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, digestion problems and various infections. An efficient immune system can easily balance the intestinal flora and help keep a healthy count of candida in the body. You need to consider your weight and height when determining how much water you need to drink each day. Regarding soluble fiber, the pectin content of bananas helps in the elimination process, allaying constipation. For example, fruits in the melon category digest very quickly while sweet fruits take a little more time because of their water content. I’ve been dealing with tough problems myself and it sometimes seems that even the stars have to be aligned to start seeing progress, so hang in there and make anything possible to regain health as soon as possible so you can laugh about it afterwards. We at BioEquine firmly believe that a horse's overall health relies upon optimal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
It improves uptake of nutrients into one’s body, enhances your ability to recover, maintain your body weight and it limits inflammation.
To fight candida the body needs to have at least 30 billion Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidus bacteria. Alcohol and smoking can also weaken the immune system which increases the risk of clear white tongue. For males, it would be best to drink at least eleven and for females, nine would be a safe number.
It becomes bothersome if the number of candida is enough to create discomfort and cause potential serious harm to the body.
Overall, fiber keeps blood sugar levels intact and allows a feeling of fullness to prevent overeating.
Mature adults had to do most of the hard work enable us to invest up to 25 years in our kids. And we have lost touch with the circadian rhythms of the Natural World, and that has made us ill too. Lastly, it should come with a protective coating to ensure the probiotic drug goes all the way into your stomach and strictly to your instestine.
Make sure that you are taking in live microorganisms by taking a look at the expiration date on the label. Studies show that the carbohydrates in bananas efficiently convert to muscle glycagon to prevent fatigue and dehydration.
Prebiotics and probiotics are some of the most common ingredients in digestive health products.Prebiotics are food ingredients that stimulate the growth or activity of good bacteria that live in the horses' gut. Here are some tips that you can use to clear white tongue in oral thrush and yeast infection.
They are usually long chains of sugar molecules such as fructooligosaccharides, xylooligosaccharides etc. We feel they are found in the normal diet and would dilute our concentrated formulation.Probiotics are the live microorganisms themselves. For example, antibiotic administration, stress, transport, abrupt dietary changes and Clostridium spp. This undigested food can lead to situations such as colic or colic-like symptoms, bloat, founder, and set up ideal parasite conditions.
There are yeasts on the market that are "dead" and don't do anything without the addition of live organisms.

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