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The probiotic bacteria L.reuteri component dietary supplement BioGaia occur naturally in the human intestine. Drops may be added to food or drink, or served on a spoon, so they are ideal for infants, young children and other people who can not take tablets. In order to maintain proper health status should be used varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. TwoPac, a wholly owned subsidiary of BioGaia healthcare company, will invest €1.7m in a factory expansion in Eslov, Sweden.

The move comes as the company sees continued success in its baby probiotic products and will launch oil drops for colic babies at the beginning of next year. BioGaia previously owned 50% of TwoPac which was formed in 2002 and produces drops and straws with probiotics.
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These bacteria help to strengthen the immune system of natural forces, they are also recommended for children with infantile colic. A study published in the medical journal, Pediatrics, showed that, at the 28 day mark of taking the probiotics, the average crying time had decreased from 159 minutes a day to 51 minutes a day and that 95% of the study participants had significant improvement in crying time.

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