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Learn MoreThe best way to experience the full benefits of a daily supplement is to take it every day, as directed.
PERSONALIZED SERVICE means you can call our Customer Care Team to add a product, update the quantity or change your delivery date at any time. It all starts with a broad range of digestive enzymes that naturally help break down fats, sugars, carbohydrates, lactose, and proteins, including casein (protein found in milk and dairy products). Digestive Enzyme Advantage also gives you stomach-soothing herbs, including gentian extract, and dandelion root to support a healthy intestinal tract and keep you comfortable.
This blend is a comprehensive, plant-based enzyme blend that serves as a foundation for digestive health. Three separate proteases and peptidase to digest proteins into amino acids over a wide pH range.

Acid maltase to address the maltose that can be inefficiently digested from starchy foods such as rice, potatoes and pasta. Alpha-galactosidase and invertase to break down sugars commonly found in grains, beans and other legumes, and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.
From your first bite to the last, Digestive Enzyme Advantage will improve your digestive health so you can eat the foods you love with more comfort. WARNING: This product is not meant to treat, cure or prevent Celiac disease or gluten intolerance. And with AutoDelivery, you’ll never run out of the supplements you love most, because we’ll send you a fresh supply right before you run out!
This helps you experience optimal intestinal function and efficient digestion of the foods that you eat.

The enzymes in the blend were selected for their broad pH stability and were combined to provide enzymatic activity throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract. This formula helps break down hard-to-digest foods, including complex carbohydrates, starches, fats, sugars, and even protein so you can eat more of the foods you love with less discomfort.
Pregnant or lactating women should consult a health care professional before taking this product.
Our board-certified doctors are some of the most recognized experts in alternative medicine.

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