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I've heard it is recommended to add Live microorganisms thought to be healthy for the host organism.
I cannot answer this question without first addressing a deeper one: whether the addition of Live microorganisms thought to be healthy for the host organism. It is important that we understand that the absence of scientific support for a theory does not disprove the theory. The use of probiotics and digestive enzymes in food, not just for transitional purposes but all of the time, is strongly advocated by many. Enzymes of many sorts are present in raw tissues, but are A process in which proteins or nucleic acids lose their secondary and tertiary structure by application of some external stress or compound, such as a strong acid or base, a concentrated inorganic salt, an organic solvent or heat.">denatured by cooking. I hope my soapbox today will send some graduate student off to examine scientifically whether, and exactly how, enzymes in food provide health benefits. Note: Feline Nutrition provides feline health and nutrition information as a public service. Fern Crist, DVM is a graduate of the University of Georgia and has a feline only practice in Fairfax, Virginia. A licensed doctor of veterinary medicine with over thirty years in practice and a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, and International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, Dr. Then, she threw up a second time about an hour later - same liquid, a bit more than before, some regurgitated kibble still in whole form.
She would not go into her crate to sleep (unusual, but I didn't have a treat like normal since I didn't want to give her any more food) and actually wanted to sleep on her bed outside. She also appeared to be drinking a lot more water than usual during the day (her water dish was empty when I got home, and that never happens), but that seemed to taper off at night. Now, it's possible she could have gotten into something in the yard, but I have no idea what. The only other thing I can think of (other than someone threw a crapload of chocolate over the fence) is that the new Enzymes & Probiotics I'm giving her caused this. She has a vet appointment this afternoon, but I wanted to see if anyone else here had similar experiences so I can (hopefully) ease my worry a bit. In order to be able to post messages on the German Shepherd Dog Forums forums, you must first register.
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There really is no dignified way to say it, so I'll just say it: Ethan has always been a super constipated baby.
I noticed a difference in Ethan's digestive comfort on the second day of him being on BioGaia's probiotic drops. With his tummy troubles out of the way, Ethan is free to play, grow, develop and explore the way a baby is supposed to.
WIN IT: Thanks to the amazing people over at BioGaia, one lucky reader will have the chance to win BioGaia baby probiotic drops! Microbes such as lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria are the most common types, but certain yeasts and bacilli are also used. Enzymes, being Any of a group of complex organic compounds that contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sometimes sulphur, the characteristic element being nitrogen. If cats fed food with active enzymes are healthier, and the mass of anecdotal evidence supports this, then possibly the enzymes are acting not as an aid to digestion, but in some other way which we don't yet understand. However, the base of many probiotics is animal digest, which is a flavor enhancer, and that will survive freezing. Diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions should always be in consultation with your own veterinarian.
Consult with your veterinarian before adding probiotics or digestive enzymes to your cat's diet. Probiotics in the form of kefir or purchased probiotics reinstate the good bacteria into the digestive system.
Sweet Potatoes have special compounds in them that soothe inflammation in the gut and are great for acute cases of diarrhea.
That’s why we’re dedicated to strengthening the dog-human relationship in the modern world. Vet didn't feel anything weird in her stomach and advised me to stop the enzymes for a week to see if the issues persist and then start slowly again.
When he was a newborn, we dealt with gas and colic and his reflux and as he got older, we moved onto the sheer joys of constipation.

For starters, I was thrilled to see that their ingredients were way more gentle than the previous probiotics we've tried.
You can add it to a cool bottle of milk, juice, water or other liquids (you don't want it to be too warm so it doesn't kill the good bacteria in the probiotic), in food or you can even give it via spoon.
The grunting, writhing in discomfort, the pushing, the straining, the misery was over and done with that quickly. They also come in the form of probiotic straws and chewable tablets, perfect for children of all ages.
Research into the benefits of probiotics is limited and it should be noted that the benefits attributed to individual strains cannot be generalized as overall benefits of probiotics as a group. However, you are choosing raw food at least in part because it already has enzymes that cooked food does not. Feline Nutrition disclaims all warranties and liability related to the veterinary advice and information provided on this site. It may not be advisable to add these supplements if your cat is immunosuppressed or diabetic. And a few simple habits of good nutrition and supplementation can keep the road smooth for the adventures to come. Brain function, heart health, hair and nail growth, even energy levels depend on digestion’s products. Chlorophyll detoxifies the body, supports the liver, cleans the digestive tract, helps with bad breath, and feeds the good bacteria in the gut. Constipation is rare in dogs and diarrhea is much more common, but pumpkin can help with both. A small amount of powdered slippery elm bark mixed in water forms a jellylike substance and can be fed to your pooch to help stop diarrhea. Could have been too many changes with adding both the new probiotic and enzymes, or maybe she ate cat poop or something else and the enzyme mixture made it not smell bad.
I'm talking an entire day (or two or three or four) of grunting, writhing in discomfort and a devastating inability to have a bowel movement. Working with BioGaia has been wonderful as not only have we been able to change Ethan's digestive health for the better with their fabulous probiotic drops, I've been able to catch a glimpse into BioGaia as a company. Probiotic bacteria are already part of the normal digestive system and are generally considered safe to use in healthy animals.">probiotics and Proteins found in the digestive tracts of animals that break down complex food substances into their smaller building blocks. Probiotic bacteria are already part of the normal digestive system and are generally considered safe to use in healthy animals.">probiotics and digestive enzymes will actually aid in the transition to a new food. Yet the volume of anecdotal evidence would force the strongest One who accepts the reliability of knowledge only when based upon critical thinking, systematic investigation and testable hypotheses. So I would not mix the probiotics into the food prior to freezing, but add it at room temperature just before feeding. Mix the slippery elm powder with water. Depending on the severity of the problem and the size of the dog, give a dosage between 1 teaspoon and 2 tablespoons three times a day. Khalsa uses her extensive knowledge and experience to encourage and empower owners in a holistic approach to pet care.
Just ask my husband about the time we were out to dinner and the entire restaurant was turning around to stare at the little boy in the highchair (that'd be Ethan) who was grunting and carrying on in such misery so loud that everyone could hear and undoubtedly lose their appetite. In fact, it's one of the first bacteria naturally established in your newborn's digestive system. I put five drops on a spoon for Ethan and he slurps it up in the morning before he has his breakfast.
The BioGaia probiotic drops were doing their job quickly and, most importantly, naturally and safely. So I expect that if these compounds are helpful, they would be helpful in their natural forms as well. I find this recommendation on numerous websites, but what I don't find is any scientific support for it, or against it. Classical Skepticism is the foundation upon which the modern scientific method is based.">skeptic to at least examine the idea. Ingested enzymes are denatured in the stomach, so they aren't making it to the small intestine and hence cannot be helping with actual digestion.
His digestive system was regulated and he was able to have normal, painless bowel movements.
Should I add these to the food when I mix up a batch or add them only when feeding each meal?
The only advice I can give on this question is that some enzyme preparations taste bad to cats and some don't.

Khalsa lectures internationally and contributes regularly to several animal-centered magazines.
We went through months of all-natural, herbal supplements or laxatives before I consulted with our pediatrician and we both acknowledged that probiotics would be the best route here. Most other probiotic strands -- like the one I've tried previously -- are only temporary inhabitants that come from your food intake.
His overall demeanor changed when he no longer had to spend upwards of five hours straining to go to the bathroom. If you are going to do this, be sure you choose a preparation that won't turn your cat off the new food. Armed with determination to end Ethan's grunting and absolute misery once and for all, I consulted a nutritionist at a local health food store. His entire feeding habits and bathroom habits have completely transitioned into a much more pleasant experience (for him, for us and for every patron in whatever restaurant we eat at in the future!). He was quick to point me in the direction of "the best, most gentle probiotic on the market for babies." He sold me.
It had to be served in a cold bottle which contradicted Ethan's reflux thickener that was added to a warm bottle. It must have tasted as great as it smelled because getting Ethan to take it was a struggle.
The diarrhea ensued until I made the decision to stop the probiotic -- in which case the diarrhea stopped.
I couldn't help but notice the ingredients included dairy and fish, none of which seemed helpful in my little guy's tummy.
SandraReply is added by wordpress automatically --> Darlene Merrill Aug 22 at 2:27 pm I had gastric bypass surgery and ever after I usually only have a bm once every couple days or so.
However i am at a point of needing to take colon cleanse in order to have a movement and even there it can be extremely painful. I do consume fruit and vegetables daily I don’t particularly like the idea of medication and would prefer natural solutions. This has been very interesting I will increase my pear intake and when I see my physician will bring it to his attention. I have type 5 I think and by that I mean it looks like someone diced an apple and put it in the toilet. The weird thing is though it only happens first thing at about 2 am till 9 am and it wakes me up. It’s very easy for me to insert object in my ass from outside but my poop is just thin like type 5.
So please help me what can I do to correct this and I am very scared and don’t want to reveal this to anybody. So please help meReply is added by wordpress automatically --> L Jul 28 at 11:49 pm Sounds exactly like Gluten intolerance. Try going 100% without it for at least 2 weeks and see how you feel Reply is added by wordpress automatically --> Guenevere Jul 7 at 2:47 am Hello Genevieve , I enjoyed your posts.
I have found that Organic Whole Husk Psyllium has been a little instrumental in add the bulk to get things moving for me.
As I also know my family has a history of stones, this product has been helpful: Planetary Herbals Stone Free (can be purchased on Ebay or Amazon)Also, I just learned this last night through a cousin. I had never heard of this but when I looked it up online, finally, I had a name to one of my problems. Finally I heard about garden of life probiotic with HSO and when I took it I Got sick and expelled a lot of mucus and an orange parasite.
I have had a weight problem since the birth of my second child so have been on low fat diets for many years and have IBS with constipation.
Also there is so much of it that 9 out of 10 times I have to plunge the toilet and it leaves remnants all on the toilet that will come off after you wait a while and re flush or clean with the toilet brush which I really don’t want to do and get it all nasty so I wait. What do you recommend?Reply is added by wordpress automatically --> Beth Weis Jun 24 at 12:41 pm Probiotics made me a frequent pooper!

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