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Trainers use high-speed tracking software, OctimEye S5, to capture several metrics for each of 11 on-field players, down to speed, lateral movement, and impact.
This time, however, the team will rely on advanced technology, in the form of GPS tracking devices, to provide a boost. Developed by athletic sensor company Catapult, the system works similarly to consumer tracking technology. The palm-size unit fits into a small pocket sewn into the players’ sports bras, between shoulder blades, where the higher position allows it to pick up a stronger satellite signal.
This is especially useful for players in positions where exertion levels are hard to quantify using a heart rate monitor alone.
Eventually the technology may capture ever-finer metrics, like skin temperature and core temperature, lactic-acid levels, and even sleep cycles. This past July, Steele Davis walked onto Sacramento’s Bonney Field and prepared to steer a drone around a flag-marked track. Over two days this past summer, 120 FPV pilots from around the world descended on the California State Fair to compete for the fastest five-lap time—and more than $25,000 in prizes.
Augmented reality combat goggles—such as those being developed by Israeli Defense Forces and for the U.S. Next-generation body armor will use layered scales, like those on a fish, for light, flexible protection. With more than 100 million made, the AK-47 accounts for one-fifth of all the world’s firearms. This article was originally published in the July 2015 issue of Popular Science, as part of our Future Of War feature.

These metrics let coaches tailor each player's workout and recovery programs so that a defender who hits hard gets a different routine than a sprinting striker. Thanks to the miniaturization and power of sensors, it captures several metrics on every player on the field, down to speed, lateral movements, and impacts. The increased accuracy allows for a detailed record of what each of the 11 players did during practice, or in a game. By watching each player’s numbers in real time during practices, Scott can monitor load thresholds that, if crossed, will render the player ineffective in upcoming matches.
Pilots competing in the races wear goggles that give them a drone’s-eye aerial view, streamed from cameras on their machines. French model-aircraft association Airgonay recorded one of these and posted the video on YouTube a little over a year ago.
Special Operations Command’s Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS)—will record everything a soldier sees. Scientists from MIT and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology are designing a material that would fuse hard plates to a soft, pliable substance, just as actual fish scales anchor to tissue.
Instead, DARPA’s Warrior Web program is developing an exo light and agile enough to fit underneath a soldier’s clothing. In February DARPA’s Extreme Accu­racy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) program ran live-fire tests with modified .50 caliber bullets (popular among snipers). With three World Cup trophies and four Olympic gold medals to its name, the Women’s National Team is the most dominant in soccer history—male or female. That specificity empowers the team’s trainers to tailor workouts and recovery programs—both of which are crucial to improving performance—to each individual.

But this system—used by only a handful of elite athletes and various NBA and NFL teams—has way more processing speed, allowing it to measure what was once considered unquantifiable: how hard you hit or get hit, and whether you favor one side of your body over another.
Then he launched his H-shaped quadcopter and sent it into his signature trick, an inverted yaw spin.
In this category, judges score competitors based on the intricacy and inventiveness of their maneuvers. They will also provide an information overlay: The projected data could include navigation instructions, intelligence on enemy sites, and real-time translations of local languages. The eventual armor could be fine-tuned to specific roles, with more scales on the chest and back, and fewer at the joints. Using springs and actuators at joints, the suit, which is now in tests, could help soldiers carry extra weight and boost their endurance.
Made by Prox Dynamics, the hummingbird- size craft can be carried in a pocket for fast deployment and fly about a mile, beaming back full-motion video and snapshots as it goes. Its upgrades include an optical scope mount, swappable barrels, grenade-launcher attachment, and telescopic folding stock. RotorSports is also planning a world championship in Hawaii this October, with more than 300 pilots from at least 35 countries and $200,000 in prize money.

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