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The bilayer tablets of Super Enzymes have a white layer that supports the health of the stomach and a beige coat that promotes bowel function.
Super Enzymes includes 11 different enzymes to support the enzymatic action in combination with 7 digestive plants to achieve a powerful synergistic effect.
This digestive enzyme supplement and plants not only characterized by their composition, bilayer sustained release tablet has dual activity.
Super Enzymes help digest food in a shorter time, thus reducing the unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the stomach after meals. This product is recommended for all people with digestive disorders, those with mineral absorption problems or suffering from intestinal parasites. The body reacts to the presence of odor and to increase food production and enzymatic break up larger molecules in food usable building blocks and nutrients. If the digestion of food is not carried out correctly, the assimilation of the nutrients that are provided will be incomplete and also can generate malabsorption, swelling, heaviness, gas and altered bowel. To support proper digestion of food, experts recommend a good digestive enzyme supplement just before meals.
Super Enzymes formulation of KAL includes enzymes to support proper digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. When enzymes such as alpha-D-galactosidase taken as a supplement, it may enhance the digestive process and thereby deprive of fuel to work on gas-producing bacteria. Super Enzymes not only includes a powerful combination of digestive enzymes, also provides betaine HCl (to be specific when there is a lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach), digestive plants like cayenne (very good stimulant of gastric juices) and beetroot (its contribution of moderately fermentable fiber helps achieve a healthy digestion by providing nutrients to intestinal cells) and carminative plants, demulcent and anti-inflammatory synergistically support the work of the enzymes. NOTE: If you have a stomach or duodenal ulcer, consult with your health care practitioner before using this product.

While the general opinion is that papaya enzyme or papain is as healthy for your body as the fruit itself, some people argue that its health benefits go well beyond those of the fruit. Did You Know?Papain helps in tenderizing meat by breaking down the collagen and other connective tissues, and thus, is widely used as a marinating ingredient.Papaya enzyme, also referred to as papain, is a cysteine protease enzyme present in papaya.
Though the benefits of papain exist in plenty, they were not known until the 1870s; that's roughly about a century after the effectiveness of papaya as a medicinal herb was acknowledged.
As in the case of other nutritional supplements, an overdose of papaya enzyme can lead to some side effects, and hence, it's important to have it in moderation; ideally, after consulting a doctor or dietitian. CAN YOU TAKE PAPAYA FUSION, RASBERRY KEYTONE 100MG AND CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID 1000MG TOGETHER?
Someone told me that natural Papaya once was used to inject into the spine to cure bolging and deteriated discs? Excellent article, I was interested not only in the benefits but also in how much to consume daily. I have been experiencing digestive problems and was undertaking research on the subject when I found you site.
Good to know all these benefits but I like the taste & sweetness of this fruit, just love it! A mixture of herbs acts in synergy with enzymes to improve absorption and obtain optimal benefits.
One layer releases its contents in the stomach, while the second layer is released in the intestines. Our body can not absorb nutrients from food without the help of various enzymes in our digestive tract.

Proteolytic Anti-inflammatory Enzyme: Take two (2) to eight (8) tablets in divided doses on an empty stomach or between meals, or as directed by your qualified health consultant. With some doubts lingering in our mind, we decided to evaluate its benefits to see whether it is really as good as it is claimed to be.
Experts recommend adding a small amount of papaya enzyme, or the papaya fruit itself, to the daily diet. Thus, it is possible to "deposit" the + enzyme plants in the right place at the right time. This occurs because these foods contain complex carbohydrates that are not entirely broken down in the digestive tract, and instead serve as food for intestinal bacteria. The latex is either allowed to dry on the fruit itself, or to drip inside a container suspended from the fruit. The trypsin functions for hydrolyzing proteins into oligopeptides, and the lipase hydrolyzes the trigylycerides into glycerol as well as fatty acids. For instance, it can help people suffering from dyspepsia―a condition of impaired digestion.

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