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Culturelle contains Lactobacillus GG, an extensively studied strain of friendly intestinal bacteria, naturally occurring in the digestive tract. Naturopathic Medicine is a blends the latest advancements in science with principles taught centuries ago.
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Ileus, meconium: Obstruction of the intestine (ileus) due to overly thick meconium, the dark sticky stuff that is normally present in the intestine at birth and, after trypsin and other enzymes from the pancreas have acted on it, is normally passed in the feces after birth.
We are not here to express what is right and what is wrong; we are simply here to demonstrate what works.
Lactobacillus GG is a specific strain of the species Lactobacillus rhamnosus, discovered and patented by researchers Drs. Meconium ileus results from a deficiency of trypsin and other digestive enzymes from the pancreas, as in cystic fibrosis (fibrocystic disease of the pancreas, mucoviscidosis).

And day after day our lives continue to exponentially improve as we consistently and joyfully consume raw, living, cultured and enzyme rich foods. To date, this is the best-studied and most extensively documented probiotic lactic acid bacteria strain in the world.* Dairy-free and gluten-free.

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