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We have been getting questions a lot lately (and in our plan to heal the gut we forgot to mention brands of supplements) about what brands of probiotics and digestive enzymes we like. Therefore, we decided to incorporate our favorite brands into a blog posts so everyone can see our favorite brands in one spot. Hopefully this list of supplements helps you with any digestive issues or help with overall good health. Michelle: Friday morning I got ready for the day and did my 5 minute plank and some push-ups again, like yesterday.
Lori: Friday morning I did our 12 minute plank-cardio workout and ended the burn with doing some tri-cep push-ups.
After my plank I took my morning probiotic, fish oil pill and l-glutamine and had some gelatin.
Yesterday morning I requested to have just bananas, as I do not do well with strawberries and don’t really like melons. My big sister gave me some of her sausage to help keep me full, which this breakfast did just that!
First meal of the day was my 2 whole eggs with 2 large handfuls of chopped kale, and 4oz roasted butternut squash all sauteed on the skillet with turmeric and cinnamon.
Late afternoon as I was starting to prep for dinner I sipped on 2 cups of peppermint tea and snacked on veggie pulp crackers that I made yesterday (unpictured).
Skin: got the pimple on chin still along with a new one on left side of forehead and right side of nose. No we have never tried NOW product and we tried taking HCL a few years ago but did not do it long as we were unsure if it was helping.
I have been taking Natural Factors Ultimate Women’s Formula Probiotics for 6 months now and I swear by it. Kristin thank you so much for sharing, that salt bar sounds amazing, we will definitely check it out!
I don’t comment much (maybe twice before?) anyways consider making your own water kefir and start out with 8 ounces daily. Issac-I too have had trouble with enzymes causing bloating and gas which I don’t understand. Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer is a new nutritional supplement that promises to help tune your cells at the genetic level in order to regulate the aging process. Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer is a nutritional supplement made by LifeVantage, a multilevel marketing company that sells a number of other nutritional supplements. Protandim claims to relieve oxidative stress on the body by flooding your body with antioxidants. The supplement will launch in Q4 2016 during a live broadcast that will take place around the world. The Protandim NRF1 Synergizer launch was announced on February 19 during LifeVantage’s Elite Academy in Nashville, Tennessee.
Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer claims to work in tandem with the original Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer. So far, all we really know about the Nrf1 Synergizer is that it will be launched worldwide sometime in Q4 2016.
Fortunately, we do know how the original Protandim supplement, the Nrf2 Synergizer, claims to work.
The Protandim lineup takes this a step further by actually claiming that these ingredients active the Nrf2 protein. LifeVantage frequently mentions that it’s a science-based company committed to making supplements backed by extensive scientific evidence.
LifeVantage dedicates a page of their site to discussing the science behind the supplement. One study published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine in March 2011 showed that the antioxidants in Protandim can have a protective effect. Researchers specifically examined the effect that Protandim had on human saphenous veins, or HSVs, which are widely used for bypass grafts.
Basically, Protandim was tested on human tissue outside of the human body (“ex vivo”), where it showed an ability to reduce oxidative stress in that tissue, reducing cellular proliferation while increasing the activity of certain molecules. A study published in 2010 in the Journal of Dietary Supplements involved testing Protandim on mice.
Researchers tested the supplement on mice to gauge the effect the supplement might have on humans with muscular dystrophy.
The mice received the diet for 6 months, during which researchers tested their oxidative stress.
Researchers also observed that the mice eating the Protandim food experienced a 48% average decrease in plasma thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS) as well as positive movement in a number of other oxidative stress indicators, like 38% less MRI signal abnormality. After the six month period, the mice that took Protandim did not significantly alter motor function nor histological criteria.
So mice were observed to have lower levels of oxidative stress in their system after being treated with Protandim. To do that, researchers took a “mechanical animal model” and compared it to an established model.
In other words, Protandim was shown to decrease pressure in the heart, which could reduce the risk of heart attack. Fortunately, LifeVantage claims that more Protandim studies are on the way – although it hasn’t mentioned whether or not human clinical trials have taken place. Since the Nrf1 Synergizer has not yet been released, we haven’t yet seen any studies specifically on it. It’s always a good idea to wait for reliable research to come out before you start taking a nutritional supplement. Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer has not yet been released, so we don’t know the pricing details for the upcoming supplement. The original Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer, however, is exclusively available through LifeVantage distributors. You may find cheaper prices, but that appears to be the approximate price at which most LifeVantage distributors are selling. It’s expected that the Nrf1 Synergizer will offer similar pricing to the original supplement.
In addition to the popular Nrf2 Synergizer (and the upcoming Nrf1 Synergizer), the company makes supplements like TrueScience Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen, Canine Health, the AXIO energy product line and the PhysIQ Smart Weight Management System. Until more reliable research on real human subjects is conducted, it’s impossible to verify the claims made by LifeVantage. Nectar7 is a new lineup of Niagen supplements that promises to work as an NAD+ activator to provide anti-aging benefits. The manufacturer of Nectar7 claims that by taking the supplement daily, you can boost your physical and mental health, raise cognitive function, and increase metabolism. In addition to the standard Nectar7 Niagen supplement, the manufacturer has released a Nectar7 Niagen & Collagen supplement that claims to boost the quality of your skin, hair, and joints. Nectar7 works using the power of nicotinamide riboside, which is one of the hottest molecules in the anti-aging supplement industry today. Basically, nicotinamide riboside, acts as a precursor to NAD+, and NAD+ has been linked with certain health benefits. Here’s where things get excited: in research studies conducted over the last few years, NAD+ has shown some extraordinary anti-aging benefits. In one study, conducted by Harvard University in 2013, higher NAD+ levels were shown to significantly reduce the age of mice. The molecule has actually been studied since 1953, but that 2013 study really brought NAD+ into the limelight.
There’s one obvious problem with NAD+ and Nectar7: neither has been studied extensively in humans.
However, it’s important to note that Nectar7 does list that it underwent successful human trials. Nevertheless, the manufacturer doesn’t describe where that study took place or where it was published. You may have noticed that Nectar7 frequently lists its formula as containing Niagen, and every time the manufacturer mentions Niagen, they put a registered trademark symbol, ®, next to it. That’s because Nectar7 licenses its Niagen formula from a company named ChromaDex, which is the only company currently producing nicotinamide riboside (NR) for use in consumers. I’m telling you this because Nectar7 seems to advertise that it’s the first and only commercially available source of NR available in the world today. That’s not really true: Niagen is the first and only source of NR, and Nectar7 is just a supplement that contains Niagen. There are several other popular supplements also available today that contain NR, including supplements from Live Cell Research and HPN. The only major difference between Nectar7 and these other competing supplements is that it’s a relative newcomer to the scene. Refunds are also only available on unopened bottles, and you’ll need to pay your own shipping and handling charges. Ultimately, Nectar7 is one of a growing number of NR, or Niagen supplements on the market today that make similar promises about their anti-aging benefits. While the scientific literature on the benefits of NAD+ is growing, there’s still limited evidence from human trials. Anecdotally, people who take Niagen supplements like Nectar7 typically report either no benefits, or moderate anti-aging benefits. Product Review Skin Care Ulta Beauty – The Best Cosmetics & Skincare Products? ULTA has been in business for over 25 years and now has its own label for beauty and cosmetic products.

Because Ulta Beauty has such a vast array of products, it’s near impossible to list every single item sold on its website or in its stores. Customers looking to improve their skin care regiment or to purchase gifts for friends and family will also find travel sets, gifts, and beauty products in bulk in this section. ULTA also has its own collection of bath and body products, as well as sets for travel and for gift giving. While there are over 500 brands sold in ULTA Beauty stores and on their website, including ULTAs own brand, every month they feature specific brands that are either offering deals or releasing new products.
ULTA Beauty hopes that instead of running from salon to dermatologist to another salon, customers will chose to get everything done in one convenient location.
At ULTA Beauty locations, customers can work with certified hair professionals to get the look that they want.
After providing the cuts, trims, or colors that the customer wants, the professionals that work at ULTA will provide detailed at-home styling tips to make recreating the look easy.
During a session, skin therapists will map the face, to get a better understanding of the needs of their clients. Called the Benefit Brow Bar, the brow services offered by ULTA are done by licensed professionals who know how to get perfect arches and thick lashes.
The services at the brow bar range from regular tweezing to waxing, as well as tinting and penciling.
Beauty supplies are things that need constant updating and repurchasing, which is why ULTA has created its rewards program to offer return customers more perks and discounts every time they visit. Membership for ULTA is completely free, but it gives members updates and access to new trends, beauty tips, and invitations to events held at ULTA locations. Points earned through the ULTA Rewards Program can be redeemed to purchase any product in the store or online, meaning that buying the newest beauty product or perfume just became a lot less costly.
ULTA isn’t just about providing beauty and comfort to its customers, it also wants to give back to the community. In the past seven years, ULTA has given over $10 million to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, one of the companies partners.
Forward Head Posture Fix is a downloadable eBook and video series that claims to teach you 10 simple exercises to instantly restore balance to your posture while making you physically stronger and mentally sharper. By targeting muscles in your head and neck, you can fix your ugly forward head posture problem. When your head is constantly leaning forward, it adds undue stress onto your neck, shoulders, back, and spine. Meanwhile, when your head is pulled forward, you can eventually add 42 pounds of pressure onto your spine – leading to significant problems. With that in mind, Forward Head Posture Fix consists of 10 “really simple movements” that promise to instantly improve your posture and reduce the strain on your neck. These muscle movements rely on a concept called the sequential flow method, which we’ll talk about below. Before creating Forward Head Posture Fix, Mike also released Unlock Your Hip Flexors, another eBook sold through Clickbank. Rick Kaselj is a Vancouver-based kinesiologist who claims to have specialized in injury treatment since 1994.
Forward Head Posture Fix is priced at $19 for the digital download, which includes instant access to download the books and videos.
Or, you can pay $39 (plus shipping and handling) for the physical collection, which includes a printed copy of the eBook as well as a physical DVD. You can also buy a bundle of both the physical and digital copies for the same price of $39 – so you receive an instant download link as well as a physical shipment of the guide. All Forward Head Posture Fix purchases, like all Clickbank purchases, come with a 60 day money back guarantee.
The creators of Forward Head Posture Fix claim that text neck has severe effects on your body – including everything from lower testosterone production to cognitive difficulties. That may or may not be true, but Forward Head Posture Fix claims to fix your neck by strengthening a core muscle that connects your head to your collarbone.
The book includes advice from a real, certified kinesiologist who specializes in treating injuries. If you are looking for a delicious and healthy fat, coconut oil is the real choice for you. Some of you may not like coconut oil because of all the fat in it, but one of the healthiest products you can have, since it is packed with some great benefits and nutrients. While some fats increase your weight and affect your blood sugar, others help you get rid of unhealthy fat and regulate your blood sugar. Dr.Marie-Pierre St Onge from the Department of Medicine at the Columbia University conducted a study which involved 49 participants, and 31 of them completed the study. The participants from Birmingham and Alabama, and they were thoroughly analyzed for 16 weeks during their supplementation with 2 tablespoons of MCTs per day, which included coconut oil, of course. The results of this study showed that healthy fats like coconut oil can significantly contribute to a healthy weight loss proves.
Coconut oil is thermogenic, which means it stimulates energy expenditure by 5% of 120 calories a day. In other words, by eating 2 tablespoons of coconut oil every day, you will lose belly fat without putting too much effort. Given that it contains medium-chain triglycerides, coconut oil is easily digested and absorbed in the body.
It is absorbed and carried to the liver, where it is converted into instant energy for your cells. According to a study from the Diabetic Journal that was conducted at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, coconut oil can prevent and control the development of type 2 diabetes. Dr Nigel Turner and professor Jiming Ye examined both fat metabolism and insulin resistance in lab mice that were given coconut oil. Add 2 tablespoons of raw, organic coconut oil to your diet to nourish your cells and get them functioning at full speed. Healthy fat will help you get rid of stubborn abdominal fat, regulate your blood sugar, and enjoy a healthier and happier body. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Uptime Energy is a new energy drink that promises to boost both your mental and physical energy. Uptime Energy is an energy-boosting beverage that was just recently released onto the internet. Despite the new and improved appearance, these are the same Uptime Energy capsules that have been sold at gas stations across America since 1985. The company recently underwent a rebranding campaign and released a new energy beverage along with its classic lineup of energy tablets.
The Uptime Energy beverages come in distinctive 355mL black and white bottles while the tablets come in packages of 3 tablets.
The Original recipe is flavored with natural, cane sugar, while the Sugar Free recipe has 0 sugar. The flavor is best described as being a blend of orange, lemon, and lime flavors – kind of like 7-Up or Sprite with a bit of an orange twist. Unlike many energy drinks and coffee beverages, Uptime Energy also contains additional nootropic-like ingredients designed to promote healthy brain activity and boost your cognitive energy. There are two versions of the Uptime Energy Capsules, including the Original Energy Blend and the Maximum Energy Blend.
You take three capsules at once to support a sustained release of energy (the manufacturer recommends taking one capsule per every 50 pounds of body weight).
Juice made about 16oz; 1 grapefruit, fresh ginger, fresh parsley, 2 huge stalks of swiss chard, 4 carrots and half cucumber.
The nori wraps were filled with sardines, half can salmon, mustard, half avocado and sauerkraut with black sea salt all rolled up in untoasted nori wrap. I’m going to try gutpro, which is supposed to be scientifically formulated to help those with severe gut issues, sorta like vsl3, but without the fillers.
We probably have 1-2 tbsp sauerkraut a day, we might increase it but right now our bodies like just that little bit.
The Nrf1 Synergizer is expected to work in a similar way to LifeVantage’s other nutritional supplement, the Nrf2 Synergizer (yes, the company released the Nrf2 Synergizer first and is releasing the Nrf1 Synergizer second).
We don’t know any further details about how it works, which ingredients are included, or how many clinical tests have taken place (if any). Antioxidants are special molecules that target free radicals in your body, relieving oxidative stress. McCord and his team cite three studies that have been performed on Nrf2 Synergizer over the years.
Oxidative damage has often been suggested as one of the major causes of muscular dystrophy.
One group received normal mouse food while the other group took mouse food with Protandim added in. The Protandim food mix in mice was observed to be safe and well-tolerated for a period of six months. Researchers were studying the relationship between right ventricular (RV) function and pulmonary arterial hypertension. Then, they added a dietary supplement, Protandim, that was observed to prevent fibrosis and capillary loss and preserve RV function “despite continuing pressure overload”. The first and most glaring problem is that none of them have taken place on human subjects.

These distributors sell Protandim directly to consumers and prices are not typically listed online. So far, neither Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer or the original supplement, the Nrf2 Synergizer, have been tested in humans in any major studies – they’ve only been tested in mice and on ex vivo human tissue, where they showed modest antioxidative effects.
In any case, you shouldn’t take any supplement or medicine that has never been tested on humans in major clinical studies. The supplement promises to activate NAD+ within your body, which is an anti-aging molecule purportedly linked to increased physical and mental ability, higher metabolism, and other benefits.
Yes, NAD+ has shown cool benefits in mice, but those benefits have not yet been observed in humans.
At this time, Nectar7 is a relatively new supplement that has limited reviews online, making it difficult to determine its benefits.
Considered the largest beauty retailer in the country, ULTA is considered a premier beauty destination for hair and skin care products, makeup, perfumes and colognes, as well as salon and skin services. However, for those who want to get a general idea of ULTA offers, below is a list of the types of products it provides.
A lot of times, it can take months or years to find a brand that works exactly how a person wants.
Because the company is so focused on beauty and care for the hair and body, it has extended itself to offer beauty services at its locations. This is done for the convenience of customers, who come to get one or more service done, and then can purchase what they need to maintain that look on their way out. The services consist of one-on-one consultations, so the hair artisans can get a full idea of what their customers want, as well as getting to know the texture and feel of the hair. And, if the customer likes the products used during their session, the workers at the salon are more than willing to point out where in the store they can purchase the exact same products. At the brow bar, customers can have their brow or lashes problems addressed and then leave with perfect eyes. As with all the other spa services offered by ULTA, the brow professionals are more than happy to share what products they use so customers can recreate the looks for themselves back home.
When members sign up to receive emails from ULTA, they’ll receive a free birthday present every year, as well as double the points during their birthday month.
For those who spend more than $450 in a year, their memberships will go platinum, which means they’ll be earning more points and getting more discounts and rewards. This is why ULTA has been consistently involved in charitable giving throughout its 25 years of operating. ULTA is also involved in community programs that help with the education and life enhancement of women and girls throughout the country. However, for those who prefer speaking to someone in person, their phone number is 866-983-8582. Forward Head Posture Fix promises to fix that problem by teaching you how to strengthen one crucial muscle.
This can make you look younger while also helping to solve real physical issues: like difficulty sleeping, “text neck”, and back pain. According to the makers of Forward Head Posture Fix, over 90% of the US population suffers from this problem.
When your head sits perfectly upon your neck and shoulders, your body will naturally adapt to that weight. This poor posture can also make you look 10 pounds heavy and 2 inches shorter than your actual height.
This muscle originates at the breastplate (your sternum) and collar bone (your clavicle) and inserts at the mastoid process of the temporal bone of the skull. According to the creator of Forward Head Posture Fix, Rick is a leading kinesiologist and injury specialist. Ultimately, Rick appears to be a legitimate kinesiologist who is certified to tell you about how to fix your injuries.
That risk-free money back guarantee gives you a complete refund if you’re unhappy with your purchase at any point within 60 days.
Coconut oil is officially considered as a healthy fat that comes packed with strong benefits for your overall health.
The slight increase in their caloric deficit allowed the individuals to lose abdominal fat and shrink their waist. Some of these confirmed that coconut oil keeps you full for longer, while others stimulated energy burn and triggered weight loss.
In this way the oil is not accumulated as fat, and it does not end up stored around the organs and intestines. They found that coconut oil acts in a rather different way in the body when compared to other fats. The body experiences no trouble digesting it, and it does not need insulin to nourish cells and provide energy, which reduces the risk of insulin resistance.
This decreases the amount of glucose in the blood, and therefore maintains normal blood sugar levels. This is an alarming condition, and it indicates a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease and heart failure.
The capsules come with “premium vitamins, herbs and minerals” and are designed for those who want to boost their energy while on-the-go. The company recently underwent a much-needed rebranding campaign, however, which is why many people think that it’s a brand new product. We have done our own research and have come to these steps to help us in our journey to heal our stomach issues. I am still learning how to roll nori wraps, starting to realize it does not work so well with a soft filling.
We used to make our own, we have videos and posts on how we make typically make our sauerkraut. Try applying a cotton ball with a few drops of tea tree oil (antiseptic) and apply to the back or acne area after washing before bed.
I am trying Flora Udos Enzymes now and have had the same reaction but I am hoping it will disappear if I stick with it. They’re found naturally in a number of fruits, for example, and many people take supplements to ensure they get sufficient antioxidants every day. By activating this protein, Protandim claims to regulate survival genes and reduce oxidative stress even further. Joe McCord, a “world-renowned scientist and pioneer in free radical biology”, created Protandim after devoting his life to the study of free radicals.
The 2009 study used a mechanical animal model, for example, while later studies used mice and ex vivo human tissue. Scientists compared it to a 60 year old human having the vitality and youthfulness of a 20 year old.
If Nectar7 performs as advertised, then you should experience noticeable anti-aging benefits in terms of your cognitive and physical performance. This is why ULTA doesn’t just sell by product type, it also sells by brand, so customers can find their favorites without any hassle. These therapists have been trained by Dermalogica and know exactly what methods and treatments work best with each skin type. Afterwards, the therapists will recommend the best products for the clients to use to keep their skin looking bright and healthy. Being a member also means that certain products and purchases offer 2-5 times the number of bonus points. He has produced dozens of movies, eBooks, and guides on how to solve different common injuries. The first is a coaching instructional video that explains what each following exercise is designed to do. In scientific terms, your body does not use bile or digestive enzymes to break down coconut oil. Please let us know if you make anything as we would love any testimonials and pictures ??  THANKS! Also, I recently started using a 100% pure Himalayan salt bar (looks like a soap bar) on my face, shoulders, back and hands for acne and hands for a form of eczema. Reshape your relationship with food and your body so you gain that inner glow inside and out and rock your world.
Our necks are designed to stay vertical – but with text neck, they’re bent at an unnatural angle. The second is a “follow along” style video that lets you perform movements at the same time as the video.
McCord is listed as the “former LifeVantage Chief Science Officer”, so it seems like he no longer works for the company. The third is an exercise swap-style video that includes progressions and regressions you can use to make the exercises harder or easier for you to perform. Your place for short home workouts, diastasis and pregnancy tips, gluten-free and grain-free recipes and tips to create a fit success mindset. We plan to share just about everything as we heal, so we apologize now if somethings are TMI. We share our life to empower and inspire moms, female entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs to feel better, look better, and loving their bodies while living a life they absolutely love.

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