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Probiotics are one of the corrections you may want to use to restore a healthy stool pattern.
Safe Lactobacillus strains that can be added for babies nearing their first birthday or for toddlers are L. If your baby must use antibiotics for longer than two weeks or indefinitely, you can add probiotics at the opposite end of the day. Some babies whom I’ve encountered in my practice came to me “stuck” on reflux medication, and this is a scenario to avoid.
This blog is an updated excerpt from the first chapter in my book, Special Needs Kids Go Pharm-Free. My 2 week old baby was displaying the classic signs of reflux so we changed her feed to anti reflux formula.
Lots of options, and you can indeed expect your baby to have more calm digestion and absorption. Homeopathic remedies are given under the tongue as drops or micro pellets that quickly dissolve.
If no other changes in foods, medicines, or recent vaccinations preceded this change then yes I’d pull the oatmeal out.
My daughter is 3.5 months old and ever since she was about 2 weeks old she has had very acidic and her poop has smelled strong like vinegar. Hi Erin, I can best troubleshoot this for you if you make an appointment – I think you are right to be concerned. My sons who’s 20 months now has been on neocate since 10months old, his poop has always been explosive with dark green, his failure to thrive and has reflux. I worry about gastroparesis as his docs have mentioned he doesn’t empty belly fast enough and I had polyhydramnios during his pregnancy but the doc doesn’t want to go that route with him? She has started teething and was given a small dose of antibiotics due to another child in direct contact with her having pertussis, but this was just a few weeks ago, her stomach issues started way before then. Hi, my 11 week old daughter has been on anti reflux milk since she was about 4 weeks old, it has made her much more content, but now and again she gets very gassy, she’s in pain with her stomach and farts, a lot. In my opinion, that was premature and probably not necessary, for your doctor to so quickly turn to Zantac. You can also learn more on how to help your baby in my book Special Needs Kids Go Pharm Free.
Stool that sits in the intestine and colon for too long permits toxins to flow back into circulation, can feel painful or uncomfortable, and can diminish your baby’s appetite.
Teething, stress, immunizations, antibiotics, badly tolerated foods, and infections or illnesses can all cause changes in stooling pattern, but the changes should be temporary for your baby.
For example, if an antibiotic is given in the morning, give the probiotics in the afternoon or evening. They can signal malabsorption, imbalanced bowel microflora, inflammation, infection, milk protein intolerance or allergy, or any combination of these, especially when they persist for weeks on end. In these cases, the baby will need increasingly higher doses that become less and less effective. Get more strategies on kicking reflux naturally there  – including which herbs are gentle and effective, how to avoid allergy or intolerance to milk, breast milk, or other feedings and formulas, what commercial formulas to avoid and what to try, and tips on breastfeeding a colicky baby.
We thought she was doing well and keeping her feed down rather than projectle vomiting it back.
There are solutions for this but some investigation into your daughter’s case would permit me to discern what is best.
When young babies are truly lactose intolerant, they wither fast, because lactose is the only carbohydrate they get from milk or formula.
The tech mentioned him having a full belly despite his last feed was 3 hours prior & what prompted the er visit was everything was being spit up even with the rice cereal we had to start adding because of how bad his spit up was. I don’t want him on meds for life but I’m worried because since he on amino acid formula I worry about his reaction to probiotics? I can only help with specific questions like this when a baby or child is a patient of mine. Last week she had clear mucus in her poo, past few days she had had one or two poos with mucus and a few browny mucus bits? His dr decided he had reflux because of him being fussy and seeming uncomfortable after a feeding she witnessed. There are many other safe solutions to support your baby’s digestion comfortably, rather than suppress it, which is what reflux medicine does. Stool that passes too fast will carry too much fluid out with it, and nutrients and energy won’t be adequately absorbed.

Even if your baby has special needs or circumstances, make restoration of comfortable digestion a priority. One child I worked with was given reflux medication daily for the first three years of his life. Babies with weak growth amid these symptoms are sending a clear signal that it’s time to intervene. If your pediatrician isn’t troubleshooting for you on this, contact me for an appointment. He pops loads but the consistency changes each time, one time firm another time very funny.
You can buy these at many stores, but for most effective and safest dosing of any remedy, talk with a classical homeopath who is trained and experienced.
This is beyond the scope of this blog to solve for you, but very much within the scope of my practice. I’d suggest you pick a discounted three visit series (the first option at this link). That will likely improve both the reflux and the other symptoms your daughter is experiencing (bloating, gas, irritable mucusy stools). At that time I ate some lactation cookies and dough that contained brewers yeast and eggs and within 24 hours he was extremely unsettled and had green explosive mucousy poo. If you read my blog about the over prescribing of this medicine for infants and kids, you’ll see what I mean. Lastly, if you’re new to my blog or practice, get an intro to integrative whole health for kids here – along with a freebie for joining my list! On balance, your baby should comfortably pass one or two formed soft stools every day (possibly more if exclusively breast-feeding), and it shouldn’t smell terrible. If he or she isn’t sure about how to dose and use these, you can always schedule time with me to get targeted help.
In fact, one study showed that it actually increased allergy (noted as skin rashes) in babies. Giving reflux medication can give a quick reprieve from symptoms, but using it longer than a few weeks may set a downward spiral in motion.
Though he had been off this medication for three years by the time I met him at age six, he was stunted with delayed bone age and poor bone mineralization, growth failure, developmental and learning problems, and was unable to eat enough to sustain normal growth since eating was so uncomfortable. Don’t wait for your baby to slide into a failure to thrive (FTT) diagnosis, which means less than the 5th percentile in weight for age. Good probiotics should help, but they must be potent enough and of a good mixed strain for infants.
Buy a copy of Everyone’s Guide To Homeopathic Medicines by Dana Ullman to learn more. Roasting hard vegetables to softness after coating with coconut oil or ghee is an excellent cooking method, for your baby to practice picking them up as soft finger foods. There are specialized formulas with predigested lactose in them, or other carbohydrate sources, that you can ask your doctor to recommend for you. The reason for this formula came from him sleeping less than 6 hours in a 30 hour time frame as he spent the rest of those hours screaming and crying. If you’d like specific nutrition support and guidance for you and your baby, I invite you to set up an appointment so we can chat. He was a slow weight gainer and I started bottle feeding him breast milk to get more consistent nutrition. Milk protein intolerance is a likely culprit, and symptoms may resolve with this removed, so that no medicine is needed at all.
Breast-fed infants have softer, mushier, wetter stools that look more seedy and light brown or gold, and these babies may pass stools more often. He’d had chronic infections as an infant and toddler, needed antibiotics often, and became asthmatic as well. Babies in growth failure need two to three times more calories per pound per day to recover a normal growth pattern, and this is even more challenging to accomplish when a baby has reflux or other GI issues. Have we done the right thing changing to anti reflux formula or could there be something wrong?
If you’ve tried eliminating so many foods without success, a different probiotic strategy may help. She had a diaper rash for a few weeks when she was just a few weeks old that didn’t go away until she started having less frequent bowel movements. Your son is eating a formula that fuels an unhealthy gut biome, and the omeprazole exacerbates the problem by altering the pH of his GI tract even more – which further worsens his gut biome, his reflux, and his ability to digest and absorb food.

If that is a dead end, you can make an appointment as this is something I often support young infants with too. I’ve been on a dairy, egg, chocolate and caffeine free diet for fortnight now with no change to symptoms.
I don’t eat very much dairy because I was told he could have an intolerance to milk protein. Another youngster who came in for nutrition care at age three was also stuck on it, had fallen into growth failure, and showed the same pattern of not being able to achieve a typical food intake to support growth and gain. Intervene as soon as you notice a “dropping off channel”—that is, if your baby’s weight for age or length for age percentile drops more than fifteen points, it’s time to intervene. Now that she is being supplemented with formula her poop is still very dark green and smelly but more paste like. Both to digest lactose in stomach or small intestine, instead of in large intestine, which contain bacteria that ferment sugar like lactose.
Other babies just need support to restore healthy gut bacteria that digest the lactose for us. A definite flag is white patches in stool, which may be fungal overload – likely after antibiotics, and more so, depending on circumstances of her birth. I gave in and started zoton two weeks ago as he displays a lot if signs for silent reflux, but he still feeds and sleeps horribly.
Just recently he was a daily pooper but now he poops every 3ish days and it’s very liquidy and is accompanied by a lot of gas. If you do this be sure you replace any food you pull out of your diet with equal or better value foods – lots of protein, healthy fats and oils, and minerals.
But if any of the following signs persist for more than two or three weeks with no explanation, consider it a flag for distressed digestion and absorption.
Changing formula, changing diet when breastfeeding to avoid trigger foods, or using various herbs have all proven effective, without the side effects from using reflux medicine for too long.
Many other toddlers I have met show this pattern of growth failure owing to picky, weak appetites after using reflux medications for a long time (more than a month or two).
These signs indicate inflammation in the gut – which can come from infection (viral, bacterial, or fungal gut microbes out of balance), or from protein intolerance. You can place the powder on baby’s tongue or stir in soft foods or even dust on nipple ahead of breastfeeding.
She is strictly breastfed and since was born I noticed that dairy seemed to upset her so I have tried to avoid dairy products but I am wondering if she is also sensitive to whey protein. You’ll find more advice about infant feeding in my book Special Needs Kids Go Pharm Free.
Instead, reflux medicines favor fungal microbes and detrimental bacteria such as klebsiella or clostridia.
Reflux medications are intended for short-term symptomatic treatment, not as a long-term strategy.
Even hypoallergenic formulas can trigger inflammation if they are based on milk protein that is only partly digested, versus the elemental formulas, which are ready to absorb (no digestion needed). For the last month or so she has been extremely gassy, the smell is so foul I can’t believe it. You may have more success by trying the corrections described here first instead, so discuss them with your provider. She has episodes of crying uncontrollably and screaming while arching her back and quickly pulling her knees to her chest. Signs can include misery, crying, hiccups, burps, arching with crying, pulling away from feedings, and weak growth pattern. They can injure the gut wall, and circulate to your baby’s brain to alter behavior or even trigger seizures.
Your baby will be healthier, and will grow and feel better , when digestion can evolve normally rather than with the digestive down-regulation from the medication strategy. Her last BM was way different than I have ever seen, a medium brown mush and some sort of white splotches in it.
Her pain has gotten so bad my husband is wanting me to give her formula but I really want her to have breast milk if possible and find out what is wrong.

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