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Healthy Gut, Healthy Body: Beyond Probiotics for Total Digestive Health - Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills Chiropractor, Dr. One month following the birth of my daughter, I found myself one evening experiencing acute abdominal pain.
Despite my intense pain, the CT scan performed in the ER showed nothing significant, but anytime one goes to the ER with severe lower quadrant abdominal pain, they assume appendicitis (in the absence of other symptoms).
Things rarely work out the way they are supposed to, so I didn’t actually get into surgery until 3 am the next morning (cha-ching $$$). Now I didn’t bother to ask her what she had meant, or why she would bother removing a healthy appendix.
Now this is where I probably lose some of you, particularly the more medically inclined, because there is an old (and let me emphasize old) and erroneous believe that the appendix is a vestigial remnant.
This article will be on what we now believe to be just those consequences, and what you can do to offset any negative health effects of having had your appendix removed.
We know that the human digestive system has vast immunological function—it houses the largest mass of lymphoid tissue in the body.
Many theories abound on the importance (or non-importance in some circles) of the appendix in today’s modern society. Antibiotics weaken bacteria, allowing the immune system (and other processes) to come in and destroy the bug. Friendly flora also produce necessary vitamins, like vitamin K and biotin (a B vitamin), for absorption into the blood. Whereas probiotics are the bacteria with which we replenish our digestive system, prebiotics are the nourishment of those colonies. Different bacteria prefer different foods, however—this is evidenced by recent studies that have shown the gut bacterial colonies change according to their food sources. Food sources include garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus, soybeans, oats and bananas, but you can also find them in prebiotic supplements. Gut dysbiosis (inadequate gut bacteria) is the cause of many of today’s health disorders. Finally, if you lose an appendix (even a healthy one), you’ll have to be even more diligent in replenishing your healthy gut bacteria, as your natural storehouse is gone.
How to Maintain a Healthy Gut Poor digestion is affecting nearly 60-70 million people daily, and the cause may be anything from an unhealthy diet, stress, serious digestive disorders, and other health issues, you may even suffer from all of the above. After each visit, the public toilet should be thoroughly wash your hands to get rid of bacteria that can not only cause serious diseases, but also weaken your immune system. Franco decided to add in MyNurish’s Line of Defense to boost his immune system with gluten-free, oat beta glucan (oat B-glucan) – a super nutrient found in oats. About half way through his total body cleanse Franco added in some of Nurish’s Essential Whey.
We all would rather hide our before photos, but the beauty of the before is the shocking results in to the after.
Two months ago, I embarked on an unknown journey to see what my life would be like at the end of it all.
Besides keeping cholesterol levels and blood pressure at normal, garlic also keeps viruses and bacteria at bay. Hydrastis Canadensis better known as goldenseal is an effective cure for infections of mucus membrane as well as respiratory tract.
Wormwood (Artemesia annua) is a herb used since ancient times to fight intestinal parasites such as Ascaris, Giardia and Plasmodium.
This herbal remedy has been used since ancient times, mostly in tropical regions, to fight against tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms. Raw pumpkin seeds have been used since ancient times in Germany and China to expel tapeworms from body.
Its active ingredient papain is a proteolytic enzyme that helps in the conversion of protein to peptides and amino acids. And worse still, if a poor diet of junk food becomes a regular habit, the dietary choices become encoded in DNA and damage the guta€™s microbiome, or environment, too, Medical Daily reported.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. As a result, the radiologist informed me that I would be seeing a surgeon within the hour.
Before I was released, the lovely surgeon paid me a visit to check on my fresh wounds and to give me some home care instructions. The belief is that the appendix, at one time having an important digestive role for our evolutionary ancestors, has since lost its function, and as such is unnecessary for the healthful operation and functionality of the human body. However, I am not so certain that removing the appendix (especially a healthy one) has no long-term consequences to health.
We have hundreds of trillions of microorganisms that reside on and within our bodies, which live with us symbiotically, protecting us from infections, aiding digestion, and even producing vitamins. They are, however, non-discriminating in many instances, and as a result, they can wipe out large colonies of our normal gut bacteria. They also play a role in metabolism of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) which are used by the cells of the colon to produce anti-inflammatory effects (and of which an absence may play a role in inflammatory bowel conditions), and may even play a role in tumor suppression, protecting the colon from the development of cancer. The healthy gut flora also has a hand in developing lymphatic tissue (immune function), as well as producing cross-reactive antibodies, which further protect against infectious agents or other unwelcome microorganisms. The first step is to ingest either foods or supplements that contain some of the 700 species of bacteria that reside in our intestines. I carry a fantastic brand of supplemental probiotics in my office, and I take them myself regularly. No doubt these medicines are useful, but far too many people run to their doctors expecting antibiotics for every sniffle that drips down their noses.
What you eat will influence, and even flat-out determine, the makeup of your intestinal microbiota. The bacteria are there to help digest the indigestible of the whole foods (read: complex), forming vitamins and adding to other essential process as outlined above. Breast milk is an excellent source, believed to play an important role in the development of a healthy immune system in infants.
By limiting our antibiotic intake to only the most necessary instances, and then by replenishing immediately following that necessity (or after a bout of diarrhea), we can prevent, or at least lessen, the depletion of our healthy gut bacteria. So really mind your diet, and be focused in your supplementing practices, and you should be able to maintain optimal gut health.
Digestive problems can often be difficult to diagnose since some of the same symptoms happen in different gastrointestinal disorders.
But in the world there are so many visible and invisible threats that make this a reality is difficult. Reading upside down, you expose your brain a little stress, which help him to restore damaged cells.
Beetroot is rich in nitrates, which dilate blood vessels, and tomatoes are a source of lycopene, which protects against cancer and cardiovascular disease.
Not only has it provided him with natural sustained energy to go about his day without food, but it assisted him in losing 20 pounds in 40 days. He knew protein is a vital nutrient of life since no diet is complete without eating enough of it.
Franco had no idea when starting this 40-day cleanse to eat and drink nothing but Nurish’s powdered blends (except towards the end when he added in a small portion of lean protein), the profound effects it would have on his life. However, treating the condition naturally with the following remedies is also a good option because they do not affect intestinal flora and prevent harsh chemicals from entering the body. Garlic’s antibiotic properties are found to have preventive action against various strains such as Ascaris, Trypanosoma, Giardia lamblia, leishmania and plasmodium.
Goldenseal contains berberine that fights Plasmodium, Entamoeba histolytica and giardia lamblia.
The active constituent of wormwood – sesquiterpene lactones – weakens the membranes of the parasites. Depending on the severity of the condition, the dosage may vary from moderate (6 ounces) to large (13 ounces) amounts.

You should restrict the consumption of coffee, alcohol, refined sugar as well as refine foods. Not only is the overuse of antibiotics responsible for the current explosion of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which threatens us all, but they also kill the healthy flora inhabiting our bodies.
Some people  may suffer from IBS, Chron’s disease, a food intolerance, serious stress, or hormone imbalances, where others may just live an unhealthy lifestyle. But when he told his wife Sharlene and business partner Bob that he was thinking of doing a complete cleanse, reset, and detox that involved eating zero food and drinking only our GreenEnergy for 40 days they all thought he may have lost it. Papain is active against the protein structure of the parasites such as tapeworms and hence help the body get rid of these parasites easily and naturally. The scientists have now found that there are adjustments in both the types of bacteria found and their gene expressions.Dr Myles advises that people should cut out sugar and fat in processed from their diets and instead focus on fresh sources of protein a€“ and fat a€“ such as fish and meat.
If you must take antibiotics (or you have a bout of diarrhea), make sure to replenish your gut bacteria immediately. By sharing bacterial and viral organisms, we actually make ourselves stronger (and further evolving) in the long-run. That our products are magical not because they have some mystical elixir in it but because they have REAL, POWERFUL nutrition in them. For me the test would be in the form of weight loss. But what I was startled about was that if not my appendix—which the surgeon said was healthy—then what? The tapeworms easily loose grip over the intestine and are flushed away due to increased bowel activity.
Just pure, unadulterated yogurt—chock full of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacillus that inhabit our bodies. I have tried so many diets but even when successful, I never felt as though I could sustain that momentum after completion. You are replenishing your body with necessary vitamins and nutrients creating a healing environment. What I didn’t know at the time was that I couldn’t because I never had the proper nutrition to do so before, during or after a diet. So on December 6th of 2015, I embarked on my biggest journey. If you grow it yourself then consume 2 to 3 teaspoonful of fresh rind or 1.5g of dried fruit rind. To live off of Green Energy with a little help from our Beta Glucan, Essential Whey and the occasional banana in my shake. That even if I wanted to, my mind would succumb to temptation or the weakness of not having eaten any solid food. But a magical thing happened about 4 or 5 days into my diet. It was as if a veil had been lifted and I found myself no longer working so hard to function. My stomach, who has been valiant all these years churning and burning all that I would give it, was no longer working hard at all. It was as if it were running on idle and yet my energy and sense of wellbeing – both physically and mentally – went through the charts! I could see and experience life more clearly and I found an endless stream of energy that I haven’t had since I was a child. None whatsoever. I am sharing with you my story because I want you to know that no matter what your health may be.
Whether you are young and vibrant and want to remain that way or you are older and want to regain that youthful feeling, you CAN regain control of your life! And when you do that, you’ll inspire others and from that point on, there will be absolutely no stopping you! Now my journey has turned to an adventure and my next quest will be to tone my body in 40 days doing so with NO weights by simply using isometric techniques that anyone at any age can do at home. I don’t know what lies ahead for me but I do know this – I CAN’T WAIT to be reintroduced to the “Me” I haven’t seen since my early 20s.

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