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UPDATE: This coupon is currently out, but you can be put on a waiting list for when it becomes available again. If you are like me, you give your kids probiotics when they are sick, often with antibiotics, which can deplete the body of so-called good bacteria. Pick a strain that is well studied, like Lactobacillus GG, which is found in Culturelle Probiotics. Learn more and save $5.00 with this coupon for Culturelle Kids Probiotic, proven to support kids’ immune and digestive systems.
Created to inspire family fun together in the kitchen or in the backyard, it includes a Lego lunchbox, GastroKid Cookbook, underground garden lab, chalk trail bike attachment, Handtrux Backhoe digging tool, 70-foot zipline and PlasmaCar; $300 value. My daughter loves to stay outdoor, even under the thunder…we Love to jump in the trampoline and when we are done, we make believe. My Nephews and I love to pick through the garden to find something perfect to bring to the dinner table! My favorite thing to do outside is chasing after my 1yr old as she chases her brother on his bike.
My daughter loves to help me cook in the kitchen – even if she has no intention of eating what I’m making! My boys love being outside they visit the pond, feed the snapping turtles and fish; and make their own treasure maps!
Outdoors, we LOVE water fights with squirt guns and balloons, or just running around in the sprinkler!
My 8 year old son and I have become obsessed with reality shows that involve cooking challenges.

My favorite thing to do with my daughters outside is anything and everything that gets their body moving and grooving. My kids love picking strawberries, blueberries, peppers, and cherry tomatoes from the little garden we planted. My boys and I love to bake in our kitchen brownies cookies and cakes to lasagnas and big extravagant meals and the messier the better and more fun for all.
But did you know these tiny microorganisms can benefit your little ones when taken on a daily basis, especially during the back-to-school season? And actually, several things can disrupt that balance besides antibiotics, such as a change in diet, like when your child goes back to school, climate change, and stress, which is common at the beginning of a new school year. There’s nothing I dread more about the start of the school year than the inevitable colds and stomach bugs my kids are bound to bring home. I love that I my daughter and I can make a huge mess and all it takes is a towel to clean up.
Riding on his bike, playing on the swingset, in his sandbox, even just finding a stick and playing!
In the kitchen, my daughter loves to help me bake by pouring ingredients into the kitchenaid and watching them be mixed together! Our latest thing is to fly our home made box kites, the best part of it was watching their eyes fill with excitement when they realized that they made something and it actually worked. He helps with picking out tomatoes and peppers in our garden and picking leaves and pine cones.
The kids get so excited about the fact that they can choose their own toppings…even though everyone ends up with pepperoni and cheese anyway.

Anything I can do to keep illness at bay, and spend more time doing the things we enjoy, like riding bikes and baking, I am all for it! Indoor she love everything that requires experimenting, yesterday we pass some leaves in water and vinegar and then saw them together and hang them around the house for early fall decorations. The hose is great fun to splash each other, or to attach to a sprinkler and run through it. But I put out ham, bacon, pineapple etc… anyway just to see their faces get excited over the prospect of choice.
But like always when the sun sets, and the night get colder we have to stop just for the moment but tomorrow will come and we will fly again.
If you want to buy more than one, make sure to break into multiple transactions, where you are buying only one box per transaction to make sure you earn the register rewards.
With three people taking them in my house, you know I’m gonna be jumping on related deals.
In the Winter, we like to stay inside and bake fun shape cookies and the best part, eating them!

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