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This is a continued discussion from when to take probiotics, so please either read that article first (or after). The first and most important detail in taking probiotics is, DO NOT take them with chlorinated tap water. There is a ton of conflicting information as to how to take probiotics (before meals, between meals, during meals etc…).
Caution: Although their might be no such thing as “too much”, the first few times you take probiotics, you may be killing off quite a bit of yeast and bad bacteria.
While coconut oil, chia and kale are always heavy hitters in the good health department, the biggest new trend is actually microscopic. Probiotics are great for keeping your digestive tract healthy, from preventing food-borne illness to lowering your risk of certain digestive conditions, like IBS.
Best of all, you don’t need to invest in expensive probiotic supplements to get these friendly microbes (unless you want to!).
Always check the label of your yogurt and kefir to ensure you’re actually getting probiotic benefits -- the label should indicate it has live and active cultures. You’ll get similar benefits if you pick up raw sauerkraut -- as long as you avoid the shelf-stable varieties that are most common at grocery stores.
Enjoy a serving of raw ‘kraut as a healthy probiotic salad, serve ginger-flavored kraut as a healthy side for stir fries or add dill-flavored sauerkraut to your sandwiches in place of actual dill pickles. Use tempeh the same way you would firm or extra-firm tofu -- whether that’s breading it with whole-wheat breadcrumbs and baking for tempeh “chicken” nuggets, adding slices to your sandwich or cutting it into chunks for grilled shish-kabobs. You’ll get the most health benefits from your probiotics if you eat them along with prebiotics. Mixing prebiotics with probiotics is easy -- add a few snow peas and cashews to a tempeh stir fry, include onions and leeks in your miso, beef and veggie soup, top your yogurt with apples, or make probiotic apple smoothie (see below!).

Add all the ingredients to your blender; blend on low speed until just combined, and then on high speed until smooth. Always check with your doctor before making changes to your diet, especially if you have an underlying digestive disorder.
Probiotics refer to the bacteria that exists in the gastrointestinal track which supports digestion and the immune system. Probiotic foods are foods that have been fermented with either yeast or bacteria, such as kimchi, sauerkraut and yogurt.
I drink Cocobiotic (from Body Ecology) every day, and then mix in some other forms like kim che on occasion to round it all out. You can easily get healthy probiotics from wholesome, unprocessed foods -- including a few that might already be part of your diet! The cabbage used to make both kimchi and sauerkraut naturally contains a healthy mix of probiotics that multiply as it ferments, so you end up with a probiotic powerhouse to boost your digestive health. Most grocery store sauerkraut is pasteurized, which keeps it fresh longer, but also destroys the healthy probiotics. If you typically pick up tofu, opt for tempeh -- it offers the same high-quality protein, fiber and minerals, but also supplies a range of helpful probiotics. Mix a spoonful of miso in hot water for a simple miso broth, or add miso to your favorite broth soups for a little extra flavor -- it works especially well in a beef and vegetable soup. Unlike probiotic foods, which actually contain the beneficial microbes, prebiotics offer nutrients that boost probiotic growth -- they’re the food that keeps friendly microbes healthy. Your healthcare provider can let you know if probiotics are safe for you -- and the best ones to choose. So, I advise you to start off slow at one small dose per day, then increase to twice a day (and so on).

These “friendly” microbes that populate your digestive tract offer a ton of health benefits -- and they're gaining more and more buzz as essential for optimal health.
And you’ll get other nutritional benefits, like vitamin C and fiber, to boost digestion and heart health. Instead, look for raw sauerkraut in the health food section (it should be stored in the fridge). You’ll also get the probiotic benefits of soy by adding miso -- a fermented soybean paste -- to your diet.
You can take 100 TRILLION live cultures and kill them all with polluted tap water or antibiotics (which are also in tap water).
I like to stay as natural as possible, as the more research I do (I try to do everything I write about myself), the more I realize there is way more to nutrition than the scientists know about. Virtually any kimchi offers probiotic benefits, but you’ll get the most benefits if you opt for a raw variety or make your own at home. In addition to offering a range of healthy microbes, miso has a potent savory “umami” flavor so it can take your cooking to the next level. Bifidum, a probiotic that boosts digestive health, lowers inflammation and helps control allergies.
This is because vitamin C is always paired with iron in nature, so it “looks for iron” when taken without it.

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